July 5 2020

Hal Lindsey

Hal Lindsey is an internationally recognized Bible prophecy expert, host of the Hal Lindsey Report and is well-known as an author, writing books like "The Late Great Planet Earth", with more than 30 million copies sold since its original release in 1970.

Hal Lindsey: To Whom Does the Land of Israel Belong?

Not everyone accepts the authority of the Bible. But those people can simply look to international law and see the rights of the Jews to the Holy Land. 

Hal Lindsey: Fear, Apathy, or Love

The current worldwide pandemic has frightened some to the point of paralysis... This should not be the response of the followers of Christ.

Hal Lindsey: Power When You Need It Most

For years, I have warned about a coming era of plagues and pestilence. Now, as we live through the times we knew were coming, let me encourage you.

Hal Lindsey: Pestilence Rising

When it comes to the coronavirus, we have more questions than answers. But one thing we do know — health officials around the world are very much afraid.

Hal Lindsey: Soleimani – No Easy Solution

But will his death do more harm than his life? Regarding the future, we only know what God has chosen to show us in His word.

Hal Lindsey: 2019 — Under Threatening Skies

The year 2019 ends under darkening clouds. We often refer to the sky before a storm as “threatening.” That’s how things look as we transition from 2019 to 2020.

Hal Lindsey: Freedom

In Hong Kong, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, and scores of other places around the world, people are fighting tyranny. They long for freedom. Many are willing to die for it.

Hal Lindsey: Choosing Evil

What’s happening with American corporations is far more dangerous than mere greed. Over and over again, they’re calling evil good, and good evil.

Hal Lindsey: When Confusion Reigns

1 Corinthians 14:33 gives a profound and insightful statement. “God is not a God of confusion but of peace.” Yet in much of the world right now, confusion reigns. I mean deep, basic levels of confusion. Perhaps the most obvious would be the millions who are confused about their sexual identity.

Hal Lindsey: The Ultimate Shelter

When a massive hurricane rolls across the ocean toward land, bands of the storm often go well ahead of the storm itself. When one of them hits land, surf and winds rise. Rain increases. But between the bands, skies can be clear. Meanwhile, further out, the heart of the storm keeps churning, growing, and moving ominously closer to land. That’s something like the way Jesus described events as the end of the age approaches. He said it would be like a woman in labor.

Hal Lindsey: Divide and Destroy

The possible impeachment of President Donald Trump is the big news in America and around the world. Could such proceedings carry end-times prophetic implications? You might be surprised.

Hal Lindsey: What Will the End Times Look Like? Well… Look around

Have you ever wondered what the end times will look like? Well… look around.