October 16, 2021
Saturday, October 16, 2021


Tony Perkins

Vice-Chair of the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, and President of the Family Research Council.

Tony Perkins

Vice-Chair of the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, and President of the Family Research Council.

Father Claims School Board Is Covering Up Daughter’s Rape Because It Doesn’t Fit the Transgender Narrative

Smith said that he wasn't at the school board meeting to be "bigoted," as some claim, insisting he went to the meeting "to find out why our children aren't safe."

Social Media’s Misinformation Overload

Big tech isn't going away... what it categorizes as misinformation will only grow, especially when a gov't administration fuels the flames.

Check Your Civil Liberties At The Door: ‘I’m from the Government, and I’m Here to Vaccinate’

Bachmann: "The gov't has zero business to do this. What they're wanting all of us to do is check our Bill of Rights, our civil liberties, at the door"

Republican National Committee Tweets Expressing LGBT Support: Has The RNC Forsaken Real Conservative Values?

There are few things she could have said more tone-deaf & offensive than applauding the woke agenda her base is trying to combat

Networks Change Their Toon for Pride Month

Longtime favorites like Disney and My Little Pony, beloved franchises are now being distorted to promote a radical 21st century LGBT agenda

Biden’s Brutal Budget for the Unborn

For the first time since 1976, a president presented a budget that didn't protect the American people from paying for them.

Lego Toys with More LGBT Extremism

If Lego wants to turn its back on science, morality, and common sense, that's their choice. But they need to know there's a price for that.

Candy Jarred: Nestle, Mars Join ‘Woke’ Wars

Two major U.S. brands have decided to wade into the controversial debate by launching a massive pro-transgender push for minors.

Going for Woke? More Businesses Say No.

The media would love for you to believe that every corporation is going woke -- but that isn't exactly reality...

‘Surrender of Moral Standards’: City Council Recognizes Polygamy

They'll never be satisfied until society acquiesces to what they want: a complete and total surrender of all moral standards.

Tony Perkins: Facts Check the Washington Post

The Washington Post displays "Democracy dies in darkness" above every story; If only they could be bothered to bring the truth to light.

Tony Perkins: Behind the Curtain of Planned Parenthood’s ‘Gender Factories’

They come with other teens giggling like they're at the mall. Only they're shopping for a new gender & Planned Parenthood is more than willing to oblige.

Tony Perkins: ‘We Have to Stop Pretending Public Schools Aren’t Bad’

As Christians, we can't outsource something as important as our children's education. It's time to take control now -- before it's too late.

Tony Perkins: Andrew Brunson – 5 Ways To Prepare For Persecution Ahead

Tony Perkins - Wasting away in a Turkish prison wasn't how Andrew Brunson would have chosen to spend two years of his life --...

Tony Perkins: ‘Heaven Is Not Shaken’

Don't lose heart, don't step back, and don't disengage. Because God needs a people who are bold in their faith, regardless what lies ahead.