October 16, 2021
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Father Claims School Board Is Covering Up Daughter’s Rape Because It Doesn’t Fit the Transgender Narrative

Smith said that he wasn't at the school board meeting to be "bigoted," as some claim, insisting he went to the meeting "to find out why our children aren't safe."

Anti-God Agenda? $3.5 Trillion Reconciliation Bill Penalizes Marriage

“We believe that marriage is a vital social good. It is misguided and unfair for the government to build bigger barriers for couples to marry"

Mike Pompeo: Israel May Need to Attack Iran Due To US ‘Appeasement’

"This is the risk of appeasement as you embolden your adversaries. Ultimately they put nations in the place where they're stuck with only one tool, a military tool"

No Jab, No School: UK Threatens to Bar Unvaccinated Children from Face-to-Face Learning

The UK gov't has embarked on a pressure campaign to make parents vaccinate their kids or risk losing the ability for their kids to attend school in person.

Cancel Culture Failure: Prof Booted From MIT Lecture Draws ‘Thousands’ For Alternative Speech

“The fact such stories have become an everyday feature of American life should do nothing to diminish how shocking & damaging they are to a free society"

Denver Handed Loss In Its Attempt To Silence Christian Street Preacher

While saying most people aren't interested in hearing sermons at the concert venue, the judge insisted that that "does not trump the constitutional issue."

‘The Perfect Police State’: China’s Digital Dictatorship Goes Global

Xi has been on a technological quest to build what some call a blueprint for a digital dictatorship allowing the CCP gov't to control huge volumes of data in China & globally.

NC Lt. Gov. Faces Onslaught after Calling LGBT Curriculums ‘Filth’ — ‘I Will Not Be Bullied Into Submission’

Robinson: "There's no reason anybody anywhere in America should be telling any child about transgenderism, homosexuality, any of that filth"

Ken Ham: ‘Simply Foolish’ – Biological Male Named ‘Sportswoman of the Year’

Why is it happening? Because people refuse to believe the truth of God’s Word and, instead, have minds that are darkened & cannot see the foolishness of what they believe.

National Coalition Urges Biden Commission to Reject Court Packing

"They want to be able to pass every piece of socialistic, agenda-driven legislation they can dream up to transform this country into a godless, secular society"

California Just Made It Easier for the Terminally Ill to Commit Suicide

Newsom signed Senate Bill 380 (SB380) into law, streamlining the process for terminally ill patients to kill themselves using drugs prescribed by medical doctors

California Mandates Gender-Neutral Toy Aisles For Large Retailers

The bill requires “gender-neutral retail departments” in toy stores, so shoppers will not be encouraged some toys for girls & others for boys.

MIDEAST REVIEW w/ Amir Tsarfati: Stirring Up Trouble

Iran and Azerbaijan continue to lead the news of the Middle East, however, Azerbaijan is not bowing to the neighborhood bully.

‘House of One’: Do Christians, Jews, & Muslims Worship The Same God?

"Abrahamic Family House" is an interfaith project currently being built in the UAE. The complex will include 3 separate buildings, a mosque, synagogue, & church

Texas ‘Fetal Heartbeat’ Abortion Law Reinstated By Appeals Court Ruling

“Texas spoke through their legislators: They want to protect babies with beating hearts. Now an unelected judge has stepped in and blocked it..."

Tucker Carlson: The Latest Case Of Mass Hysteria – The Belief Men Can Get Pregnant

It turns out there are still people out there claiming only women get pregnant—There is no rational conversation about anything currently underway in the US

Google, YouTube to Block Monetization on Climate Skeptic Content

YouTube announced this week that they will now prohibit the monetization of accounts that post videos and content that is skeptical of manmade climate change.

‘Fascist Power Trip’: Trudeau Announces Vaccine Mandates on Federal Workers & Canadian Travellers

“By the end of October, everyone 12 or older on a plane or train within Canada should be fully vaccinated. Testing will no longer be an option before boarding.”

