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April 22, 2024

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Countering Newsom’s Deception: New Poll Shows Voters Are Starting To Wake Up To The Extremes Of Proposition 1

Jack Hibbs: "I'm pleading with everyone, especially pastors, you can't let this happen on our watch"

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new survey released Tuesday from the Capitol Resource Institute and Rasmussen Reports is showing that little by little Californians are having their eyes opened to the extreme nature of Proposition 1.

“Proposition 1 is TOO EXTREME – even for California. It will be on the November 2022 ballot and, if passed by the voters, it will amend the CA Constitution to guarantee that a fully developed baby in the womb, moments away from birth, can legally be aborted. Passage of Proposition 1 will guarantee abortion without limits in California. It’s inhumane, It’s cruel. It should be illegal,” Real Impact describes on its Prop 1 information page. “The thought of terminating the life of a viable baby who is ready to take his or her first breath is abhorrent to most Californians. We must speak up. We must inform others so they can speak up. Every voter must know the truth about this proposition.”

survey conducted in August by Rasmussen in partnership with Real Impact revealed a shocking lack of education among Californian voters regarding Proposition 1. The poll found that while 66% at the time stated that they support Prop 1, only a mere 13% said that they are in favor of the limitless abortion it would allow.

When compared to the survey in August, the new poll shows that over the past few months there has been a significant seven-point drop in support for Prop 1 (Aug. 66% – Oct. 59%), as well as a seven-point increase in California voters who consider themselves to be “pro-life” (Aug. 31% + Oct. 36%).

Karen England, President of the Capitol Resource Institute, suggested that this significant shift can be attributed to Californians becoming more aware of the extreme nature of Proposition 1.

“The more Californians learn that Proposition 1 would legalize late-term abortion, the more they oppose it,” she noted. “This isn’t surprising since 79 percent of likely California voters said in an earlier poll that they would not support killing a child up until birth.”

“Gavin Newsom and the radicals in Sacramento have authored one of the most extreme pieces of abortion legislation ever placed on a ballot,” England warned. “My prayer is that the good people of California don’t fall into Newsom’s trap.”

Jack Hibbs, Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills and Founder of Real Impact, in a radio interview on Tuesday with Roger Marsh, maintained that Californians are being purposefully deceived about Proposition 1.

“[With] this bill, Newsom has gone beyond his own party’s belief, his base, and [the] bulk of the Democrat party in California… They’re saying prop one is too extreme,” he underscored. “He’s trying to keep the lid on the publicity, he doesn’t want people to get into the weeds. What he’s doing, is he is getting out ahead and spinning it and making it look like it’s some sweet reproductive thing that’s okay.”

“The Bible says that the biggest thing that we’ve dealt with in life is deception. In the Bible, Jesus talked about deception. All the apostles and the prophets talked about deception,” the pastor stressed. “People are being deceived.”

“If the devil was always found in the details, Gavin Newsom has gotten smart, and what they’ve done, they’ve written this incredible Proposition one, and they’ve left out the details,” Hibbs explained. “It’s even hard for us to even be talking about this because people think it’s too fantastic—But we have been making it very, very clear… Nothing like this has ever been seen in America before.”

“I’m pleading with everyone, especially pastors, you can’t let this happen on our watch,” he urged.

Hibbs and his team at Real Impact, who commissioned the survey conducted in August, have been working around the clock to shed light on the truth about Proposition 1. In addition to launching the campaign StopProp1.com, their teams are working to post billboards and provide resources such as information door hangers to Californians. Calvary Chapel Chino Hills also has legal ballot collection boxes at their church and conducted multiple townhall events and a special “Happening Now” Pro-Life presentation discussing Prop 1 with their congregation.

“As a pastor, I’m called to defend life. The Bible says I’m called to defend those who are destined for crushing, those who have no voice for themselves. If that doesn’t describe an unborn child, I don’t know what does.” Pastor Hibbs wrote in his recent article, Gavin Newsom: The King of Late Term Abortion. “I’m calling on the body of Christ to stand up against this abomination.”

The results of the midterm elections, no matter the state you reside in, could have far-reaching implications regarding late-term abortion.

According to the Federalist, during a speech at a Democratic National Committee event on Tuesday, President Joe Biden “vowed to sign a bill that would legalize abortion through all nine months of pregnancy” on the 50th Anniversary of Roe V. Wade, if Democrats maintain their hold on Congress.

Franklin Graham in a recent article discussing the midterm elections stressed that “those in power will continue to rail against the [Roe V. Wade overturning] decision, and will work as fervently as they can so that women can sacrifice their children on the altar of convenience and choice.”

“There is nothing that happens during an abortion that results in anything other than the annihilation of a human being, yet the voices of the most powerful group in our country will stop at nothing to see that it continues unabated,” he stressed.

“To say that much is at stake is a gross understatement. It isn’t just control of Congress; it may be our last chance to stop the immoral and ungodly policies that have brought our great nation to the moral brink of disaster,” Graham warned. “That’s why it is so critical that you go to the polls on Nov. 8 and vote for candidates who best align with godly, Biblical principles. We can’t let the spirit of antichrist reign any longer.”

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