World News With Biblical Relevance 

October 1 2020

Rev. Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham has devoted his life to meeting the needs of people around the world and proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The eldest son of Billy and Ruth Bell Graham, he serves as President and CEO of Samaritan's Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

Franklin Graham: America in Chaos

We are at the mercy of a generation that seems to have no respect for God’s standards and no awareness of His redeeming love.

Franklin Graham: The Love That Conquers Racism

Unfortunately, until Christ returns, we'll continue to see acts of violence & injustice because we live in a fallen world under the evil influence of Satan.

Franklin Graham: Going Back to Normal Cannot Mean Falling Back into Spiritual Decadence

I hope we don’t just go back to “normal,” if that means a nation that continues to rebel against God. Returning to that 'normal' would be a huge mistake.

Franklin Graham: The Hope of Christ in the COVID-19 Crisis

But in the midst of the fear, I believe that this horrible disease has caused the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to shine in the darkness.

‘He Is Risen’: Franklin Graham Special Easter Broadcast

Watch this Resurrection Sunday message provided by Rev. Franklin Graham in Central Park, New York next to Samaritan's Purse Coronavirus field hospital.

Franklin Graham: Faith Over Fear, Trust in the Lord

The only thing spreading faster than COVID-19 is the fear raging around it. This is an opportunity for Christians to show why we refuse to cave to hysteria!

Franklin Graham: Everyone is Welcome – A Response to LGBTQ Opposition to Upcoming UK Tour

“We believe God has opened a door in the U.K. for us to preach Jesus, and we will do so. Whether it be from a rugby arena, a street corner, a farmer’s field, it doesn’t matter. God will make a way.”

Franklin Graham: Hate Evil and Love Righteousness

Evil—accepted, tolerated, appeased, unchecked—can spread so quickly into a degenerating culture that it becomes the new normal.

Franklin Graham: 2020—A Nation on the Brink

I believe our nation is perched on a sheer moral precipice. If we are undermined much more by the decadent values of the leftist-progressives, we could plunge into a perilous moral collapse.

Franklin Graham: What’s at Stake in the Coming Year

During the 2016 election year, I traveled to the capitals of all 50 states, calling on people to pray for our troubled country, asking God to heal our land and encouraging people to vote for candidates at the local, state and national levels who were best aligned with Biblical values.

Franklin Graham calls for Prayer as Chick-fil-a Continues Facing Mounting Criticism

Franklin Graham took to Facebook to comment on the mounting criticism Chick-fil-a is facing about their charitable donations and warns against the dangers of Christian companies drifting to the Left...

Franklin Graham: Has Chick-Fil-A Really Caved?

Has Chick-fil-A caved? Some are saying they’ve rolled over, that they’ve conceded to the LGBTQ protests because they released a statement about their charitable giving. They announced that in 2020 they’re giving to fight hunger and homelessness and support education. What’s wrong with that?

Franklin Graham on Impeachment Inquiry: It’s a Day of Shame for America; Let us Pray

Franklin Graham took to Facebook today to express his disappointment regarding the Impeachment Inquiry; calling it a day of shame for America; asked that Christians would...

Franklin Graham: Pray Against the Forces of Darkness

There are spiritual forces of wickedness and darkness at work in our nation. They work to deceive and destroy in any capacity they can, whether in the life of an individual, a community or a country.

Franklin Graham: In Changing Times – The Word of God Never Changes

God’s Word is Truth. Authoritative Truth. Any so-called value system that contradicts it is founded on lies and deceit, and inevitably leads to disaster and ruin for individuals, cultures and nations.

Franklin Graham: The Mighty Weapon of Prayer

“Prayer is most definitely a weapon—a mighty weapon wielded by believers in the Lord Jesus Christ against our most powerful adversary, the devil.”