October 25, 2021
Monday, October 25, 2021




Survey: 79% Of Jewish Students, alumni In US Experienced Antisemitism Firsthand

Nearly all Jewish college students and alumni who participated in a recent survey by Alums for Campus Fairness said antisemitism is a problem on...

Over 100 UNRWA Teachers Incite Violence, Antisemitism Online – Report

113 instances were obtained from public social media of UNWRA employees, many of which celebrated & promoted violence, even among children

Founders of Ben & Jerry’s Reinforce Support for Decision to Boycott Israeli Settlements

Ben & Jerry's two Jewish founders regard the company’s decision as being “brave”, and on the “right side of history”.

Israeli Amb. Asks 35 States To Use Anti-BDS Laws Against Ben & Jerry’s: Anti-Semitism Will ‘Have Consequences’

"In addition to the great moral difficulties that derive from such a boycott, Ben & Jerry’s policy seems to also trigger potential legal ramifications"

Report: Iran’s Doomsday Clock on Israel Shuts Down Due to Electricity Shortage

Iran’s doomsday clock counting down the days until Israel’s destruction has reportedly shut down due to electricity shortages.

UK Jews Under Assault: Highest Number of Antisemitic Incidents Since Records Began

Record numbers of antisemitic incidents have been recorded in the UK since last month’s rocket attack on Israel by Hamas terrorists, figures released by...

Hamas Flag Banned in Germany Following String of Antisemitic Occurrences

“We do not want the flags of terrorist orgs to be waved on German soil… In doing so, we can send a clear signal to our Jewish citizens"

German Media Giant’s Message To Employees: Find A New Job If You’re Anti-Israel

“A person who has an issue with an Israeli flag being raised for one week here, after anti-Semitic demonstrations, should look for a new job"

Canada’s Jews Say Antisemites Declared ‘Open Season’ On Them Since Gaza Conflict

The severity and frequency of anti-semitic incidents in the current wave are on a different level than in previous years.

Palestinian NGOs Funded by US Introduced Kids to Terrorists, Watchdog Finds

Millions in US tax dollars were passed on to Palestinian programs that introduced children to terrorists & presented them as role models

LA Teachers’ Union Submit Motion To End US Aid to Israel & Endorse BDS

"We have schools across America already teaching racism through critical race theory, and now we have them teaching anti-Semitism in America"

What is Hamas?

These nations designated Hamas a terror group because terror is the organization’s chief tactic, and violence is its mode of operation.

‘Appalling, Antisemitic’: UN Rights Council Orders Unprecedented Open-Ended Probe of Israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the council, with its “shameful decision,” had shown a “blatant anti-Israel obsession.”

Pro-Palestinian Rioters Appear to Attack, Spit on Jews in New York City

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators were filmed Thursday as they harassed, violently attacked, threw fire bombs and spit on Jews and others in NY

Anti-Semitism’s Vile, Unending Hatred Never Ceases to Smoulder

Hate in its purest form has too frequently targeted Jews and the state that was to have been their safe haven, Israel

European Jews Brace For Antisemitic Attacks Spurred by Gaza Unrest

Many fear the conflict will increase assaults; in 2014, Europe saw a massive wave of antisemitic violence amid Israel-Hamas fighting

Mass Protests Demand Justice For Women Murdered In Brutal Anti-Semitic Attack

“The way to confront anti-Semitism is through education, zero tolerance, & heavy punishment. This is not the message that the court’s ruling conveys"

World Council Of Churches’ Ongoing Agenda Of Anti-Israel Disinformation, Slams Christian Zionism As ‘Heresy’

The WCC denies the Jewish historical connection to Israel in theological terms & calls to mobilize churches worldwide in the call for BDS

Montreal Mayor Again Fails Jewish Community On Anti-Semitism

“Valerie Plante failed to follow through on her commitment to adopt the IHRA definition of antisemitism. The Jewish community is outraged.”

Count Rules Anti-Semitic Attacker Won’t Be Charged Because He Has ‘Delusional Fear’ Of Jews

“Prosecution blames mental illness for the crime. We join AJC in calling for the attack to be recognized for what it is—an act of Jew-hatred"

‘Saturday Night Live’ Blasted for Antisemitic Joke About Israel & Vaccines

SNL's Michael Che said: “Israel is reporting that they’ve vaccinated half their population. And I’m gonna guess: it’s the Jewish half.”

Ilhan Omar Urges Biden Administration To Support ICC Bias Investigation Into Jewish State

Rep. Ilhan Omar said last week that she implored the Biden admin to support Israel's referral to the International Criminal Court.

Jewish Leaders Call For Investigation After 300 Neo-Nazis Attend Rare Gathering In Spain

Jewish leaders in Spain are calling for an investigation after a far-right event in Madrid featured antisemitic speeches and a Nazi salute.

California Bar Clears Lawyer Of Wrongdoing After He Called For Extermination Of Jews, A New Hitler

The Lawyer wrote: "The Jew anywhere is an existential threat to Aryans, muslims, and Iranians everywhere... we need a new Hitler."

Scotland Lists Jerusalem Separately From Israel On COVID Travel Advisory

The Scottish gov't posted a foreign travel advisory distinguishing Jerusalem and Israel as being two separate entities.

UN Condemned Israel 17 Times In 2020, Versus 6 Times For Rest of World Combined

The UN adopts 17 resolutions in 2020 against israel versus 6 resolutions singling out any other country, according to pro-Israel watchdog.

Canada Defends Pro-Palestinian Vote At UN General Assembly

Canada defended its shift in its historic pro-Israel voting pattern at the UN, through which it cast a "yes" vote for the 2nd year in a row.

