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How Globalists Are Using The ‘Climate Emergency’ To Bring About A One-World Government

The globalists seek to bring about a one-world government over which they will rule. In order to assume the role as lords of the earth, they need an impending crisis that will unite the nations.

Environmental Worship: Apple Commerical Promotes Sacrifices To ‘Mother Earth’ goddess

The gospel of our technocrat overlords, as Dr. Strachan calls them, is not a gospel of grace, but a gospel of works, which demands acts of sacrifice before love is extended.

Be Fruitful And Multiply?: Climate Activists Depict Having Children As Unethical

But should we be anxious about the climate and not have children (or have fewer children) in an effort to keep the world “livable for everyone”? No! Twice, God has commanded mankind to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth.

‘Scientific Dictatorship’: Critics Warn UN Climate Plans Would Usher In ‘Insane’ Totalitarian Form Of Global Governance

The UN climate body would become the global master of all energy use, with deadly implications, critics observed.

COP28 UN Climate Summit: The Ruse Behind The Elite’s Unsatiable Quest For Power

They claim that CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions from our cars, SUVs, trucks, and farm equipment cause global warming that will lead to disastrous consequences for the planet. Despite their claims that this is an established fact, many scientists disagree.

Biden Administration Pledges Billions For Climate ‘Reparations’ At UN COP28 Summit

The United Nations climate summit is still in its first week, but Western governments, including the Biden administration, are already pledging to hand over billions of new taxpayer dollars for climate “reparations” and a “Green Climate Fund” aimed at bringing regimes ruling poorer countries to heel.

Climate Religion: United Nations Calls On The West To Reduce ‘Gas Emissions’ By Minimizing ‘Meat Consumption’

Christians need to have a truly biblical worldview in regard to the environment and understand that we’ve been given dominion over the creation to use what God has made for man’s good and God’s glory.

Law Firm Uses Children To Advance Global ‘Climate Change’ Agenda In String Of Nationwide Lawsuits

Government schools are indoctrinating children to believe the gas of life — the very gas they exhale — is toxic pollution that must be regulated and controlled by governments and the UN.

King Charles III And His Climate Doomsday Clock: The False Predictions Designed To Deceive

On June 28, 2023, King Charles III and London Mayor Sadiq Khan activated a “climate clock” with the warning that there are 6 years and 24 days left to limit global warming before it brings doom upon the world.

Survey Finds Climate Alarmism Is Deterring Parents From Having More Children

Ideas have consequences. And the climate alarmism screamed every day through the media to terrify people into drastic action certainly has consequences.

The Dutch And Their Fight Against The Green Dragon

Did they expect farmers to simply lay down their tools and close their farms? Whether or not they anticipated it, the stage was set for conflict.

Cultish Climate Agenda: Can We Resist the Green Dragon in the Coming Year?

To the secular left, climate is king. Maybe I should say it is a god. Environmentalism has become a religion. People enthusiastically worship mother earth and scoff at God the Father.

Playing With What We Don’t Understand: Biden Administration Considers Blocking The Sun To Fight Climate Change

"This is yet another ridiculous example of man thinking he is god! Despite our advances in science over the past few centuries, we still don’t really understand how the climate works..."

Counterfeit Ten Commandments: False Religion Of ‘Mother Earth’ Worship Front And Center

As brilliant as this angel is (at one time, he was said to be the most powerful of God’s angels), Lucifer apparently never had an original thought. His only strategy seems to be mimicking God–counterfeiting what God has already finished.

The Australian Government Is Crippling Its Nation With Dystopian Energy Policies

“We are being led blindly into the destruction of our way of life and standard of living by State and Federal governments in their treacherous obsession with Australia saving the whole world from climate change.“

Amir Tsarfati: Climate Change — A New World Religion?

Is there an ever-present climate crisis, or is there an agenda masquerading as a crisis as a means to promote a new and growing religion?

New Zealand Proposes New Climate Tax Directed At ‘Greenhouse Gasses’ Produced By Farm Animals

“Taxing sheep and cows isn’t going to save mankind because extreme man-made climate change is made up in the minds of men.”

Angela Merkel’s Globalist Appeasing Policies Have Plunged ‘Green’ Germany Into Dire Straits

In seeking to atone for the sins of World War 2 Germany has done the very things that caused World War 2. Under the leadership of Merkel the country has pursued head-in-the-sand international policies and appeasement.

Are Sri Lankans About To Become The World’s First Net-Zero Refugees?

Sri Lanka is in chaos thanks to politicians who decided to rearrange the economy overnight in order to satisfy their fanciful green lusts. Sri Lanka is a classic example of what happens when governments run by ideologues pursue climate change policies that have absolutely no basis in scientific fact.

