June 1 2020
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White House to UN: Drop Abortion from COVID-19 Response Plan

Trump admin. urges UN to drop abortion as essential in global COVID-19 plan, warning agency to stop using coercion to push abortion on developing nations.

Pro-Life Swedish Midwives Might Get Second Chance Before European Court of Human Rights

The case of Swedish midwives denied work for refusing to assist in abortions might have a 2nd chance of being heard in Europe’s highest human rights court.

California Tries to Trick Church into Paying for Abortions: Here’s How the Scheme Was Exposed

Can a church be forced to pay for elective abortions even if it goes against its religious beliefs? Apparently, the state of California thinks so.

Pro-Life Group Sues College for Restricting Free Speech

"Students don’t give up constitutional freedoms when on campus or hold a specific viewpoint. Our clients have the right to peacefully engage their peers."

UPDATE: ‘The Price Is Right’ Donates Nearly $100k To Murderous Planned Parenthood Abortion Business

Game show “The Price Is Right” donated nearly $100k for the abortion giant Planned Parenthood in the latest primetime special “The Price is Right At Night.”

UK Woman Files Lawsuit: Had I Known My baby Could Feel Pain, I Wouldn’t Have Aborted

A woman in the UK filed a lawsuit asking abortion businesses be required to inform women that preborn babies are capable of feeling pain during an abortion.

“Price is Right” Show Will Raise Funds for Murderous Planned Parenthood Abortion Business

The popular game show “The Price Is Right” will air a controversial show with RuPaul playing to raise money for the Planned Parenthood abortion chain.

Trump Defunds Planned Parenthood: Coronavirus Relief Funds Meant for Small Business Not Abortion

The Trump administration assured Americans this week that coronavirus relief funds will not be distributed to the Planned Parenthood abortion business.

VICTORY: Brazil’s Highest Court Rejects Measure to Decriminalize Abortion for Zika

In major pro-life win, Brazil’s highest court rejects use of Zika virus birth defects as justification for killing unborn babies in the womb.

Judge Orders Pro-Life Investigators to Pay Planned Parenthood Over $1.5 Million

Judge orders pro-life organization to pay more than $1.5 million—plus legal fees—to Planned Parenthood after group exposed illegal selling of baby parts.

Abortion by Telemedicine Continues to Grow During COVID-19 Pandemic

Killing Unborn Babies by telemedicine seems to be growing in certain states where the COVID-19 shutdown continues and many abortion clinics remain closed.

Judge on Trump SCOTUS List Rebukes Court for Putting Abortion Above Law and Lives

A Judge of the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals rebuked his colleagues for ruling an exemption for abortion industry from orders to conserve medical supplies

Why Pro-lifers Should Question the Agenda of the World Health Organization

The WHO proved itself to be an advocate for abortion & sexual promiscuity after it declared abortion to be an essential service during COVID-19 pandemic.

Abortion Pill Reversal Hotline Receives Record Number of Calls During Coronavirus Pandemic

The Abortion Pill Rescue Network is seeing a record number of calls for abortion pill reversals: We are seeing over 80% of callers start reversal process

Federal Courts Uphold Texas, Arkansas Abortion Orders Amid COVID-19

2 federal circuit courts upheld coronavirus-related restrictions on abortion in Texas, Arkansas, offering some legal victories in the larger national debate

Justin Trudeau Fails to Bully Canadian Province into Funding Private Abortion Center

A Canadian Premier resisted pressure from PM Trudeau’s Liberal gov't to financially support a private abortion center, even after health funding was cut.

While Africa Asks for Ventilators and PPE During COVID-19, Groups Send Abortion Kits Instead

As Africa faces major desperation for ventilators amid COVID-19, a Swedish company has decided they are more in need of $2 million worth of Abortion Kits.

Kavanaugh Cites ‘Roe v. Wade’ While Discussing ‘Erroneous Precedent’

Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh hinted at how he would rule on Roe v. Wade when citing disastrous case while discussing “precedent” that can be thrown out.

Bill Gates Has Given $68 Million to Organization That Sells Abortion Pills Worldwide

Many of the world’s richest men also happen to be the largest backers of the abortion industry. One of them is American billionaire Bill Gates.

Michigan Governor Doubles Down on Abortion as ‘Essential,’ ‘Life-Sustaining’

Whitmer, who has drawn criticism for coronavirus restrictions she’s implemented, noted abortions can still be performed in & are considered essential

Ministries That Help Pregnant Women Are Targeted by COVID-19 Enforcers While Abortion Industry Protected

A pro-life group in N. Carolina is suing the city and county government after some of its members were arrested when they stood outside an abortion clinic.

