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April 27, 2024

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If Christians Aren’t Standing With And Supporting The Jewish People… Who Will?

Robert Gottselig

I’m sure you’re all well aware that this past weekend, Iran launched hundreds of drones, cruise, and ballistic missiles toward Israel from Iran. In a joint effort, the Israeli Air Force and its allies, including the US, the UK, France, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, downed the majority of the drones and cruise missiles outside of Israel. At the same time, Israel shot down the majority of the ballistic missiles with their Arrow Two and Three systems.

As Amir Tsarfati pointed out on his telegram Channel“No country [has] ever intercepted over 100 ballistic missiles in space within one hour.”

Ultimately, we know that God protected Israel and His chosen people from the colossal damage that could have happened. In Psalm 121:4, God says, “Behold, He who keeps Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep.”

Tsarfati further said that “prayer was the most successful air defense system.” I agree. We know that when God’s people pray, and especially when they have been and still are interceding for Israel and the Jewish people, God hears their prayers.

Yet, I wonder: how many churches were praying for Israel? Did pastors give an update from their pulpits this past Sunday to their congregation, informing them of the situation and then interceding and praying for Israel? How many have been doing that since October 7th?

Israel is in some very troubling times, and they need our love and support, and as Christians, we should be giving them that. Perhaps if your church is silent on the matter, you need to find out what your church’s biblical position is on Israel. It may not be what you think.

If Christians aren’t standing with, praying for, loving, and supporting the Jewish people… who is?

Sure, the world was sympathetic when it came to Israel being attacked, but as soon as Israel went on the defensive, a lot of the world became silent and even spoke out against them. Israel was made to be the villain, and what Hamas and Iran have done no longer mattered.

We’ve seen that in many of the wars that Israel has fought, where the moment that Israel defended itself, the world pressured Israel to cease. Of course, the most recent example of that is the ongoing war that we are seeing in Gaza. Now, the same is happening once again with Iran as they launched an attack on the Jewish State.

The Biden Administration, though they were supportive in helping down these suicide drones and missiles, urged Israel not to retaliate and escalate things any further—‘Oh, Israel. It wasn’t all that bad. Only one 10-year-old girl was severely injured!’ French President Emmanuel Macron and leaders around the world are saying much of the same.

Yet, Iran has repeatedly called for Israel to be wiped off the face of the map, and they’re racing toward a nuclear weapon in order to do that. They are the number one state sponsor of terrorism. Iran has its proxies in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon with Hezbollah, the Gaza Strip with Hamas, and Yemen with the Houthis—which were firing on Israel as well while Iran was launching its attack.

Iran is clear that their intentions are not to build peace with the Jewish state but to annihilate it, and they’re working, as I mentioned, hard in their race toward a nuke in order to do that.

To make matters worse, since October 7th, we’ve seen all these Pro-Palestinian rallies on our streets and around the world calling for the elimination of Israel. They are true to their mantra when they say, “From The River To The Sea, Palestine Will Be Free.” That’s exactly what they mean—no Israel.

With what happened over the weekend with Iran, once again, we saw Pro-Palestinian supporters fill the streets and cheer Iran on for what they did. Such was the case with activists in Chicago, who praised the attack:

I just have to report something to everyone. And so it begins, so to speak. Twelve days ago, Israel brazenly hit an Iranian Embassy compound in Syria, violating international law… and Iran has just responded about 30 minutes ago [cheers and applause].

They’ve sent, and this is from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard directly, they’ve sent drones and missiles against specific targets in occupied Palestine—Israeli targets in occupied Palestine. And they believe that they will be in Palestinian—I don’t call it Israeli airspace—Palestinian airspace right between 2 and 4:00 a.m., which means between 2 and 4 hours from now. It’s 12 midnight in Palestine right now.

In addition, there are reports of drones having been fired on Israel from Yemen and Iraq [cheers and applause].

It’s disgusting, to say the least. Some are saying that Israel had it coming because they attacked the Iranian Consulate in Damascus, resulting in the killing of Iranian Commanders. Friends, that was a headquarters for terrorists, and one of them was a senior military commander, Mohammad Zahedi, who was involved in the planning and execution of the October 7th Massacre. Israel had every right to take out this demonic monster. 

Isaiah 5:20 says, “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness.”

My question is very simple: What side do you want to find yourself on? I trust you want to find yourself on the side of good. I trust you want to find yourself on the side of the God of Israel.

As Christians, let us continue to lift Israel up in prayer and stand with and support the Jewish people. Pastors need to be educating their congregations about what God’s prophetic plan is for Israel.

Again, if believers won’t stand with Israel, who will?

For all those Christian leaders, non-Christian leaders, and people of the world who have zero compassion for Israel and are happier siding with the Palestinians, understand that God will continue to protect His chosen people regardless of what you think, say, or do. But here are some words worth meditating on: In Psalm 129:5, God says, “Let all those who hate Zion Be put to shame and turned back.”

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