July 16, 2024

Tuesday, July 16, 2024
July 16, 2024

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Harbinger's Staff

Harbinger's Staff

Barrages of Rockets Fire At Israel From Gaza After IDF Operation Targets Islamic Jihad

Videos show the Israeli Iron Dome intercepting rocket fire over Southern Israel, as Israel's interim Prime Minister, Yair Lapid, is underscoring that "any attempt to harm Israel will be dealt with harshly."

Are Globalists Using Monkeypox To Stir Up Another Exaggerated and Planned Crisis?

Globalists currently lack medical evidence that monkeypox is a virus that poses a significant danger to the population, making "emergency" declarations, at the very least, an exaggeration (if not a blatantly corrupt and agenda driven measure.)

Russia Claims To Discover Massive Arctic Oil Reserve, Tells Allies To Get On Their ‘Ark’ to Escape Biblical-Style Economic ‘Cataclysm’

“But we have to do it before the Flood," Rosneft's CEO, Igor Sechin stated, adding that Russia "will be happy to see all friends joining us in building of this new Ark of the world economy.”

Lithuania Places Itself In The Crosshairs Of The Kremlin, Cutting Off Rail-Transport To Russian Enclave

In response, Russia called the move "illegal and unprecedented" and warned that it "will have a serious negative impact on the Lithuanian population."

At It Again—Ben & Jerry’s Requires New Employees Watch Anti-Israel Lecture

Despite the backlash from customers, corporations, states, employees, and franchise owners, Ben & Jerry's continues to stand un-repentant, doubling down on their bias against Israel.

EU Resolution Attempts To Intimidate US Supreme Court, Claiming Worldwide Consequences If Roe V. Wade Is Overturned

Christine Anderson, criticized the EU for interfering, asking if they had forgotten that "the USA is no longer a colony ruled from Europe."

Israel Reportedly Fires Missiles From The Golan, Striking Hezbollah & Iranian Targets Near Damascus

Explosions were heard Monday night over the city of Damascus, where Israel reportedly fired missiles from the Golan Heights toward targets south of the Syrian capital. 

Russia & China Fly Nuclear Capable Bombers In Joint Drill Over Sea Of Japan, As Biden Meets In Tokyo For Quad Summit

Japan's Defense Minister insisted that the drill's timing during the summit showed that it was intended to be "more than just a demonstration to Japan."

Chinese Military Provoking A Dogfight With Australia, Compounding Global Tensions

An Australian surveillance plane was "dangerously" intercepted by a Chinese military jet while flying over the region of the South China Sea.

Overwhelming Backlash From Citizens Causes City Council To Reverse Coarse, Reinstating ‘In God We Trust’ On Police Vehicles

The citizens of Haven, Kansas, stood in opposition to their city council, making their voices heard in defense of the Biblical values America was founded upon.

Johns Hopkins Hires Desgraced Former Professor Who Advocated For Destimatizing Pedophila

According to the University, the pedophilia defending former professor, Allyn Walker, will be working in the Moore Center for the prevention of child sexual abuse.

Trudeau Is Waging ‘Open War Against Religious Freedom’ MP Warns, As Gov’t Disqualifies Christian Military Chaplains

"I wish this was a one-time attack on religion by this government, but for the Liberals, the only religion allowed in Canada has been wokeism." - Leslyn Lewis

‘De-Putin-isation’ Is Only Hope For Civilised World, Polish PM Insists

Putin's doctrine "is a cancer which is consuming not only the majority of Russian society, but also poses a deadly threat to the whole of Europe."

Democrat Politicians Issue ‘Call To Arms’ To Activists as Pro-Life Centers Get Hit With Molotov Cocktails

A molotov cocktail was thrown through the window of Wisconsin Family Action, alongside the threat: “If Abortion Isn’t Safe, Then You Aren’t Either.”

‘A Massacre & Bloodbath’: Deadly Terror Attack In Central Israel Brings Grief to Nation’s Independence Day

"In all my years as an emergency medicine paramedic, I have not encountered such a severe scene of multiple casualties with significant penetrating injuries.”