October 16, 2021
Saturday, October 16, 2021


The Idolatry of Self: The Culture’s Emphasis On ‘Self’ Is The Problem, Not The Solution

From the self-help boom of the 1980s and ’90s to the self-love movement of our modern era, the cultural consensus in America has long...

Sorry NBC, Lester Holt Is Not The ‘Anchor’ America Desperately Needs

The Holt ad says, “When emotions are high, when fear overwhelms facts, when things are at a tipping point…. We have an anchor.”

Christians Must Prepare for More Extreme Measures

No one would've predicted a few decades ago that church could be closed by the State or a pastor put in prison for “organizing an illegal in-person gathering"

Why Is A Biblically Sound View Of Eternity So Essential?

In his devotional, New Morning Mercies, Paul David wrote this, “You see, a sound biblical doctrine of the future is the only way to arrive...

Living In ‘Interesting’ Times: A Blessing Or A Curse?

These are more than “interesting times.” The Bible clearly describes the days leading up to Christ's return. Those descriptions match our time in breathtaking detail

Gog-Magog Coalition in Focus

Not only is the Gog-Magog coalition now sharply defined for the observer of Bible prophecy, but most every other previous fuzzy image now is beginning to tighten into focus.

Power – By Any Means Necessary

I can’t imagine Americans going along with the propaganda/tyranny much longer; then again, I thought more of us would've resisted the left’s agenda of deconstruction long ago

Those Who Will Never Back Down Or Bow To The gods Of This Age

How grateful we should be for courageous men and women like these, who refuse to bow to the gods of this age and are willing to pay whatever the cost may be.

Finding Peace In The Midst Of Lawlessness & Deceit

How do Christians avoid anger when we look at the deceit and great lawlessness afoot in our world?

Bible Prophecy: God Revealing History In Advance

Bible prophecy gives us hope, a blessed hope, keeps us anticipating the Lord’s return, the rapture, it points us to a glorious future and our glorious Savior.

Veritas? No Surprise Harvard Hires Atheist ‘Chaplain’

Harvard justifies its decision by saying an atheist like Epstein was a good choice “due to young people’s increasing lack of religiosity.”

Why ‘Critical Race Theory’ Is Incompatible With Scripture

CRT is not merely a tool to evaluate the sin of racism. CRT offers a worldview that is incompatible with Scripture and the way God has called us to live

Who “Owns” Children?

Many Governments think they should get to dictate what children learn—and parents are just in the way of accomplishing the state’s goals.

What Do the Events in Afghanistan Reveal About Our World?

The Biden admin’s gift of Afghanistan to the Taliban reveals many things about our world as we lead up to the time of Jesus’ appearing.

Earth’s Craziness Crisis

The craziness crisis through which we are living is a direct result of more and more people turning their backs on the One who created them.

Destabilizing The World

The US debacle in Afghanistan further destabilizes an already unstable world. Planet earth is being rapidly prepared for the coming leader known as Antichrist

Fiorazo: Resisting Medical Tyranny, Passports & Politics

Some of us saw this coming. What is unfolding is bigger than COVID and the shots. It is about freedom and control of an abusive government-media conglomerate.

Jack Hibbs: I Am An Abortion Survivor – ‘Let Your Child Live, And Watch What God Will Do.’

So many women are told today that, if they are pregnant and their child is unwanted, they should just have an abortion. I am living proof that this is not the answer.

‘Sinner?’: When Culture Rejects Their Need For a Savior

When witnesses for Christ give the reason one needs saving, the rebellion and sometimes even muted anger springs into the conversation.

Is Our World Experiencing The Final Labor Pains?

Could this be the final labor pains before the church is delivered and the Lord says to His Bride come up here? What does the Bible say?

The Beast & His Money

A world full of digital currencies opens up the possibility of linking those currencies. That link would become the new global currency.

America In The Crosshairs

How much longer will the Lord’s patience endure in view of the senseless bloodshed and exceeding wickedness that grows worse by the day?

Assault on the Bible

He can’t win a fistfight with the Almighty God. So, he attacks in more subtle ways. He attacks God’s word. More specifically, he attacks belief in God’s word

Jesus Describes Our Time

No one but God knows the end from the beginning. So Jesus’ words on things to come are profoundly important to read and heed.

Bible Bite: The Name That Stands Alone & Above All Others

Only through the name of Jesus can one be saved, only by the name of Jesus can we be delivered from sin and darkness.

Markell: Anticipating The Antichrist

Oh, how America is preparing for the Antichrist with a Godless mindset! Evil is on its way. So is the return of the Lord in the Rapture...

Scientific American Publishes Error-Filled Hit Piece, Claiming Genesis Is Racist

“The author writes what can hardly be described as anything other than garbage designed to create hate against light-skinned Christians...”

Markell: Why Many Churches Today Can Never Understand the Times

We considered a number of theologies that do not allow their followers to understand the times or become watchmen on the wall.

Franklin Graham: Standing Strong for Christ

There’s no way around it—we have slipped ever further into a moral abyss in this nation, but now is not the time to give up. Absolutely not!

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