June 1 2020
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Sign of Unity – Gantz & Netanyahu Respond to the Hostility of Iran’s Supreme Leader

Benny Gantz & Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu respond to Iranian supreme leader Khamenei’s hostile remarks towards the Jewish State.

Hezbollah’s Nasrallah Calls for the Destruction of Israel During Quds Day Speech

He believes that in order for “Palestine” to be free, resistance to Israel is required; Nasrallah: Israel must be destroyed.

Cyberattack: Anti-Israel message takes over multiple Israeli websites

Hundreds of Israeli websites were the target of a cyberattack on Thursday morning, their homepages being replaced with an anti-Israel video and message.

Following Through on Threats, PA Ends Security Coordination with Israel, CIA

Palestinian Authority says security coordination with Israel, CIA no longer valid, warns Israelis against accidentally entering PA-held territory.

Hungary, Austria Stand Against Rest of EU Blasting Israel

Hungary & Austria, the sole EU states opposing criticism of Israel by High Rep. for Foreign Affairs, warned against having a double standard against Israel.

Pompeo, Netanyahu accuse Iran supreme leader of endorsing Nazi ‘Final Solution’

After Khamenei shares graphic that invokes term, PM warns that ‘any regime that threatens the destruction of Israel faces a similar danger’

Iran Prioritizes Anti-Israel Quds Day Rallies Despite Severe COVID-19 Scenario

Iran approved & encouraged anti-Israel Quds Day rallies despite severe COVID-19 circumstances; Their parliament banned any Iranian cooperation with Israel.

Supposed Israeli Strikes in Eastern Syria Kill Seven Iranian-Backed Militias

Seven casualties are reported in eastern Syria after supposed Israeli airstrikes; Iranian-backed militias were targeted in this attack

Netanyahu’s Fifth Government is Officially Sworn in, Ending 508-Day Political Lockdown

Israeli PM Netanyahu ’s 5th government was sworn in Sunday; This brings an end to the 508-day political lockdown that consisted of 3 separate elections.

Pompeo Puts the ICC on Notice Regarding Illegitimate Investigations of Israel

Citing “Palestine” as an illegitimate state, Mike Pompeo issued a warning to the ICC regarding any investigations of war crimes against the Jewish State.

Iran’s Khamenei Lashes Out in Anti-Semitic Tweets Against Israel, UK

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ali Khamenei on Sunday issued a series of antisemitic-laced tweets against Israel, also blaming Britain for creating Israel.

Chinese Ambassador to Israel found dead at Herzliya home

Chinese Ambassador to Israel Du Wei was found dead in his Herzliya home on Sunday morning, a Foreign Ministry official confirmed.

Israeli Defense Forces Thwart Terror Attack in East Jerusalem

IDF soldiers thwarted a terror attack in east Jerusalem Friday evening when they opened fire at three Palestinian terrorists who lit a fire bomb.

Missouri Lawmakers Approve Anti-BDS Bill

Lawmakers in Missouri passed a bill on Thursday to ban the state from doing business with companies who boycott Israel, The Associated Press reports.

Jordan Warns Israel of Political Confrontation if they Proceed with Annexation of Judea & Samaria

While Israel is prepares annexation of Judea & Samaria in coming weeks, Jordan’s King warns the Jewish State of a political conflict should they proceed.

Holy Jewish Site of Esther & Mordechai Set Ablaze in Iran – Reports

National Director of Anti-Defamation League (ADL) Jonathan Greenblatt announced Friday on Twitter that the tomb of Esther and Mordechai in Iran was torched.

With Worries About Coronavirus Fading, Attacks Against IDF on the Rise

After months of relative quiet in the West Bank, tensions have once again risen with 3 attacks against IDF troops over the span of 48 hours.

AIPAC: Do Not Punish Israel Over Sovereignty Moves

AIPAC says it "would be a mistake" for US to alter its alliance with Israel if they follow through with extending its sovereignty to parts of the West Bank.

Iran, China in Crosshairs as Netanyahu Meets Pompeo in Jerusalem.

Netanyahu and Pompeo singled out China and Iran when the two met in Jerusalem as the U.S. secretary of state arrived in Israel for wide-ranging talks.

Data Reveals that Antisemitic Incidents Reached a New High in the United States in 2019

Statistics show antisemitic-related incidents increased by over 12% in the US in 2019; Different occurrences include harassment, vandalism & even assault

PM Vows to Bring Terrorist to Justice After Soldier Killed in Rock-Throwing Attack

Ben Yigal, 21, is the first IDF casualty of 2020; Prime Minister Netanyahu: Israel's long arm will reach the terrorist and bring him to justice

France Pushing For Tough EU Response To Any Israeli Annexation Move

France urges EU to consider threatening Israel with tough response if it goes ahead with annexation of parts of Judea and Samaria, three EU diplomats said.

