October 16, 2021
Saturday, October 16, 2021


HD Staff

HD Staff

‘House of One’: Do Christians, Jews, & Muslims Worship The Same God?

"Abrahamic Family House" is an interfaith project currently being built in the UAE. The complex will include 3 separate buildings, a mosque, synagogue, & church

LinkedIn Bans Scientist For Posting Data Disputing Man-Made Climate Change

Wrightstone, a geologist & climate expert, was banned from LinkedIn for providing data on the platform debunking the notion of "man-made catastrophic warming"

Emboldened Iran Teetering On The Brink Of Nuclear Weapons As World Leaders Scramble

Pressure is ramping as World powers attempt to stop the Islamic Republic of Iran from crossing the threshold of becoming a nuclear power.

UPDATE: Congress Passes Iron Dome Funding Bill After Severe Backlash Overrides Far-Left Anti-Semitism

Following overwhelming backlash, the US House of Represitives passed on Thursday a bill specifically designated to fund Israel's Iron Dome in a 420-9 vote.

Alberta Folds: 99.7% Of Canadians To Be Under Vaccine Passport; Freedoms Hinge On A Bernier Election Win

"This is the early stages of every other state in history we have seen that has degenerated from a democracy to a kind of autocratic state or a dictatorship."

‘National Implications’: Hobby Lobby Loses Legal Battle On Transgender Bathrooms Case

Ken Ham: Thank you Hobby Lobby for doing your best to protect women & follow true science. Genetics, biology & physiology confirm what God's Word teaches...

Israeli Amb. Asks 35 States To Use Anti-BDS Laws Against Ben & Jerry’s: Anti-Semitism Will ‘Have Consequences’

"In addition to the great moral difficulties that derive from such a boycott, Ben & Jerry’s policy seems to also trigger potential legal ramifications"

Trump Files Class Action Lawsuit Against ‘Out Of Control’ Big Tech Censorship, Fearful Google Cuts Off Announcement

"These companies have been co-opted, coerced, & weaponized by gov't actors to become the enforcers of illegal, unconstitutional censorship."

Despite Massive Attack, ‘Frank Speech’ Already Rivaling Facebook with 2 Billion Requests

If those requests turn into users, Frank will have within the span of 48 hours rivaled the numbers of Facebook, which claims to have 2.8 Billion users.

Franklin Graham to Pastors, Legislators, Church: Have The Guts to Stand Up For the Truth!

I'm talking about standing up against this onslaught of evil that is coming down on society today. The church & pastors need to speak out.

Montreal Fed-Up as Thousands Protest COVID Measures & Strict Curfews Target Jews

The Citizens of Montreal have reached their limit with Government and police enforcement of severe COVID restrictions.

Hongkongers Resist Gov’t Forced Contact-Tracing App; Burner Phone Sales Soar

Privacy concerns have been raised as Hong Kong's government attempts to force citizens to download the contact tracing app "LeaveHomeSafe."

NY Times Proposes ‘Reality Czar,’ As Canada Seeks to Regulate Internet; ‘Because They’re Now In Charge Of Reality’

Tucker Carlson: as if this couldn't get more peak Orwell, the New York Times has come up with a plan for a new ministry of truth.

Tucker Carlson: Christians Believe Racism Is Immoral… Secularists Judge By Race

God made us. That's what believers believe. Once you understand that, it is impossible to think that any one race is inherently better.

Did The President, Don Jr. Really Incite Violence In Their ‘Save America’ Rally Speeches?

But upon examination of the addresses, after the fact, it is clear that such claims are, as usual, entirely false and twisted.