Lawmaker Calls For Tlaib’s ‘Immediate Removal’ From Congressional Committees Over Antisemitic Rhetoric

PA. congressman urges colleagues "across the aisle" to call for Rep. Rashida Tlaib's immediate removal following anti-Semitic comments.

‘Unbelievable’: Florida Holocaust Centre Hosts George Floyd Exhibit, Sparking Outrage

Public outrage ensued after the Holocaust centre opened a George Floyd Exhibit, commemorating the May 25 death that sparked months of riots.

‘Targeted Attack Against Jews’: NYC Health Official Caught Issuing COVID Fine to Empty Jewish School

When the inspector was pressed as to why she was giving a summons to the empty Jewish school, she replied that she was following orders.

Pompeo Seeks to Cut US Funds for Major Rights NGOs Over Anti-Semitism

Pompeo seeks to officially brand several major human rights non-governmental organizations as anti-Semitic and cease US support for them

Jewish Cemeteries, Holocaust Memorial Desecrated in Greece After Neo-Nazi Leaders Jailed

Jewish cemeteries and a Holocaust memorial have been desecrated in Greece, just days after neo-Nazi leaders were jailed in a landmark trial.

Israel Slams German Art College For ‘Embracing Anti-Semitism’

Israel embassy in Berlin accuses college of antisemitism for program titled “School for Unlearning Zionism” that denies existence of Israel

Gov Cuomo Uses 14-Year-Old Photo to Target Jewish Community for ‘Problem’ Gatherings in New York

Gov. Cuomo used a 14-year-old photo to deceptively claim the Jewish community has been skirting mask mandates “in recent weeks.”

Schoolboard Folds after Legal Battle, Reinstates Holocaust Denying Principle with Backpay

A Florida High School rehired on Wednesday a principal fired last year for declining to say whether the Holocaust is a historical fact.

German Police Threaten Israeli With Crime For Show Of Israeli Flag

German Muslims call young Israeli musician a ‘Nazi,’ police said she provoked demonstrators and was ordered to leave for holding Israeli flag

Ted Cruz: Antisemitism on far Left will be ‘in ascension’ if Biden wins

Cruz: "There are some vocal antisemitic voices on the far left that are in the ascension, that if Biden wins will have a serious & vocal role"

First Of Its Kind US Survey: Young Adults Have ‘Shocking’ Ignorance of Slaughter of Jews In The Holocaust

A new survey about the Holocaust has revealed "shocking levels of ignorance about the greatest crime of the 20th century."

San Francisco University to Host Palestinian Terrorist, Airplane Hijacker Leila Khaled

San Francisco State University to host woman who played critical role in airplane hijackings as member of US-designated terrorist org. PFLP

State Revokes Medical License of Muslim who Threatened Jews with ‘Wrong Meds’

The Ohio State Medical Board has revoked the medical license of a woman who took to social media with a threat to give "wrong meds" to Jews.

Rabbi Killed in Stabbing Attack in Central Israel, Palestinian Arrested

A Palestinian from the occupied West Bank fatally stabbed an Israeli rabbi on a street in the central Israeli on Wednesday, police said.

Report Finds Facebook Promoting Holocaust Denial on Platform

Facebook has long been accused of allowing Holocaust denial but a recent study claims computer algorithms on the platform actually promote it

Polish-Language Newspaper in Canada Blames Jews for the Pandemic

A Polish-language newspaper publishes article blaming Jews for COVID; An organization fighting antisemitism, has filed a police complaint over the article.

Vogue Arabia Showcases Artists Who Erase Israel Off The Map

Western media outlet Vogue Arabia features series of Israel-free maps under the pretence of “artistic protest” against the Jewish State.

Anti-Semitism On The Rise: ‘Jews Should No Longer Stay in Germany’

Nine months after the attack on the small Jewish community in Germany, local leaders say anti-Semitism is now on the rise.

Black Lives Matter stands against Israel

BLM protests have continued their call for defunding police departments, but they have since added a new target for their anger— the Jewish state of Israel.

Anti-Semitic Toronto Restaurant says ‘Zionists Not Welcome’

B’nai Brith Canada calls on Jewish community to take action against restraunt using anti-Semitic tropes & posted pro-terrorist content on social media.

At Brooklyn Pro-Palestine Rally, Calls to Eliminate Both Israel & United States

At a pro-Palestinian demonstration in Brooklyn participants called “Death to Israel,” “Death to America” & “From Gaza to Minnesota, globalize the Intifada!”

50% of Swiss Jews Faced Anti-Semitic Abuse in Past Five Years – Study

A recent study in switzerland shows, of 500 Swiss Jews that were questioned, half reported having been targeted with antisemitic abuse in the past 5 years.

Democrat Lawmakers Threaten to Cut US Military Aid to Israel If Annexation Takes Place

US Democrat lawmakers are threatening to withhold military aid to Israel if PM Netanyahu should move forward with his annexation plans

UK Labour Education Spokeswoman Fired for Sharing Anti-Semitic Conspiracy

British opposition Labour Party leader fired his education spokeswoman Thursday after she shared what he called an "antisemitic conspiracy theory."

Israeli Physicians, Scientists Advise FDA Of ‘Severe Concerns’ Regarding Israeli Vaccine Policies, Urge US Not To Follow Their Lead

An independent Israeli group of physicians, lawyers, scientists, and researchers called the Professional Ethics Front today advised the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding the upcoming FDA...

Canadian Judge Orders Pastor to Preach Government’s Views on COVID

Pawlowski was ordered by Justice Germain to give the government’s perspective whenever he publicly talks or communicates anything negative about AHS health orders