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June 24, 2024

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Christian Concern

Based In the United Kingdom, the Christian Legal Centre is dedicated to safeguarding the freedom of Christians to live and speak for Jesus Christ, and to provide legal support for those taking a stand for Jesus and the truth that flows from Him.

Christian Concern

Based In the United Kingdom, the Christian Legal Centre is dedicated to safeguarding the freedom of Christians to live and speak for Jesus Christ, and to provide legal support for those taking a stand for Jesus and the truth that flows from Him.

UK Politicians Are Preaching That People Are Disposable And We Are Living With The Consequences

It’s not only about so-called moral issues. When you dig deeper, you realise that this devaluing of human life is not a peripheral issue, of interest only to Christians, but it underlies a host of the biggest problems our society faces.

The Collapse Of Societies Is First-And-Foremost The Result Of Rejecting God

This is why we must pray for our nation. We pray that our nation and our nation’s leaders would love God and submit to him, because that offers us the only hope for a flourishing society.

‘Terrifying’: UK Police ‘Weaponize Their Authority’ Seeking To Root Out Christian Council Member

The story involves arrests, interrogations, media censorship and collusion between police officers and Labour party activists. The beliefs expressed by Cllr Stevens included backing a fellow Conservative councillor’s right to express his Christian beliefs.

UK Lawyers Argue Employing Christians May Lead LGBT People To Suicide, Calls John 3:16 ‘Triggering’

The organisation’s lawyers argue that they can’t employ someone like Felix because his views on sex and gender might ‘damage’ the mental health of people identifying as LGBTQ+. They take their argument to the extreme when they assert that those identifying as LGBTQ+ might kill themselves if they discover [an employee] is a Christian.

Chaos In Parliament: MP Safety Fears Cause Islamic Terrorism To Influence UK Democracy

Threats from Islamists caused chaos in parliament on Wednesday, when the Speaker of the House of Commons broke with convention because he was persuaded of security concerns from Islamic protestors.

‘Trampling On Rights’: UK Parliament Sees Overwhelming Opposition To Extreme ‘Conversion Therapy’ Bill

“Of course it’s an attack on free speech if parents can’t feel they give guidance to their children. It is an absolute duty of parents to give advice to their children.”

‘No Verse From The Bible Should Be Prohibited’: Preacher To Appeal Conviction For Holding Sign With Scripture Passage

“If it is now a criminal offence to hold a sign with a verse from Psalm 139 on it in a London street, then none of us is free. I have been ordered to pay costs, frankly I would rather go to prison than pay this to the state that has banned the Bible.”

Teacher Wins Settlement After Being Fired For Street Preaching, Pressured To Renounce Christian Activity

“I was shocked and amazed that the headteacher could do what he did. He made me feel like a criminal; his aim was to bully and humiliate me into renouncing my Christian activity. I believe if I had renounced it, I could have kept my job.

Assisted Suicide Is Unbiblical, And Christians Should Never Be Lured Into Supporting It

Euthanasia would clearly count as a deliberate act of murder and a violation of the sixth commandment. It is intentional destruction of someone who is created in the image of God and therefore a deliberate act of rebellion against God himself.

World Health Organization Pushes Gender Self-ID With New Activist-Driven Guidelines

The WHO is clearly involved in pushing transgender policies onto people of all ages, particularly children and adolescents, and we need to ask whether member states should start withholding money from it.

UK High Court Judge Upholds Criminalizing Prayer And The Bible In Abortion Buffer Zone

“There is no evidence whatsoever to show that anyone is being harassed outside abortion clinics. The truth is quite the opposite. It is the abortion supporters who intimidate and harass"

Christian Lecturer Launches Legal Action For Unfair Dismissal, Threats To Label Him As ‘Terrorist’ For Biblical Tweet

"It was not an extremist religious view. It was addressed to evangelicals as a point of doctrine, and it has been misunderstood by many who wish to cause personal and institutional trouble for those who express that view."

UK Sees Sevenfold Rise In Antisemitic Incidents Amid Israel War — Is Mass Islamic Immigration To Blame?

It should be no surprise that we see increasing antisemitic incidents as the Muslim population increases. Nor should increased support for Islamic terrorist groups like Hamas be a surprise. This was entirely predictable.

UK National Lottery Awards 400k To LGBT Group Designed To Move Kids Away From God

“This is another attempt to undermine Christian teaching on marriage and the biblical and biological understanding that we are born male and female."

‘Profoundly Disturbing’: UK Judge Rules Conscious 19-Year-Old Can Be Taken Off Life Support Against Her Will

“We are shocked to be told by the judge that our daughter does not have capacity to make decisions for herself after all the experts have said that she does. We are very distressed by this injustice, and we hope that, by Jesus’s grace, this will be corrected on appeal.”