The War On Poverty Has Morphed Into A Vast, Shameless, And Cruel War On Poor People Themselves

Over the last few years, something awful happened in America. The war on poverty morphed into a vast, shameless, and cruel war on poor people themselves.

World’s Largest Cricket Factory To Open On Canada-US Border, Peddling Globalist’s ‘Protein Of The Future’ on American Food Markets

According to the WEF, "we've been conditioned to think of animals and plants as our primary sources of proteins."

3 Climate Myths Spread By The Globalists

The climate emergency is just one of many deceptions that the globalists are using to gain more control in this world. Even though we do not like it, the Bible tells us that in the last days just such a world order would come into existence...

Is The ‘Green’ Science Behind The Inflation Reduction Act Valid?

The elite powerbrokers of our day want to drastically reduce our dependency on fossil fuels as quickly as possible regardless of the resulting human suffering and pain.

Zealous Climate Activism Is a False Religion… With Its Own False Prophets

These activists and scientists have no idea what is really happening or what is going to happen. And they ignore much of the history concerning climate data.

3 Ways Climate Alarmists Reject Biblical Truths

According to many, the most grievous sin one can commit is that of denying that the earth is warming to unsafe levels because of our modern lifestyle.

Green Energy Is A lie Which Is Crushing People, Giving Power To Adversaries & Enriching Only The Elites Who Peddle This Fiction

This now threatens even the healthiest economies, with the consequences of these delusions hitting countries around the world, regardless of their economic size.

Using ‘Climate Change’ To Kill Sovereignty And Unite Globalism

This sounds very much like a global government that can force individual nations to do whatever it deems “best for the globe”.

Propagating ‘Climate Change,’ South Africa’s President Bands With Globalists As Catastrophic Flooding Kills Hundreds

Many world leaders have demonstrated their willingness to place cooperation with globalist agendas, like "climate change," ahead of the needs of their citizens.

Radical Climate Activists Insist It’s Time To ‘Carefully Escalate’ Their Methods To Get Public’s Attention

A radical activist group, Adbusters, is currently patting themselves on the back after claiming to have deflated "thousands" of SUV tires to fight "climate change."

12 Prophetic Signs That Tell Us We Live On The Edge Of Eternity

We live on the edge of the start of our exciting adventure that begins with Jesus’ appearing to take us home.

Never Let A Tragedy Go To Waste: Liberals Exploit Deadly Tornadoes To Advance Climate Propaganda

Media outlets & liberals, including elected Dems, were quick to blame climate change for the deadly tornadoes that ripped through the Midwest over the weekend.

Major Ramifications: Canada Becomes First Nation to Diagnose Patient with ‘Climate Change’

The doctor's diagnosis could lead to a disturbing trend of similar labeling of illnesses and deaths as being caused by "climate change."

Global Britain? UK Seeks ‘Carbon Border Tax’ on Countries That Don’t Meet Climate Goals

"We’re not going to allow those producers in this country to be undercut by those who aren’t doing their share, and we’re not going to export pollution"

Franklin Graham: We Are ‘One Minute To Midnight’—Not On Climate Change, But On God’s Prophetic Clock

"Boris Johnson said we are 'one minute to midnight' as it relates to climate change. I believe we are one minute to midnight—not regarding climate change, but on God’s clock"

Google, YouTube to Block Monetization on Climate Skeptic Content

YouTube announced this week that they will now prohibit the monetization of accounts that post videos and content that is skeptical of manmade climate change.

LinkedIn Bans Scientist For Posting Data Disputing Man-Made Climate Change

Wrightstone, a geologist & climate expert, was banned from LinkedIn for providing data on the platform debunking the notion of "man-made catastrophic warming"

Mastercard & UN Join Forces With CO2 Monitoring Credit Card That Tracks, Cuts Off Spending When ‘Carbon Max’ Reached

Get ready for a Chinese-style social credit system scoring when it comes to your personal spending habits and how they impact “climate change.”

Report: Young People Are Suffering ‘Climate Anxiety,’ Majority Think ‘Humanity Is Doomed’

A growing number of young people are combating “climate anxiety,” and a majority think “humanity is doomed,” according to a study published in Lancet Planetary Health Tuesday. According to...

A Biblical Perspective on Climate Change

Recently, President Joe Biden visited New York to survey the devastation from Hurricane Ida. During his press conference, the president referenced a recent U.N. report that...

Green New Deal: Trojan Horse for Socialism?

