October 16, 2021
Saturday, October 16, 2021




Evangelical Families in Mexican Town Cut Off From Utilities for Refusing to Deny Faith

2 evangelical families in a Mexican town have been cut off from utilities and face fines and social ostracization for refusing to denounce their minority faith.

Flight Attendants Allegedly Fired By Airline For ‘Christian Beliefs’

"Every American should be frightened if an employer can fire them for simply asking questions based on their religious beliefs about culturally important issues"

3,000+ Church Leaders Sign Letter to Australian Prime Minister Opposing Vaccine Passport Mandate

Thousands of church leaders in Australia signed a letter addressed to Prime Minister Scott Morrison, urging the government not to enforce vaccine passports in...

Teacher Boasts About Removing American flag From Classroom, Tells Students To Pledge Allegiance To ‘Pride’ Flag

California teacher posts video admitting that she encouraged students to pledge allegiance to a pride flag after removing American flag from classroom

‘Good Without God’: Harvard Appoints Atheist as Chief Chaplain

Ken Ham: “The blind leading the blind. Harvard, once Christian, is now a leader in raising up generations in the atheist religion.”

Destruction, Killing of Christians Continues Unabated in Nigeria

3,400 Nigerian Christians killed this year by militants through end of July, already nearing last year’s record bloodshed.

‘I’m Not A Victim’: Black Father Tells Board — The Education System Keeps Racism On ‘Life Support’

"Putting critical theory into our classrooms is not combating racism. It's fanning the flames of what little embers are left."

China Offers Cash to Citizens to Spy on Christian Neighbors, Report ‘Illegal Religious Activities’

A new reward system is being used in China as a way to crack down on Christians who engage in "illegal religious activities."

Report: Taliban Killing People Found with Bibles on Their Phones

“We’re hearing from reliable sources that the Taliban demand people’s phones, and if they find a downloaded Bible on your device, they will kill you immediately"

Teacher Says God Gave Her Courage To Resign: ‘I Quit Being A Cog In A Machine’ That Pushes Politicized Agendas On Children

“This was all done by the grace of God — the protection I’ve had... just the courage to get up and do it. It’s from my walk with the Lord.”

Pediatric Association Quashes Debate on Gender Dysphoria Treatment

The politicization of the field of gender medicine must end. “Because we can’t open this debate in any form… the debate is not occurring and kids are being harmed.”

Hindu Nationalists in India Rally Against Christians: “Let Us Drag People From the Churches”

“Let us drag people from the church and stop conversions at any cost,” President of the Chhattisgarh BJP reportedly said.

Victory For Conscience & Common Sense: Fed. Judge Blocks Biden Admin’s Transgender, Abortion Mandate

“Everyone benefits when doctors are able to follow their professional medical judgment and their Hippocratic Oath to ‘Do No Harm.’”  

Growing Revolt in Virginia as Local School Boards Reject State’s Transgender Policies

"Virginia parents and school districts lock arms in defense of parental rights, privacy and religious freedom... keep them in your prayers"

Teen Vogue Urges Gen Z to Mobilize, Build ‘Socialist Future’: ‘No Future Under Capitalism’

Teen Vogue urged its young readers in a recent online publication to “mobilize toward building a socialist future” and “shift the tide in favor of socialism,”...

Washington Florist’s Religious Liberty Case Not Over Yet, Lawyers Contend

Despite SCOTUS refusal to hear an appeal from florist Barronelle Stutzman, the devout Christian’s legal recourse still might not be over.

DOJ Abandons Lawsuit it Filed on Behalf of Pro-Life Nurse Forced to Participate in Abortion

The nurse was misled into participating in what she was told was a procedure following a miscarriage, only to find out in operating room it was an abortion

‘Anti-Racist’ Facebook Group Secretly Planned To Disrupt School To Get Christian Gym Teacher Fired

The group, targeted teacher Tanner Cross after he publicly opposed a proposed policy regarding transgender students

10th Circuit Rules State Can Force Christian Web Designer To Make Websites Conflicting with Her Beliefs

“How many more creative professionals will have to suffer before they receive recognition of their constitutionally protected freedoms"

Chinese Authorities Raid Online Church Service, Force Pastors to Stop Preaching

Authorities forced the Pastors to stop preaching as other Chinese Communist Party officials enclosed on the church building

Beliefs Or Livelihood: Michigan Farmers in Court to Defend Their Rights

"The city of East Lansing is asking us to choose between the peaceful expression of our beliefs and our livelihood. No one should have to face that choice.”

Female Prisoners Beg for Help as California Law Lets Men Who Identify as Women into Their Prisons

"We pray for the protection of these women as lawmakers ignore their struggles in pursuit of appeasing the transgender community at all costs"

University of Iowa Found Guilty of Discriminating Against InterVarsity Group

“The good news is that they’ve been held accountable, and school officials nationwide are on notice,” the senior counsel stated.

Settlement, Apology Sends Strong Statement for Religious Freedom in the UK

“This is an important moment for religious freedom in the UK... My prayer is that this case will encourage Christians to stand firm.”

Scientific American Publishes Error-Filled Hit Piece, Claiming Genesis Is Racist

“The author writes what can hardly be described as anything other than garbage designed to create hate against light-skinned Christians...”

Colombian High Court Orders Review After Social Media Star Told to Remove Video Sharing Biblical Marriage Beliefs

"Nobody should have to be afraid of censorship or criminal sanctions for voicing their deeply held beliefs."

