April 22, 2024

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April 22, 2024

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Experts Warn New ‘Homeschool Hub’ Is Seeking to Control Next Generation of Home Educators

Alex Newman

As the global war on educational liberty heats up, Johns Hopkins School of Education is launching a new “Homeschool Hub” that has experts and advocates deeply concerned. Many say it is part of the escalating effort to bring homeschooling families under government control. 

The new entity is funded by advocates of taxpayer funding for private and home education. The United Nations education agency in recent years has called on governments to fund “non-state education providers” with tax money in order to impose “equity” goals, national testing regimes, “non-discrimination” schemes, and more. 

Leaders in the homeschooling movement and Christian education told The Newman Report that this scheme by Johns Hopkins posed a “clear and present danger” to home educators. From the information that is publicly available so far, those concerns do not appear unreasonable. 

Virtually the entire leadership of prominent national and state homeschooling organizations have been opposed to government funding of home education. In fact, homeschooling families and advocacy organizations have been a constant thorn in the side of “school choice” advocates seeking to get home educators hooked on tax funds. 

The reason why leaders of the homeschooling movement have been largely united on the issue is simple. They believe control and regulation by government will be the inevitable result of taxpayer money — especially since this is what the historical record shows. Concerns about dependency and expanding the size and scope of government exist, too.

However, by bringing a new player into homeschooling world — a powerful voice backed by academic credentials and big money seeking “school choice” funding — critics are concerned about possible nefarious intentions. The goal seems to be, in part, to sideline and displace existing voices in the movement.    

On its website, the new “Homeschool Hub” styles itself the “one-stop shop for current information on homeschooling data, regulations, and research across the United States.” Supposedly, in-depth data and information on all fifty states will be made available on the site, though it has not been fully fleshed out yet. 

“As homeschooling continues to expand and evolve, we need a better understanding of this growing and diversifying education sector,” argued Dr. Angela Watson, Homeschool Hub creator and assistant professor of education. “We need policy based on facts, not historical stereotypes. My hope is that the Homeschool Hub will help fill these needs.”

There are already multiple established and credible services offering exactly that kind of information online. These include the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), a powerhouse with detailed insights on the legal environment serving hundreds of thousands of member families that opposes government funding and control of homeschooling. 

Another major resource on homeschooling data and research is the National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI). Widely recognized as the top repository for research on homeschooling in the world, NHERI and its leader, Dr. Brain Ray, have long been seen as the “one-stop shop” for the latest news, data, research, and insight into homeschooling. Dr. Ray also opposes government funding and control of homeschooling. 

On its website, the Hub suggests that it will seek to displace those sources to help inform future regulation and policy on home education. “Our goal is to remove barriers to rigorous research, increase transparency, and expand awareness to encourage evidence-driven policy,” the site says without explaining what barriers it believes may exist to research or “evidence-driven policy.” 

As the far-left Washington Post strategically targets existing homeschooling leaders and institutions, the new hub aims to become “the leader” in the field of homeschooling research. “As homeschooling grows, the Homeschool Hub will serve as the leader in promoting rigorous homeschool research and responding to the need for more transparency from this growing sector,” the site added. 

When the establishment speaks of “transparency,” that is generally a dog whistle for increasing surveillance, control, data-gathering, and intrusions on privacy.

The new hub’s website, citing unnamed supposed “critics,” also cites the alleged risks that “unregulated” home education might feature, including “indoctrination” or even that parents with “conservative Christian values” may seek to “isolate” their children.  

On April 25, the new Homeschool Hub, hosted at Johns Hopkins “Institute for Education Policy” and its “School of Education,” will be holding a major event on home education. Headlined “Beyond the Traditional Classroom: The Rise of Homeschooling and Its Impact on Education in America,” the event will formally launch the new hub, according to the announcement.

Numerous high-profile panelists with no real ties to the homeschooling movement will participate. These include various university officials and faculty members, an adviser to the scandal-plagued World Bank, an “education reporter” at the viciously anti-homeschooling Washington Post, and a senior U.S. Department of Education official. 

Johns Hopkins, notable for pioneering transgender mutilation of children and other barbarism, is open about the fact that it is partnering with EdChoice, a well-known and well-funded group seeking what it calls “school choice.” The movement, launched by legendary economist Milton Friedman, is among the leading advocates of tax funding for home education and private schools.  

Meanwhile, Johns Hopkins is based in Baltimore, Maryland, the first state that sought to create a state-run homeschooling “council” to supposedly speak for homeschooling families and advise authorities. The controversial plan, which became a lightning rod of criticism among home educators, was widely seen as a ploy to bring in regulation and control.

With homeschooling becoming a major threat to the government’s “education” narrative and monopoly, it is no surprise to see the establishment work to crush it, co-opt it, or both. Tyrants across the United States and around the world are openly waging war on home education. As such, homeschool leaders and families are right to take the threat seriously.

Ken Ham, Founder and CEO of Answers in Genesis, underscored that children are entrusted to parents, not the government.

“Of course, we all want high educational standards, but the Government doesn’t own our children, they belong to parents & ultimately to God,” he urged. “God created the family. He entrusted children to parents to raise them in accord with the principles He has laid down for us in His Word. We must remember, the most important part of education is their spiritual upbringing as that affects their eternity.”

“Let’s face it, most of the public school system indoctrinates kids for six or so hours a day in the anti-God secular worldview of evolutionary naturalism and sexual humanism,” Ham further noted. “According to studies, most churched kids have not survived the public education system and have walked away from the church. All are contaminated to varying degrees, but most become severely contaminated. This is reflected in the fact there’s been a massive generational loss from the church.

“Look at the evidence!” he continued. “Most of the younger generations have walked away from the church. That is undeniable. Generation Z is the first post-Christian generation and is generally very atheistic in their worldview.”

“Who really has the greatest educational impact on your kids and grandkids?” Ham asked. “No one else can or should be doing that for you, Mom and Dad—it’s your job and it’s the most important job you can have! Now you can certainly delegate some of that to others, but you are still ultimately responsible before the Lord.”

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