"It has very little to do with the climate... It has everything to do with a progressive ideology using the climate scare to impose their solutions"

Fiorazo: Are Climate Lockdowns Next?

If you think propaganda on ‘the shot’ and ‘staying safe’ is bad now, get ready. We may soon be seeing what some are calling “climate lockdowns"

Children Are An ‘Environmental Hazard,’ According To Biden Nominee

Biden's nominee advocated in the past for population control, and in an advertisement, referred to a young child as an “environmental hazard.”

A Prime Prophetic Indicator

It seems to me that a primary issue is developing, and that Bible prophecy students might be wise to look carefully at...

How Global Warming Alarmism Is Being Used To Promote Population Control & Abortion

We must confront the hysterical climate change predictions which fuel demands for population control & justify abortion in the minds of many.

Lawlessness at the Highest Level: Supreme Extremism Will Leave Canadians Hurting

The court ruled that global warming is a matter of national concern that allows the federal govt to rely on its residual constitutional power

Facebook Says It Will Begin Fact-Checking Climate Change ‘Misinformation’

Tech giant Facebook has began adding information labels to posts about climate change directing people to a “climate change information hub"

New York Times Promotes Book Advocating Blowing Up Pipelines to Combat Climate Change

New York Times promoted 3 books on “environmental disaster,” one of which had an especially provocative title: “How to Blow Up a Pipeline”

U.N. Chief Guterres Demands End to Coal-Fired Power in a Reset World

The world must stop building new coal power plants and instead embrace green alternatives in a post-coronavirus reset world, U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said on...

Trump Promise Kept: US Formally Withdraws from Paris Climate Accord

Trump: “In order to fulfill my solemn duty to protect America and its citizens, the United States will withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord”

Woke Oregon Professor Blames ‘White Christians’ for West Coast Wildfires

University professor alleges “white Christians” are to blame for West Coast wildfires because of their “denial of climate science.”

Terry James: Pope And The “Mother Earth” Deception

The rebellion is prophetically scheduled to get worse and climate-change fervor will increase the nearer the age draws to the Tribulation.

International Ad Campaign Encourages Families to Have One Or No Children

An environmental ad campaign across parts of Canada & the US is encouraging families to limit their size to just one child or go childless.

As Dems Blame ‘Climate Change’ Wildfires Will Get Worse Under Decades-Old Liberal Policies

Veteran Forester: If you don’t start managing forests, then they are going to start burning up. 30 years later, they are still ignoring it

Al Gore, UN Secretary-General, others now demanding ‘Great Reset’ of global capitalism

The purpose of the Great Reset isn’t merely to enact policies... but rather to completely overhaul the world’s existing structures and institutions

Heartland Institute says ‘climate alarmists’ are exploiting COVID-19 pandemic to advance agenda

Conservative Heartland Institute released a report criticized leading politicians, activists, & media for using COVID-19 to push their environmental agenda

Britain’s Floods Have Nothing to Do With Climate Change

Storm Dennis's aftermath has left Britain with massive flooding; The government is quick to blame climate change, but are environmentalists really to blame?

Trump Erases Laws abused by Climate Environmentalists with Common Sense changes

President Donald Trump announced Thursday that his administration would change requirements for environmental reviews, making it easier to get projects approved.

Australia’s Bushfires & Arson: Debunking the Climate Change Myth

Ezra Levant analyzes a detailed record published by Spectator magazine, going through the extensive list of arson attacks recorded recently in Australia.

Environmentalists Made Australia’s Bush Fires Worse

Let us not allow the heartbreak & emotion distract us from the truth about this natural disaster: it has nothing whatsoever to do with ‘climate change’.

Swedish Schoolkids Taught To Defend Greta As Eco-Activist Becomes Part Of “Religious” Curriculum

Greta Thunberg is being taught to Swedish children as part of a course about “religious knowledge,” with kids being asked to mock her opponents

California Is Burning and It’s Not Because of ‘Climate Change’

Before this week, liberals thought rising sea levels would wash the state away. Now, they believe it will go up in flames unless we do something immediately to stop "climate change." But climate change hasn't turned California into a tinderbox, the environmentalists have.

Swedish Church Praised Greta Thunberg as ‘Successor’ of Jesus in 2018 Tweet

“Announcement! Jesus of Nazareth has now appointed one of his successors, Greta Thunberg,” the tweet, posted on December 1, 2018, on a Limhamns church’s Twitter account, said.

Nature Magazine Yanks Global-Warming Study for ‘Systematic Errors’

Nature magazine has retracted a study on so-called "global warming" that claimed humans were creating warming in the oceans.

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