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Saturday, February 27, 2021
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US Air Force Targets Taliban With Airstrikes For Violating Recent Peace Deal

Military Spokesman: US Air Force conducted multiple targeted strikes this week to defend Afghan forces facing attacks from Taliban fighters

Hal Lindsey: As the Day Approaches

An atmosphere of desperation has made the world ripe for the Antichrist’s plucking. The signs go on and on and on.

Breanna Claussen – Founder of Harbingers Daily: Interview with I Am A Watchman

Joe Kerr and Dillon Burroughs with I Am A Watchman Ministries interview Breanna Claussen, Founder of Harbingers Daily News Media.

Jan Markell: I Never Thought I Would See the Day

Almost everyone is breathless & almost everyone is saying the same thing—they never thought they would see the things happen like they are happening today!

World Leaders Pledge $8 Billion for Coronavirus Vaccine Research

World leaders, organizations, & banks pledged 7.4 billion euros for research to find a vaccine against COVID-19 but warned that it is just the start.

Eight Killed in Multi-location shooting in Germany

At least 8 people shot dead in the German city of Hanau Wednesday night; perpetrators opening fire killing 3, changing location to kill additional 5

London Bloodbath: 15-Year-Old Boy and Two Others Stabbed Within 90 Minutes of Each Other

3 people are in life-threatening condition, including a 15-year-old boy, after a series of stabbings took place within the span of 90 minutes across London.

Thai PM: 27 Dead After ‘Unprecedented’ Mass Shooting

A Thai soldier who killed 26 people and holed up in a mall overnight was shot dead by commandos on Sunday, ending a near-17-hour ordeal.

Kremlin to Consider Changing Vladimir Putin’s Title from President to ‘Supreme Ruler’

Russia looking to change the President’s title to ‘Supreme Ruler’; following Putin’s proposal earlier in January to make other changes to government power

Germany warns of ‘mass exit’ of Jews if anti-Semitism persists

Insults and attacks against Jews have become ‘a daily occurrence,’ says Berlin’s foreign minister, calling for tougher action across Europe.

Anti-Semitic Writing Scrawled on Auschwitz survivor’s door in Italy reading, “Jew Here”, in German

“Juden Hier,” German for “Jew Here,” with Star of David was written in black paint on the door of now-deceased women who survived Nazi concentration camps.

Hezbollah-dominated government emerges in Lebanon for the first time since 1990

For the first time since the departure of Syrian troops from Lebanon in 1990, the latter country has a government in which only Hezbollah and its allies are represented.

Hong Kong Protest Attracts 150,000 Before Violent Police Crack Down

Local media reported that 150,000 people in Hong Kong attended a protest Sunday demanding the world impose sanctions on the Communist Party of China that ended abruptly with police brutality and the arrest of its organizer despite the group receiving a legal permit for assembly.

Netanyahu on Hezbollah ban: This is an important step

PM praises countries that declared Hezbollah a terrorist organization in context of anti-terrorism conference being held in Colombia.

Officials say Yemen missile, drone attack toll rises to more than 100 dead

More than 100 people were killed and dozens wounded in a missile and drone attack blamed on Huthi rebels in central Yemen, officials said Sunday.

Honduras Officially Designates Hezbollah as Terrorist Organization

The Central American country of Honduras officially proscribed Hezbollah as a terrorist organization, the country’s deputy security minister said on Monday as cited by Reuters news agency.

Four wounded in rocket strike on Iraqi military base that houses US forces

Four people were wounded on Sunday in an attack on a air base in Iraq which houses US personnel. Military sources identified the wounded as Iraqi soldiers.

Just 1,295 Days After the Referendum, Brexit Deal Finally Passes House of Commons

The EU Withdrawal Agreement Bill passed a vote in the House of Commons Thursday afternoon, three and a half years, three Prime Ministers, and three national elections after the British people voted to leave the European Union in June 2016.

Minimum of 56 Iranians Left Dead in the Streets After Stampede at Soleimani’s Funeral

Estimates indicate that one million people attended Soleimani’s funeral during which a stampede left at least 56 people dead, with that number on the rise.