Pro-Life Lawmakers Urge Trump To Uphold Regulations On Fetal Tissue Research, Abortion Drugs

Pro-life lawmakers are pushing President Donald Trump’s administration to continue to regulate fetal tissue research and to uphold safety regulations on abortion drugs.

Polish Bill Would Ban Abortion, Protect Disabled Babies From Being Killed in Abortions

Lawmakers in Poland are scheduled to consider pro-life legislation this week to protect unborn babies with disabilities from discrimination.

Kevin Sorbo Slams Closing Churches But Opening Abortion Clinics: It’s “a Morbid Condition of America”

Kevin Sorbo slammed the mixed-up priorities of American politics, noting how abortion facilities are still allowed but Christians are being punished

Planned Parenthood asks U.S. Supreme Court to allow them to commit abortions in Texas

After the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s ban on abortion during the COVID-19 pandemic, Planned Parenthood has refused to...

Virginia Governor Announces Signing of Extreme Abortion Bill on Good Friday

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam announced on Good Friday that he signed into law a bill that repeals most restrictions on abortion in the state.

Ken Ham: UK Government Aims to Save Lives from Covid-19 by Pushing “Home Abortion”

While the UK government shows great concern for citizens who might contract coronavirus, they are eager to allow women to kill their children in the womb

Appeals Court Rules Texas can Continue Banning Abortions during Pandemic

Texas’ suspension of elective abortions during the nationwide coronavirus crisis will remain in effect for the time being, according to a ruling Tuesday.

WHO Demands Abortion Be Considered ‘Essential’ During Pandemic

WHO: “services related to reproductive health are considered to be part of essential services during the COVID-19 outbreak.”

UK Rolls Back Abortion Restrictions During Pandemic

Despite stating March 23 that there would be no change to abortion regulations, the UK announced new measures allowing women to take abortion drugs at home.

Pro-Life Sidewalk Counselor ARRESTED In North Carolina For Breaking Shelter-In-Place Order

Pro-life David Benham was reportedly arrested Sunday while engaging in peaceful “sidewalk counseling” outside of a North Carolina abortion clinic.

Abortions Continue as Massachusetts Hospitals Forbid “Non-Essential” Procedures

Amidst all this, some states are doubling down to make sure that abortions (i.e., the murder of babies) are done with a business-as-usual attitude.

Fending Off the Abortion Industry’s Lust for More Abortions During the COVID-19 Epidemic

The abortion industry is deceptively exploiting the Covid-19 Crisis in order to push forward their own agenda's. And it should disgust all Americans.

Coronavirus Restrictions Ramp Up US Abortion Debate

States are finding they can no longer skirt the abortion issue during the coronavirus as the argument between essential or nonessential re-ignites the issue

Franklin Graham to Gov. Cuomo: Protection of Human Life Should Apply from ‘Womb to Tomb’

Franklin Graham took to Facebook following the comments of NY Gov. Cuomo to point out that the protection of Life should apply from 'womb to tomb'

Mike Huckabee: Dems Exploiting a National Crisis To Push for Abortion Funding

While Trump is focused on halting the spread of the coronavirus, Democrats are sneakily exploiting the crisis in order to implement their ideological agenda

Abortion Activists Exploit Coronavirus to Push Sales of Dangerous Abortion Pills Online

Pro-abortion activists in Ireland seem to agree with Obama WH chief of staff who once cynically observed, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste.”

Pelosi Reportedly Attempts to Sneak Abortion Funding into Coronavirus Relief Bill

Pelosi has come under heavy criticism for allegedly trying to include federal funding allowances for abortion services in the coronavirus stimulus package.

Pro-Life Swedish Midwife Loses Appeal at EU Human Rights Court

A Swedish midwife blacklisted in her home country for refusing to assist in abortions has lost a lengthy legal battle at the European Court of Human Rights.

Pro-life students praying at Planned Parenthood met with obscenity, Satan worship, & lewdness

Pro-Life college students denounced opposition to their prayer outside a Planned Parenthood facility, calling it "violent," "dark" & threatening.

Mississippi House Considers Bill Banning Discriminatory Abortions

A bill banning discriminatory abortions on basis of race, sex or “genetic error” passed a Mississippi House committee & will soon be brought for full debate

Spokane, WA Passes Ordinance Letting Police Cite Pro-Life Protesters Who Are Too Loud

On Monday, the city council of Spokane, Washington, passed an ordinance permitting police to cite pro-life protesters who have been singing and praying outside a Spokane Planned Parenthood for violating noise restrictions.