‘Don’t Come Here’: High School Teacher Rails Against ‘Selfish’ Unvaccinated Students

A public high school teacher in Washington is under investigation after being caught on video going on a rant against students who have not...

Los Angeles Passes One of the Strictest US COVID-19 Vaccination Mandates

The Los Angeles City Council on Wednesday approved one of the strictest COVID-19 vaccination mandates in the country, requiring proof of vaccination to enter indoor restaurants, movie...

Biden Blasted For ‘Weaponizing’ DOJ Against Parents ‘Speaking Out Against Critical Race Theory’

"Attorney General Garland is weaponizing the DOJ by using the FBI to pursue concerned parents and silence them through intimidation."

Wikipedia Co-Founder Criticizes Site, Says It Has Slid Into ‘Leftist Propaganda’

Wikipedia has in recent years drifted away from neutrality and slid into “leftist propaganda,” according to its co-founder Larry Sanger.

Biden Admin Reverses Trump’s ‘Protect Life Rule’ That Defunded Planned Parenthood of $60 Million

“Democrats push this agenda at their own political peril. Americans reject abortion extremism and are eager to update our laws that allow abortion on demand up to birth"

Taiwan President Says Country ‘Will Do Whatever It Takes To Defend Itself’ Against China

Taiwan’s president warned that the defeat of the island nation would signal that “authoritarianism has the upper hand over democracy” in today’s “global contest of values.”

LinkedIn Bans Scientist For Posting Data Disputing Man-Made Climate Change

Wrightstone, a geologist & climate expert, was banned from LinkedIn for providing data on the platform debunking the notion of "man-made catastrophic warming"

Markell: Top-Down Left Anti-Semitism Is Cursing America

The leader of a messianic Jewish ministry says a recent comment from Vice President Kamala Harris is another example the Biden administration opposes Israel...

Michigan Gov. Vetoes Funding For Pro-Life Alternatives, Pregnancy Resources Saying Items Didn’t ‘Fully Support’ Abortion

Whitmer’s veto “ensures that Planned Parenthood & other abortion businesses will be protected from the competition that other alternatives would provide"

National Divorce? 52% of Trump Supporters, 41% of Biden Voters Think It’s Time for Red & Blue States to Secede: Poll

One would of course have to be living under a rock to be unaware of the cultural and political divide in the country. Have you ever seen such partisan division?

MIDEAST REVIEW w/ Amir Tsarfati: Threats Of War & World On Full Alert

Iran is set to hold its largest military exercise in two decades on the border with Azerbaijan. This is an obvious threat against both Israel and Azerbaijan.

China Sends More Aircraft Toward Taiwan, One Day After Largest Ever Incursion

"China has been wantonly engaged in military aggression, damaging regional peace," Taiwan Premier Su Tseng-chang said on Saturday, according to Reuters.

German Parking Garage Unveils Diversity Parking Spots For LGBTQ And Migrants

An underground German parking garage unveiled "diversity" spaces reserved for migrants and LGBTQ drivers, according to media reports. 

Terry McAuliffe’s War on Parents: ‘I Don’t Think Parents Should Be Telling Schools What They Should Teach’

In the Virginia gubernatorial debate on Tuesday evening, Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe insisted that parents should have no role in directing the education of their children and...

Victoria State Gov’t Proposal Threatens To ‘Fundamentally Change Nature of Christian Schools’

“These proposals could fundamentally change the nature of Christian schools. Why is the gov't trying to dictate to a Christian school who it can employ or in what role?"

Critical Race Theorists Call Media Coverage Of Gabby Petito’s Case Racist, ‘Missing White Woman Syndrome’

If you’re surprised critical race theorists would force supposed racism into Gabby Petito’s case, you shouldn’t be.

