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July 12, 2024

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Alex Newman

Alex Newman is an educator, author, consultant, and award-winning international journalist.

Alex Newman

Alex Newman is an educator, author, consultant, and award-winning international journalist.

Hostile To The Bible: Student’s Diploma Withheld After Praising Jesus In His Graduation Speech

A Kentucky student had his diploma temporarily withheld by district officials for going “off script” and celebrating his “Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” as “the light, the way, the truth, and the life” in his graduation speech. Clearly, Jesus Christ is becoming more and more unwelcome in public education.

The Deadly Fruit Of Anti-God Education: Brutal Violence Rises To ‘Crisis’ Levels

The true source of the escalating terror facing teachers, children, and society is the diabolical worldview masquerading as “education” imposed on children. When children are brainwashed to believe there is no God and life is meaningless, it produces deadly fruit — the very plague now destroying not just children, but civilization itself.  

‘Toxic Whiteness’: Judge Finds Anti-White Discrimination Within New York Dept. Of Education

“This landmark case is a resounding affirmation that discrimination of any form should not be tolerated in educational institutions, regardless of the race of those negatively impacted,” the women’s lawyer Davida Perry told The New York Post.

Illinois Schools Will Soon Be Required To Indoctrinate Students With Man-Made ‘Climate Change’

Because the man-made warming hoax is so fundamental to the establishment’s war on liberty, prosperity, and sovereignty, capturing the hearts and minds of gullible young Americans is seen as essential. Parents must protect their children before it’s too late.

The Dominoes Are Falling Fast On Marxist ‘Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion’ Programs

Critics have compared the coerced DEI statements as a tool for screening out conservatives, Christians, and others from academia. It represents a forced humiliation ritual, too, with individuals being coerced to pledge allegiance to a dangerous ideology.

Experts Warn New ‘Homeschool Hub’ Is Seeking to Control Next Generation of Home Educators

As the global war on educational liberty heats up, Johns Hopkins School of Education is launching a new “Homeschool Hub” that has experts and advocates deeply concerned. Many say it is part of the escalating effort to bring homeschooling families under government control. 

Australian Parents Pull Children From School After Graphic Class Teaching About Bestiality

According to whistleblowers and outraged parents, children as young as 13 in a South Australia school were forcibly taught about sexual activities with animals as part of a “queer” LGBTQIA+ “sex education” class. The revelations drew outrage from parents and half-hearted apologies from “education” officials. 

As ‘Chronically Absent’ Students Skyrocket, Officials Look For New Ways To Force Compliance

Some jurisdictions such as Washington, D.C., have rates as high as 60 percent of students chronically absent, according to news reports. At the federal level, the Biden White House announced an “all-hands-on-deck approach” to getting children back into regular attendance at their indoctrination centers.

Left Media Descends Into Panic As Homeschool Mom Runs For NC Superintendent

Obviously, the establishment was not pleased with Morrow referring to public schools as “indoctrination centers” and blasting them for brainwashing children with “socialism.”

Lawmakers Work To Humanize The Victims Of Abortion In The Minds Of School Children

Last week, the Tennessee House of Representatives passed the “Baby Olivia Act” requiring public schools to show videos of babies developing in the womb prior to birth.

California Bribes Children With Taxpayer Money To Promote Totalitarian Policies

Government schools are not just dumbing down and brainwashing captive children. They are now literally bribing them with taxpayer money to promote totalitarian policies and dangerous ideas that have produced death, starvation, misery, and destruction everywhere they take root.

New Biden Regulation Would Force Gov’t Schools To Bow Before ‘Gender Identities’

Under the measure, schools will also become “zones of gender indoctrination,” [and] perpetrators falsely accused of newly redefined “sex discrimination” will face “Societ-style disciplinary procedures.”

New Jersey Offers Students Cash to Promote Scandal-Plagued COVID-19 and HPV Vaccinations

The “Protect me with 3+” contest, sponsored by the New Jersey Department of Health, seeks to turn naïve students into propagandists for a scandal-plagued industry that has bankrolled politicians and media for years.

School Assignment Asks Children To ‘Declare Independence’… From Their Parents

Government schools are now openly teaching children to rebel against parents and other legitimate sources of authority.

New State Law Opens The Door For Mass Medicalization And Surveillance Of Children, Expert Warns

“This will stigmatize increasing numbers of children, lead many of them to taking dangerous psychiatric drugs, and push some into a lifetime ‘career’ as mental patients.”