Iran-backed militiamen withdraw from siege of US Embassy in Baghdad as more American troops deployed

The siege outside of the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad came to an end Wednesday afternoon after dozens of pro-Iran militiamen and their supporters withdrew from the compound.

Report: Iran Tortured, Sexually Abused, and Killed Protesters in Detention

Three imprisoned students told KHRN they were threatened with rape and ordered not to discuss sexual and physical violence they experienced or witnessed.

North Korea: Kim Jong Un Pledges ‘Shocking’ Action, ‘New Strategic Weapon’ Soon

North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un said there was 'no ground' for Pyongyang to maintain the moratorium on missile tests, with the country set to continue developing strategic weapons unless the US gave up its hostile approach.

Dutch lawmaker calls Netherlands to Expel ICC Prosecutor, calling them an Anti-Semitic Kangaroo Court

“The International Criminal Court has no authority at all here and behaves as a biased pro-Palestinian institution and an antisemitic kangaroo court,” Wilders tweeted on Thursday.

ISIS Murders 11 Christian Men in Nigeria in Response to Death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Terrorists belonging to the Islamic State murder 11 Christian men in Nigeria; ISIS Soldier: This is a message to Christians all over the world.

Iran, Russia and China Launch Four-Day Joint Naval Drill

Iran, China and Russia started four days of joint naval drills in the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Oman on Friday, the commander of Iran's flotilla announced.

US on high alert for possible ‘Christmas gift’ missile from North Korea

U.S. officials are on high alert for signs of a possible missile launch from North Korea in the coming days that officials have referred to as a “Christmas gift.”

Taxi Driver in Argentina Kicks out Passenger following Anti-Semitic Rant: ‘Are you Jewish? Get out of my Taxi’

A taxi driver in Argentina demanded that a passenger get out of his cab after learning she was Jewish and refused to move the vehicle until she left.

Report: Dozens of Israeli tourists held up in Moscow airport

Dozens of Israeli tourists are being held up at a Moscow airport in border control, after landing from an El Al Airlines flight that took off from Israel, Hebrew-language broadcaster Channel 12 reported on Wednesday.

France strikes: Tension mounts with more travel disruption and possible power cuts on Wednesday

Strikes in France continue on Wednesday with heightened rhetoric on both sides and the possibility of more power cuts, as well as severe transport disruption.

EU parliament to vote on condemning Iran for massacring protesters

The European Parliament is set to vote on a resolution slamming the “violent crackdown of the recent protests by Iran,” following a decision made Monday.

Turkish Naval Ships Escort Israeli Research Boat out of Cypriot Waters

An Israeli research boat is reported to have been escorted out of Cypriot (Waters within the territory of the island of Cyprus) waters by the Turkish Navy in the last two weeks; Israeli Official: The Turks are trying to establish themselves as the ones running the show in the region, and that is very worrying.

Israel’s Mossad Helps Denmark Prevent Massive Terror Attack

Approximately 20 Jihadists were arrested in Denmark after Israel’s Mossad provided critical intelligence regarding imminent terror attack(s); Reports indicate that these attacks were prevented within minutes of happening.

Police fire tear gas at Hong Kong protesters, ending lull

Police fired tear gas against protesters in Hong Kong before meetings Monday between the territory’s leader and Communist Party officials in Beijing, ending a lull in what have become regular clashes between riot squads and demonstrators.

Israeli Foreign Minister: ‘Corbyn’s defeat is a victory in fight against anti-Semitism’

Israel Friday hailed the election defeat of Britain's Labour Party as a "milestone in the fight against hatred" after its leadership was accused of inaction against anti-Semitism in its ranks.

German commissioner says Merkel’s envoy boosting antisemitism at UN

A German state commissioner to combat antisemitism told The Jerusalem Post that his country’s UN ambassador promotes antisemitism at the United Nations when he compared the Jewish state with Hamas.