Couple Arrested for Tearing Off Masks of Ultra-Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn

A couple in NYC was arrested Monday after trying to rip off masks of 3 ultra-Orthodox Jews, in addition to yelling antisemitic slurs, according to reports.

Iran Linked to Failed Cyber-Attack on Israel’s Water Systems in April

Reports indicate Iranian involvement in a failed cyber-attack on Israeli water systems; The attack was detected before any effects could take place

Disgusting: New York Times reports on Israeli Defense Ministry as ‘Best Known’ for Killing People

In a tweet, the NYT presented the Defense Ministry’s Research and Development section as “best known” for killing people and blowing things up.

Defying Israel Orders, PA Banks to Reopen Account of Terrorists’ Families

PA says they'll defy new Israeli order which would see fines, jail time handed down to anyone facilitating payments to jailed terrorists and their families.

High Court Unanimously Rejects Petitions Against Netanyahu, Coalition Deal

Judges rule unanimously there is no legal justification to prevent PM from leading new gov’t; parties’ accord ‘raises serious difficulties’ but intervention inappropriate.

The Western Wall Reopens After Several Weeks of Closure Amid COVID-19

After weeks of closure, Western Wall has reopens; For several weeks, only individuals who live in the Old City could visit the wall in very limited numbers;

Spate of Anti-Semitic Incidents Leads to Stark Warning from WZO

Latest series of anti-Semitic events cropped up across Europe in recent days triggered call for governments & Jewish communities to not remain complacent.

German Military Counter-Intelligence Omits Israel from Map, Apologizes

The German military counter-intelligence service on Wednesday deleted Israel from a map that included the Middle East, prompting a swift correction.

Finnish Amnesty Int’l board member says Israel worse than Hezbollah

A prominent Finnish physicist and board member on the NGO Amnesty International was hit with criticism after calling Israel worse than Hezbollah.

Senior Defense Officials: Iran Pulling Out of Syria as Israel Pummels its Forces

Significant increase of airstrikes blamed on Israel has led Iran to reduce forces and decrease weapons smuggling by air, says Senior Defense Minister.

UK Publisher Pulls Textbook Following Complaints of Anti-Israel Bias

British educational publisher Hodder Education has withdrawn a secondary-education textbook following complaints of anti-Israel bias.

UK Labour General Secretary Formby Resigns After Anti-semitism Report Leak

UK Labour Party General Secretary resigned from her post on Monday following the leak of a bombshell report on antisemitism within the party weeks prior.

Syrian Air Defences Activated by Allegedly Israeli Airstrikes Over Aleppo

Israel has previously struck several military research facilities believed to have been a center for chemical and biological weapons.

Israel Seizes Palestinian Municipal Power for Tomb of Patriarchs Elevator

Israel seized municipal power from PA in Hebron on Sunday, when the Defense Ministry issued the final approval for construction on Tomb of the Patriarchs.

Mossad Gave Berlin Intel on Hezbollah Ops on German Soil Ahead of Ban — Report

Israel’s Mossad spy agency gave information to Germany on Hezbollah’s activities on its soil ahead of the country ban of the terror group this week.

Netanyahu’s Son Calls for Return of a ‘Free, Democratic, Christian’ Europe

Yair Netanyahu called for the return of a “free, democratic and Christian” Europe in a tweet that criticized a joint Israeli-Palestinian memorial ceremony.

ICC Chief Prosecutor Insists Tribunal has “Authority” to Investigate Israeli Conduct

ICC chief prosecutor insisted Thursday that PA can be considered a state, hence the court can conduct an investigation into Israel's alleged "war crimes"

De Blasio: ‘No Regrets’ for Singling Out Jewish Comunity for Violating Social Distancing

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio faced major backlash over a tweet that singled out the “Jewish community” in threatening arrests for not social distancing.

Israeli Woman Stabbed in Suspected Terror Attack in Central Israel

A Palestinian teenager stabbed an Israeli woman in central Israel on Tuesday in what police called a terror attack before he was shot by a security guard.

Anti-Semitic Fliers Left at Homes and on Cars in Montana City

Two fliers described by local media as anti-Semitic were placed in front of homes and on cars in Livingston, Montana. One flyer read, “With Jews You Lose.”