June 25, 2024

Tuesday, June 25, 2024
June 25, 2024

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Harbinger's Staff

Harbinger's Staff

Thousands Killed As Massive 7.8 Earthquake Devastates Turkey and Syria

As Christian leaders across the globe have called for ongoing prayer for Turkey and Syria, the Christian Relief organization Samaritan's Purse is responding to the need, offering help in Jesus' name.

Twisting To Mirror The Culture Instead Of Christ

Recent comments by megachurch "pastor" Andy Stanley regarding homosexual "Christians" were a clear illustration of Paul's word of warning.

Atheist Group Accuses Trusted Ministry Of Printing Counterfeit Currency, Planning To Disrupt Coronation With Gospel Message

While millions gather to celebrate, AiG's "Operation London" will hand out to the masses of people an exclusive track and Gospel message with the appearance of a Million Pound note.

Twin Jerusalem Bombing Attacks Renew Calls For Biden Admin To Halt Funding To Palestinian Authority, UNRWA

"The Zionist Organization of America demands that President Biden immediately halt the $700 million in aid to UNRWA who run schools and training camps where Hamas members teach Arab students to hate and violently attack Jews."

‘Significant Escalation’: Pentagon Warns US ‘Will Defend Every Inch Of NATO Territory’ After Two Russian Missiles Were Fired Into Poland

Article 5 of the NATO Alliance surrounds collective defense obligations, stating that "an armed attack against one or more of them in Europe or North America shall be considered an attack against them all..."

Police Consultant Claims Freedom Convoy Was A Deceitful ‘Movement By Right-Wing Christians’ To Recruit New Followers

In an email to officers, consultant Erin Kelly, the CEO of Advanced Symbolics Inc, insisted that the "real agenda" behind the protests had nothing to do with vaccine mandates.

The ‘Government of Change’ Experiment Failed: Netanyahu Receives Resounding Victory In Israeli Elections

"Benjamin Netanyahu is going back to the office of prime minister, and the political crisis of the last four years in Israel has officially come to an end"

‘Intense Explosions Heard’ As Israel Allegedly Carries Out Third Airstrike In Damascus Within Span Of A Week

“For those of us who know our Bibles, it’s always an attention-getter whenever we hear about Damascus being involved in any form of warfare. Isaiah 17 tells us that there will be an utter and total devastation that comes to the city of Damascus.”

Former Canadian PM Named One Of Jewish States’ Top Christian Allies, Highlighting Dramatic Shift In Country’s Now Anti-Israel Leadership

“Today it is Christians not countries that are standing with Israel. Due to leaders like Stephen Harper, faith-based diplomacy has produced a new stream of support the State of Israel never thought possible...”

Will The Nord Stream Sabotage Lead Putin To A Wicked Thought, As Europe Scrambles For A New Source Of Energy?

The attack on the Nord Stream pipelines has plunged Europe into an even more desperate energy situation with winter fast approaching.

‘Weakness, Defeat and Surrender’: Israeli Interim Prime Minister Advocates For Dividing Israel In Speech To The United Nations

In a speech that was an affront to both God and country, interim Prime Minister Yair Lapid told the United Nations that he endorses the idea of dividing the land of Israel via a two-state solution.

USDA Backs Down, ‘Clarifying’ That Religious Schools Are Exempt From Transgender-Inclusivity Mandate

The USDA is backtracking its mandate, published in May, that required all schools who receive federal funding to comply with a broadened definition of discrimination, which encompassed sexuality and "gender identity."

The ‘Weaponized’ IRS, Equipped With 87,000 New Agents, Will Set Its Sights on Conservatives, Christian Non-Profits: Expert Warns

With the “Inflation Reduction Act of 2022” poised to pass the House of Representatives on Friday, Conservative and Christian organizations are sounding an alarm, warning that the Bill will be used to further "weaponize the IRS."

UK Reverses Course on Extreme Transgender Ideology In Female Prisons

"The safety of female prisoners is being put at risk, and their dignity and privacy undermined, by being incarcerated with biological males, some of whom are known sex offenders"

Barrages of Rockets Fire At Israel From Gaza After IDF Operation Targets Islamic Jihad

Videos show the Israeli Iron Dome intercepting rocket fire over Southern Israel, as Israel's interim Prime Minister, Yair Lapid, is underscoring that "any attempt to harm Israel will be dealt with harshly."