DeSantis Questions US Relationship With ‘Off-The-Rails’ Australia Over Military COVID Lockdowns

"That’s not a free country—I wonder why we would still have the same diplomatic relations when they’re doing that. Is Australia freer than communist China? I don’t know"

Emboldened Iran Teetering On The Brink Of Nuclear Weapons As World Leaders Scramble

Pressure is ramping as World powers attempt to stop the Islamic Republic of Iran from crossing the threshold of becoming a nuclear power.

Canadian Doctor Under Fire For Speaking Out Against Lockdowns, Gov’t Medical Coercion

A Canadian doctor is under fire from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario after having frequently spoken out against what he considers harmful governance and public health policy.

University in PA Warns Against ‘Misgendering…Deadnaming’: Student Asks, ‘What About My Conscience Rights?’

On September 13, the Office of Equity and Inclusion notified the student body of Point Park University (PPU) that "action could be taken" against individuals who...

NY Gov. Kathy Hochul Proclaims Unvaccinated People ‘Aren’t Listening to God’

"I know you’re vaccinated, you’re the smart ones, but you know there’s people out there who aren’t listening to God and what God wants. You know who they are."

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Calls For Investigation Of Big Tech For Violating Election Laws

“We the people have the right to choose our representatives, whether or not Silicon Valley approves,” Gov. DeSantis emphasized.

Newsom Signs Bill That Helps Minors Hide Abortion, Transgender Treatments From Parents

“California should not force doctors to hide the truth about irreversible medical procedures like abortion and sterilizing hormone treatments.”

Israel Says it Thwarted Imminent Terror Attacks With Deadly Hamas Raids

Israel’s military said it carried out a series of raids early Sunday morning targeting Hamas terrorists operating in the West Bank – biblical Judea...

Colorado Website Designer Asks Supreme Court to Affirm Religious Freedom

Franklin Graham: "Bakers, florists, photographers, now web designers. Where will it end? LGBT activists want to force their agenda on the rest of the world"

China Criticizes UK Over ‘Evil Intentions’ After Warship Sails Through Taiwan Strait

"This kind of behaviour harbours evil intentions and damages peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait," Chinese military officials wrote.

Parents Outraged After Sex Ed Program Asks Students to Role Play Gay, Trans Sex Scenarios

A speaker said parents were not told about the graphic nature of the curriculum, “Parents are intentionally being deceived and misled about what their children are being taught”

Prager: As America Has Become More Secular, It Has Become Less Free

Here is something any honest person must acknowledge: As America has become more secular, it has become less free.

MIDEAST REVIEW w/ Amir Tsarfati: Terrorists Find New Allies In The Powerful & Lawless

Two major stories led me to record a Breaking News Update on Tuesday. First, due to the protest of Democrat woke liberal congressmen, the...

North Korea Rejects South’s Calls For End-Of-War Declaration Citing US Hostility

“The declaration of the termination of the war is of no help at all… but can rather be misused as a smokescreen covering up the U.S. hostile policy”

SHAPIRO: Facebook Reveals How It Suppresses Articles, Protecting Leftist Legacy Media

This week, Facebook finally revealed its Content Distribution Guidelines. The CDGs demonstrate conservative suspicions of content suppression are largely justified

House Democrats Vote To Codify Roe v. Wade, Legalize Abortion On Demand

"The dark skies over the Capitol this morning seem appropriate in light of the darkness that is being advanced by inside," Rep. Mike Johnson tweeted.

Public School Students Being ‘Abused’ By Critical Race Theory, Former University Professor Says

"Whether we have children or not in the public schools, we need to stand up and fight for the children who are trapped and left behind,"

New Superman Comes Out as Bisexual in Upcoming Comic

"Everything now has to be reconceptualized and re-depicted in line with the new moral code, the new moral urgency, the LGBTQ revolution, and frankly, all that goes with it”

‘It’s Worse Than Absurd’: TX Admin Tells Teachers to Balance Holocaust Books with ‘Opposing’ Views

Texas school admin to teachers: "make sure that if you have a book on the Holocaust. that you have one that has an opposing, that has other perspectives"