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June 25, 2024

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World’s Largest Cricket Factory To Open On Canada-US Border, Peddling Globalist’s ‘Protein Of The Future’ on American Food Markets

Over the last few years, globalists and like-minded governments and activists have insisted that in order to combat impending climate disaster, among other things, society must begin to transition away from meat and toward protein alternatives.

The World Economic Forum has been a major sponsor of this movement, publishing numerous articles urgently calling for mankind to exchange their normal proteins with insects.

According to the WEF, “we’ve been conditioned to think of animals and plants as our primary sources of proteins.”

In their most recent article, “5 reasons why eating insects could reduce climate change,” which is a part of the WEF’s 2022 Davos Agenda, the group argues that the world is running out of protein to keep up with the increase in population.

“By 2050, the earth will have nearly 10 billion people. The demand for protein will exceed our ability to procure it,” they claim. “For our long-term survival, we’re going to need to increase our food output and decrease our carbon emissions at the same time. The answer requires real innovation about food production and what we think about food.”

The solution, they insist, is not only to move away from supposedly climate-damaging livestock but also plants as a food source, because they “require land and machinery use, water use, manufacturing, processing, and transportation, among other matters — all, during which, carbon is emitted.”

Ontario To Be Home To The World’s Largest Cricket Factory 

Once again, Canada’s current regime has sought to become the darling of the global elite, by positioning itself as a leader in this radical progressive policy.

With millions of dollars in Canadian tax-payer funds, this fall, London, Ontario, which is situated less than 100 miles from the United States border, will become home to the largest cricket production facility in the world, supplying both Canadian and US food markets.

The 12-acre “Aspire Food Group” facility, which has been praised by UNICEF, will reportedly house four billion crickets and farm 13 million kilograms of the insect per year.

According to London Free Press, the co-founder of Aspire, Mohammed Ashour, thanked Canadian taxpayers for their “investment” during a press event and reassured them that “he takes seriously the responsibility of being a careful steward of public money.”

However, many Canadians are not on board with the idea of drastically changing their diet for the sake of countering so-called “climate change.” According to a recent poll, a majority of Canadians said that they are more concerned about inflation than they are about impending climate doom.

A Rebel News petition, “I Won’t Eat Bugs,” is calling for the government to stop bombarding Canadians with “propaganda attempting to normalize bug eating.”

“The World Economic Forum has been at the forefront of promoting the consumption of insects for years now, advocating that eating bugs is the way of the future, is sustainable and will help fight climate change, and will improve human health,” the petition reads. “The push to encourage people to eat bugs is expanding on a global scale — this must be stopped!”

“Additionally, insects may have parasites, making them dangerous to eat. But, of course, our globalist elites don’t want you to know that, and they don’t care because they won’t be eating them,” the petition text notes.

In May of 2021, the Canadian Federal Government claimed that “Insects as food and feed… is gaining traction in North America.”

Trudeau’s administration further called on experts to help “develop a National Technical Specification (TS), applicable in North America, that focuses on providing guidance and best practices for the production of insects as food and feed.”

The Liberal government-funded CBC published an article decrying the affiliation between London’s cricket factory and the WEF, insisting the comparison was an “international conspiracy theory.”

The CBC stated that the Aspire cricket factory “found itself at the heart of a sweeping international conspiracy theory whose purveyors claim a cabal of shadowy elites are trying to force the population to eat insects as part of a sinister totalitarian plot.”

The government-funded news organization, which claims to be above bias, then proceeded to attack the Conservative opposition party, and political candidates, who they said were spreading this “misinformation.”

Who is Conditioning Who?

The WEF’s assertion that “we’ve been conditioned to think of animals and plants as our primary sources of proteins,” is not only anti-Biblical, as it is God who “conditioned” man to use plants and animals as our source of food (Genesis 9:3), it is simply deceitful.

The internet is replete with videos of progressive celebrities eating insects and endorsing the claim that bugs are the protein of the future. Hollywood is often used to normalize beliefs and actions once rejected by society.

Even claimed religious figureheads, like the globalist beloved Pope Francis, have tried to sway society that it is “appropriate to consume less meat” to “help save the environment.”