Russia Joins Iran & Turkey in Nur-Sultan to Condemn Israeli Strikes in Syria

For the first time ever, Russia has joined both Iran & Turkey in the Kazakhstan capital of Nur-Sultan for the Astana Summit; All three countries have signed an agreement condemning Israeli strikes inside of Syria.

Andrew Scheer Resigns as Canadian Conservative Leader

Andrew Scheer has decided to resign as Conservative leader after a disappointing election loss and facing internal party divisions over his ability to lead the party.

Iran’s Largest Shipping Company & Airline Hit with New Sanctions by the United States

The United States is issuing new sanctions on Iran after evidence has surfaced of weapon smuggling; Reports indicate that these entities helped Tehran in their missile production; Pompeo: This decision will put the world on notice those who engage in illicit transactions with these companies will risk exposure to sanctions for themselves.

Shootout in Jersey City Jewish market leaves 6 dead, including police officer; others hurt in chaotic scene

Six people, including a New Jersey police officer, were killed in an hourslong standoff and shootout in a Jersey City convenience store Tuesday, Mayor Steven Fulop said.

Trump: North Korea’s Kim has ‘everything’ to lose ‘if he acts in a hostile way’

President Trump said Sunday that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has “everything” to lose after Pyongyang reported a “very important test” at a rocket site. “Kim Jong Un is too smart and has far too much to lose, everything actually, if he acts in a hostile way,” Trump tweeted.

Nazi War Crimes Suspect Finally Loses Battle for Canadian Citizenship

Helmut Oberlander, a 95-year-old Ukrainian immigrant, obtained Canadian citizenship in 1960, which was stripped over his alleged ties to a Nazi killing squad in World War II.

United Nations Passes Five Anti-Israel Resolutions as they Turn a Blind Eye to Iranian Massacre

The United Nations remains silent as Iranian-backed militia continue to murder protestors in both Iran & Iraq; United Nations passes five resolutions against Israel

France: Over 100 Jewish graves found desecrated near Strasbourg

More than 100 tombstones buried inside a Jewish cemetery were found desecrated near the border-town of Strasbourg, France on Tuesday.

Swedish Schoolkids Taught To Defend Greta As Eco-Activist Becomes Part Of “Religious” Curriculum

Greta Thunberg is being taught to Swedish children as part of a course about “religious knowledge,” with kids being asked to mock her opponents

Israel Ranked 8th Most Powerful Country in the World Throughout 2019

The Spectator Index has recognized the Jewish state of Israel as the 8th most powerful country in the world; Additionally, Israel is ranked 29th on the world’s best countries list; Report: For its relatively small size, the country has played a large role in global affairs.

Number of Deaths from Iran unrest ‘Evidence Iran’s Security Forces went on Horrific Killing Spree’ with Families Forced to Pay for Bodies

At least 208 people are believed to have been killed during a crackdown on protests in Iran last month that followed a sharp fuel price hike, Amnesty International said Monday.

Russia’s Putin Signs Law to Label People Foreign Agents; further Restricting Media Freedoms

SOURCE: (Reuters) Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday signed legislation allowing individuals to be labeled foreign agents, drawing criticism from rights groups that say the...

China Spreads Its Surveillance Standards Worldwide, Unveils New Crackdown On Phone Users’ Privacy

Chinese technology companies that are either partially owned by communist China or that have strong connections to China’s communist government are reportedly shaping new surveillance and facial recognition standards at the United Nations. The revelation comes as China announced that starting on Sunday telecom companies must collect facial scans when registering new phone users.

British Police Kill Assailant who Stabbed Several in Terrorist Attack at London Bridge, Two Dead

British police on Friday shot dead a man wearing a fake suicide vest who had stabbed several people near London Bridge before being wrestled to the ground by bystanders.

Several hurt in Netherlands stabbing incident, just hours after London Terror Attack

The violent attack apparently took place at Grote Marktstraat, a popular consumer destination. Dutch police said on Friday that several people have been wounded in a stabbing attack at a popular shopping area located in The Hague.

