June 24, 2024

Monday, June 24, 2024
June 24, 2024

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Harbinger's Staff

Harbinger's Staff

Franklin Graham Establishes ‘Billy Graham Defense Fund’ To Protect Gospel Outreach In The UK

"We’re going to use these funds that came from this battle against cancel culture to help other Christians who may be threatened into silence," he announced. "This is a victory, not just for us, but for all Christians and churches across the UK."

‘A Shameful Day In American History’: Trump Becomes First President Convicted Of A Crime, As Bias Of Trial Sparks Outrage

"We already know that this trial has been anything but constitutional or normal," Jack Hibbs, pastor of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, wrote on Thursday. "If you remove Trump from the process of how this courtroom has performed, it is a harbinger for you and I to know that getting a fair trial is something that has died out with our constitution."

Events That Should Cause All Believers To See The Lord’s Coming Near On The Horizon — Ministry Update

One of the most significant developments, may have started a few short months before the beginning or the year, but its impact has enveloped the world in the worst possible way in 2024.

No, The IDF Didn’t Throw Gazans Into ‘Mass Graves’… But Will That Stop The World From Believe It?

Unfortunately, these accusations against Israel, though easily proven untrue, are often lapped up globally by antisemitic activists. Like their predecessors throughout history, the irrationality of the claims leveled against the Jews rarely matters.

Israel Applauds US Security Council Veto ‘Thwarting The Unilateral Move To Impose A Palestinian Terrorist State’

"Most of you decided to reward Palestinian terror with [a] Palestinian State," Israeli envoy Gilad Erdan stressed. "I pray that the day will come when you understand the magnitude of the mistake you are making here. I pray that you will understand before it is too late."

What To Do When Our Elected Leaders Betray Biblical Values

"What we're dealing with across the country, and it's not just in Virginia, is to maintain religious liberty that our Founding Fathers enshrined in the First Amendment," Hamrick said. "It's being threatened right now in multiple ways. This is just one example here in Virginia..."

Netanyahu: The Return Of Hostages Is ‘a Sacred Task’; We Will Continue To Fight Until Absolute Victory

Full Speech — "Gaza will no longer constitute a threat to Israel. We will restore security in both the south and the north. We are winning and will continue to fight until absolute victory."

UPDATE: FBI Investigates Car Explosion At US-Canada Border Crossing; NY Governor Says ‘No Evidence’ Of Terrorist Activity

The FBI is investigating a vehicle explosion at the US-Canada Border crossing in Niagara Falls, which was initially believed to be terror-related.

Israeli FM Warns UN: Failure To Adopt Resolution Calling For Hezbollah Disarmament Could Led To Expanded Regional War

“For the good of regional stability and to avoid further escalation, the next session of the UN Security Council must adopt a totally different approach in order to end the dangerous violations by Hezbollah and other terrorist groups on the border"

Israel Warns Its Citizens Against Traveling Abroad, Citing Dramatic Rise In Global Antisemitism

"The National Security Council and the Foreign Ministry have witnessed a significant rise in incidents of antisemitism and incitement, alongside life-threatening attacks against Israelis and Jews around the world,” the joint statement cautioned. “These incidents are occurring in numerous countries worldwide..."

PM: Calls For A Ceasefire Are A Call For Israel To Surrender To Hamas—That Will Not Happen

Former US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman highlighted on Sunday that "If you are advocating for a cease-fire, you are on the side of those who want to exterminate the Jews."

Terrorists Could Recieve Nearly $3 Million From PA For Massacre Of Israelis

Under the PA's "pay-for-slay" program, terrorists "martyred" or imprisoned in the act of attacking or killing Israelis receive an initial financial reward and monthly payments to family members.

‘Spiritual Warfare Enveloping The Globe’: Tony Perkins Urges Prayer After Fmr Hamas Leader Calls For ‘Day Of Jihad’

"While terrorists are relying on their anger and calling for powers of darkness to invade the world, Christians must point everyone toward the Prince of Peace and light of the world – Jesus."

‘Doctors Prescribe Medicine, Not Death’: Nevada Gov. Applauded For VETO Of Assisted Suicide Bill

"Physician-assisted suicide is neither compassionate nor an appropriate solution for those who are suffering—it ends an innocent human life without justification."

Survey Finds Canadians Support Extreme Euthanasia Guidelines, Believe Homeless, Disabled Should Also Have Access

The fact is, Canada arguably has the most permissive euthanasia rules in the world... Our culture here in Canada needs a paradigm shift back to belief in our Creator, Sustainer, and Redeemer so that we may once again treat people with the dignity they deserve as image bearers of their Maker.