Scientists who do not concur with the globalist’s “settled” science have been routinely censored and shunned within their professions. Despite this, recently, 1,100 brave scientists and professionals signed a World Climate Declaration (WCD) stating that there is no climate emergency and calling for the de-politicization of climate science.

“Climate science should be less political, while climate policies should be more scientific,” the declaration urged. “Scientists should openly address uncertainties and exaggerations in their predictions of global warming… Politicians should dispassionately count the real costs as well as the imagined benefits of their policy measures.”

What Does Scripture Say?

Due to the fact that secularists often reference Scripture as a means to deceitfully attack and sway Christians, it may be prudent to clarify a few issues.

The problem is not that it is sinful to eat bugs. Bugs in general were forbidden to be eaten under Jewish law (Leviticus 11:21-23), but when God gave Peter a vision about the Gospel being brought to the Gentiles, He explained this by telling Peter to eat things the Jewish Law regarded as “unclean” including “creeping things” (see: Acts 10:11-15).

Although the Lord was making a profoundly more important point, we through the text can say that eating “creeping things” in and of itself is not a sinful act. Additionally, one may be surprised to learn that locusts are one of the few bugs that are kosher (Leviticus‬ ‭11:21-23‬), and they were eaten by John the Baptist (Mark 1:6).

Again, the problem is not the eating of bugs, but rather, the reason for eating them that is antithetical to Scripture.

The Bible, in fantastic detail, explains the future of the earth (see: Revelation 4-22). Those that trust God’s Word as the ultimate authority know that the world will not be destroyed by man-induced climate catastrophe.

Ken Ham, Founder and CEO of Answers in Genesis, in his recent article, “Zealous Climate Activism Is a False Religion… With Its Own False Prophets,” explained that the predictions of climate destruction, often proclaimed by politicians, are consistently shown to be inaccurate.

“Really, this zealous climate activism is a false religion with false prophets. These activists and scientists have no idea what is really happening or what is going to happen,” Ham described. “And they ignore much of the history concerning climate data. That’s why the predictions are constantly wrong! They have the wrong starting point (man’s word) and the wrong history (evolution and millions of years), so they come to wrong conclusions about the future.”

“Well, it’s ultimately all about them being their own god and worshipping themselves and the creation, rather than the Creator (see Romans chapter 1),” Ham underscored. “It’s their religion as they attempt to make some supposed ‘purpose’ for themselves in their (self-inflicted) meaningless existence. It’s what happens when people worship the creature rather than the Creator.”

While it is debated whether or not globalist organizations such as the WEF, the media, politicians, and activists are aware that the claims they are making are false, Scripture tells us that in the time prior to Jesus’ return “evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse,” simultaneously “deceiving, and being deceived” (2 Timothy 3:13).

The apostle Paul also specifically warns that during this time before the Lord’s return, people will fall away from Biblical truth and accept “doctrines of devils” (1 Timothy 4:1-2). Paul states that those who speak “lies in hypocrisy” will be “commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth” (1 Timothy 4:3)

Christian author Jonathan Brentner, in his article, “3 Climate Myths Spread By The Globalists,” explained why Christians should not fall prey to climate propaganda, and instead remember the unshakable hope we have for our future found in Christ.

“What’s more important is what Scripture tells us about creation and the future of this world. Our reason for hope rests in Jesus’ appearing to take us home,” he wrote. “The climate emergency is just one of many deceptions that the globalists are using to gain more control in this world. Even though we do not like it, the Bible tells us that in the last days just such a world order would come into existence with the antichrist at the helm (Revelation 13).”

Brentner then stressed that Christians should remember three important Biblical truths when faced with climate hysteria:

    1. The Lord is sovereign over His creation; He hold things together. Those holding the signs that say “Save the Planet” are powerless to interfere with His plans for the earth.
    2. The judgments recorded in Revelation 6-18 will devastate the environment. I believe this could very well be God’s way of letting the radicals of our day know that their worship of nature is in vain.
    3. During the Millennium, the Lord will restore nature to its original pristine condition. In the eternal state, we will have forever to enjoy a glorious recreated new earth.

“Regardless of the uproar from our many enemies, we rest secure in our blessed hope of Jesus’ imminent return to take us to the place that He’s preparing for us,” Brentner concluded.

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