Christian Group Barred From Arenas in W. Australia Because Biblical Views Do Not Align With ‘Government’s Views’

ACL Managing Director wrote: “So, apparently the WA government won’t allow venues to host people who disagree with them. Welcome to China."

Ohio Budget Provision Allows Conscience Exemption for Medical Workers

“Americans are afforded the freedom to live according to deeply held ethical, moral and religious beliefs. This necessarily includes doctors."

IRS Reverses Course; Grants Religious Group Tax-Exempt Status

After national backlash, IRS reverses decision to deny Ministry tax-exempt status by claiming "Biblical teachings" were too similar to GOP

Hobby Lobby Faces Backlash for Ad Declaring America is ‘One Nation Under God’

"Hobby Lobby is being attacked for running some beautiful full-page newspaper ads on July 4. These positive ads have outraged enemies of God’s Word"

Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Appeal of Christian Florist in Same-Sex Wedding Case

“They have misused the law to try and force foster care, adoption agencies, bakers, photographers, and florists to change their views on marriage"

Army Chaplain’s Facebook Post on Transgender Military Policy Almost Cost Him His Career

Military chaplains enjoy freedoms like free speech & religion, except when liberal superiors decide to punish for the “wrong” policies

Protesters Gather Around Alberta Prison To Support Arrested Pastor

A group of pastors and protesters gathered around the Calgary Remand Centre in Alberta to support Pastor Tim Stephens, who was jailed earlier this...

Transgender Weightlifter Chosen for Tokyo Olympics

Weightlifter Laurel Hubbard—who has competed in men’s events in the past—will become the first transgender athlete to compete at the Olympics after being selected by...

Sesame Street Introduces Homosexual Couple for ‘Family Day’; Parents: Children Need Biblical Answers

Sesame Street’s Family Day episode showcased the introduction of two gay dads – the first homosexual couple to appear on the program.

‘Disturbing Trend’: The Weaponization of The Justice System to Ruin Those With Whom Activists Disagree

“He is standing up for his rights to decline to be a part of something he doesn’t believe in. In taking this stand, he is fighting for all of our rights to do the same"

Christian Non-Profit Denied Tax-Exempt Status by IRS For ‘Republican Beliefs’

The IRS denied the group tax-exempt status, stating that “Bible teachings are typically affiliated” with the Republican Party.

SCOTUS Unanimously Rules Gov’t Can’t Discriminate Against Faith Bases Organizations

Franklin Graham: "Religious agencies and organizations should not be forced to go against their beliefs and biblical standards."

Texas Gov. Signs Bill Prohibiting Government From Closing Churches, Places of Worship

Texas Gov. signs bill prohibiting gov't from ordering churches close: “1st Amendment right to freedom of religion shall never be infringed"

Ontario Adoption Officials Reject Christian Family That Disagreed With Gender Ideology

Gender ideology has gone from the fringe to the mainstream, with all its major tenets now enforced by the Canadian federal government.

Illinois School Reverses Decision to Ban 2nd Grade Girl From Bringing Her Bible to School

Parents of a 2nd-grader were outraged after their daughter's Bible was taken away for reading scripture aloud, while other kids listen

Yale Lecturer Fantasizes About Brutally Murdering White People, Claims All White People Are Rotten

“I had fantasies of unloading a revolver into the heads of any white person... wiping my bloody hands as I walked away relatively guiltless with a bounce in my step"

43% of Millennials “Don’t Know, Care, or Believe God Exists”

Younger generations aren’t irreligious. They have a religion—it’s a religion of their own making as they act as their own gods.

Critics Blast USA Today For Deleting ‘Male’ From Op-Ed on Transgender Athletes

Alliance Defending Freedom: "This blatant censorship violates the trust we place in media to be honest brokers of public debate."

Realtor Quits Over Pressure From Trade Group to Affirm Gay Marriage

“My broker informed me I cannot continue to talk publicly about Christian views re: LGBTQ+ issues if I want to remain with this brokerage.”

China’s Communist ‘Christ’: Re-Writing God

The CCP plans to turn the Scriptures into another piece of regime propaganda by rewriting them beyond all recognition.

Pro-Life Leaders Optimistic Following SCOTUS’ Decision to Hear Abortion Case

“We are long overdue for the SCOTUS to revisit Roe v. Wade & PP v. Casey—cases that have led to the death of over 60M innocent children“

Canadian Crackdown: Third Alberta Pastor Arrested For Holding Church Services

“I don’t think they understand that Christians are committed to follow the lord Jesus Christ regardless of the consequences,” the Pastor said

‘It’s Biology, Not Bigotry’: Twitter Bans Spanish MP For Saying Men Can’t Get Pregnant

“We will continue to speak the truth... Biological truth should not be regarded as ‘hate speech’. It’s biology, not bigotry.”

Report: 4 Out of 5 People Live in Countries That Restrict Religious Freedom

New Report from the DoS, “4 out of every 5 people in the world” live in environments with high or very high restrictions on religious freedom

‘Christian’ Agency Doesn’t Want ‘White’ Families Adopting ‘Black’ Children

This is the poison of so-called “anti-racism.” It sees individuals as nothing more than the shade of their skin.

New Superman Comes Out as Bisexual in Upcoming Comic

"Everything now has to be reconceptualized and re-depicted in line with the new moral code, the new moral urgency, the LGBTQ revolution, and frankly, all that goes with it”

‘It’s Worse Than Absurd’: TX Admin Tells Teachers to Balance Holocaust Books with ‘Opposing’ Views

Texas school admin to teachers: "make sure that if you have a book on the Holocaust. that you have one that has an opposing, that has other perspectives"