July 12, 2024

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July 12, 2024

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If The Lord Is A Zionist, Believers In God’s Word Ought To Be Also

As long as the sun, moon, and stars are shining in the sky, Israel will not cease from being a nation before Him forever. Again, I ask, what side of history do you want to be on? I trust you want to be on the side of history that lines up with God’s passions and God’s love. He has an everlasting love for Israel and the Jewish people.

Amir Tsarfati: Hold Your Ground — Standing With Israel’s Right To Exist And Defend Itself Is Biblical

Who you are identifying and standing with is far more important than who the mob is standing for! God has judged Israel for its sins. But God has, is, and will always judge the enemies of Israel for their hatred of His people! Don’t ever let the spiritual state of the people of Israel serve as an excuse to hate them and come against them! 

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Harbingers Daily,Biblical Worldview,Harbingers,World News Biblically Understood,Harbinger

Harbingers Daily,Biblical Worldview,Harbingers,World News Biblically Understood,Harbinger

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Harbingers Daily,Biblical Worldview,Harbingers,World News Biblically Understood,Harbinger

Harbingers Daily,Biblical Worldview,Harbingers,World News Biblically Understood,Harbinger

Harbingers Daily,Biblical Worldview,Harbingers,World News Biblically Understood,Harbinger

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The Union Of The Left And Islam… A Marriage Joined By Common Hatred Of Christianity

There can be only one explanation — they are unified by their common hatred of Christianity. The Left considers Christians to be outmoded relics of the past who stand in the way of their pet “progressive” programs like abortion, same-sex marriage, euthanasia, the right to suicide, and Socialism.

ACLU Lawsuit Against Louisiana Inadvertently Draws More Public Attention To God’s Law

The ACLU, in wanting to sue the state of Louisiana, has done us a great favor. Their lawsuit was big news in the secular media, and so the Ten Commandments have been featured in many outlets. God is still turning what men mean for evil into that which is for the good.

‘Christian Palestinianism’ And The Bondage Of Bad Theology

For the international church, where you fall on this war isn’t a choice between Jews and Palestinian Christians, as Christian Palestinianism claims.  This is a choice between Judeo-Christian values or Radical Islam. It's a choice between the true freedom found in the word of God rightly divided, or the bondage of bad theology. 

Iran’s New President Is Anything But ‘Moderate’… But The Western World Prefers The Illusion

They know Iran has nefarious, wicked, and demonic intentions to develop nuclear weapons to destroy Israel and destroy the West. Nonetheless, the illusion of "moderate" makes them feel better. It's much more pleasant to convince themselves that the threat of Iran has diminished with its new president.

Harbingers Daily,Biblical Worldview,Harbingers,World News Biblically Understood,Harbinger

Neglecting Our Stewardship: Why Many Church Leaders Are Failing To Call Christians To Vote

Jesus calls His followers to be “salt and light,” a teaching that includes our voting. How can we authentically claim to live fully for God yet neglect to represent His values? Shouldn’t we care who leads our school board, our state and who represents us in Congress?

Dangerously Misleading: ‘Experts’ Claim Feelings Decide If A Child Is A Boy Or A Girl, Not Genetics

Notice the belief behind all of this—we are self-made people who can shape ourselves however we want, and our bodies tell us nothing about ourselves or our design. It’s just another way of trying to be our own gods instead of recognizing that there is a Creator God who defines us and that how he’s made us (i.e., our biology) tells us a lot about our design and our purpose!

We May Face Mockery, But Jesus Will Reward Our Watchfulness

Everything will change after the Rapture; the Lord will reward our steadfastness in watching for His appearing. His special recognition of our faithfulness will replace the mocking that now rings in our ears.

The World’s Desire For Change Could Open The Door To The Most Terrible Villain In History

The world over, people want change. I believe the present wave of global desperation will grow to a point of global anguish. And that anguish will call forth the most terrible villain of human history.

Few Things Remind Us That There Is A Spiritual War Raging Like The Global Hatred Of Israel

With so much clear evidence that God is fulfilling His promises to Israel, why would anyone stand against them since God is clearly for them? The answer is where we started. It is spiritual and demonic. 

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