Iraq demonstrators burn down Iranian consulate; protester killed, 35 injured

Anti-government protesters burned down the Iranian consulate building in southern Iraq on Wednesday, while six protesters were killed by security forces who fired live rounds amid ongoing violence, Iraqi officials said Wednesday.

Bolivia seeks to Restore Relations with the Jewish State After Decades of Anti-Israel Action

Bolivia said Thursday it is restoring diplomatic relations with Israel, which it severed in 2009 under then president Evo Morales over Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip.

At long last, Germany expected to blacklist Hezbollah

After years of balking, Germany is expected next week to blacklist Hezbollah’s political wing, in a move that Israel’s former ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor said would have far-reaching implications for Hezbollah and finally force the EU to take a tougher stance against the terror organization.

Hong Kong Protesters Crush China Supporters in Historic Election Win

The Hong Kong pro-democracy movement fueled record voter turnout and a crushing defeat for pro-China parties in Sunday’s District Council election, leaving the establishment with only 60 of the nearly 500 seats on the council.

Turkey to test Russian S-400 systems despite U.S. pressure

Turkish F-16 warplanes will fly over the country’s capital Ankara on Monday to test its new Russian S-400 missile defenses, Turkish media said, despite pressure from Washington for Turkey to drop the system.

Netherlands Cuts Aid to Palestinian Authority Over Terrorist Salaries

The Dutch government has cut funding for the Palestinian Authority over its salaries to terrorists serving time in Israeli jails. The aid ministry announced the move Wednesday during annual budget talks.

Colombia to close Borders in Attempt to Contain Mass Protests; As Unrest Sweeps South America

Colombia’s government has announced plans to close its borders, part of a string of measures to contain mass strikes and protests planned this week amid sweeping unrest in South America.

Hong Kong: Police say Surrender is Only Option for Protesters

Hong Kong police have fought running battles with protesters trying to break a security cordon around a university in the city, firing teargas both at activists trying to escape the besieged campus and at crowds trying to reach it from outside.

Iran’s Leaders Shut Down The Internet As Fuel Protests Spread To 100 Cities

Iran is now in the “midst of a near-total national internet shutdown,” according to NetBlocks, an international non-profit that monitors cybersecurity and cyber-threats worldwide, including threats that come from powerful governments.

Hong Kong protesters clash with police at key battleground, seek to ‘squeeze economy’

Protesters fight on to maintain control over major transport tunnel, call for more action Monday.

U.S. calls on Libya’s Haftar to Halt Tripoli War, Warns Against Russia’s Role

The United States on Friday called on eastern Libyan commander Khalifa Haftar to stop his offensive on the capital held by the internationally recognized government and warned against Russian interference.

Israeli Air Force Hosts Next-Level Military Drill ‘Blue Flag’

Multiple nations partake in an advanced military drill in Israel known as Blue Flag 2019; The drill involved approximately 800 personnel and over 40 jets from 5 different international air force bodies; IAF Officer: This is a coalition, maybe not one in wartime, but an important coalition.

‘David’s Sling’ Missile Seized by Russia in Syria, says China and Russia

The Russian army has obtained from Syria the advanced Israeli missile interceptor "David's Sling" according to reports on Wednesday by China and Russia.

Karish Natural Gas Field off Israel’s Shore Found to be Much Bigger than Thought

Greek gas producer Energean says appraisal of Karish North discovery in the Mediterranean adds to the 2.4 trillion cubic feet of natural gas discovered at Karish and Tanin fields.

Trump Calls for ‘War’ Against Mexican Drug Cartel ‘Monsters’ after Americans Murdered

President Trump on Tuesday offered U.S. assistance as he called on Mexico to “wage war” against the country's murderous drug cartel “monsters” in response to the brutal killing of multiple Americans a day earlier.

Nearly Two-Thirds of Germans Say Antisemitism Has Increased in Germany

Around two-thirds of Germans feel antisemitic attitudes have increased in Germany, while more than a quarter holds some sort of antisemitic belief, according to a study.

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