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May 16, 2021
Sunday, May 16, 2021
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Israel & Middle East

Ignoring Rocket Fire, Foreign Media Focuses on Israeli Airstrike ‘Aggression’

Foreign Media frame the current conflict as largely a product of Israel’s alleged aggression, as opposed to a cycle set in motion by Hamas.

Jerusalem Day Festivities Shaken By Rockets, Violent Riots

Rioting broke out in the Old City of Jerusalem and on the Temple Mount as rockets were fired towards Israel’s capital.

Gaza Terrorists Fire Hundreds of Rockets at Israel; IDF Pummels Hamas Targets

At least 28 Israelis hurt, 3 seriously; 23 Palestinians said killed, military says most were Hamas or were killed by errant Gazan rockets

Rockets Fire Toward Jerusalem & Gaza Border Communities Amid Rising Escalation

According to Zilberman, “Hamas will feel that our response to this will not last several minutes, but days.”

17 Policemen, 200 Palestinians Hurt as Hundreds Riot on Temple Mount

Israeli police burst into the Temple Mount compound on Friday evening after Palestinians threw rocks and bottles at officers, as widespread clashes in Jerusalem...

European Countries Condemn Israel for Construction in Jerusalem

The governments of France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Britain on Thursday issued a statement condemning Israel for approving construction in the Har Homa neighborhood...

Jared Kushner to Found ‘Abraham Accords Institute for Peace’ To Build on Deal

Kushner is founding the "Abraham Accords Institute for Peace," to work on deepening agreements Israel reached last year.

Report: Police bar Jewish visitors from Temple Mount until further notice

Move is designed to ward off further tensions after clashes and riots in east Jerusalem amid the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Syrian Armed Forces Accuse Israel Several Pre-Dawn Aerial Strikes

The Syrian Armed Forces have accused Israel of several pre-dawn raids on the Mediterranean port city of Latakia, in what was a rare attack.

EU Moves to Stop Funding Palestinian Terrorists, Inciting Textbooks

“This is a really important step in the fight to prevent UNRWA from inciting many thousands of children every school-day to violence, extremism & antisemitism."

John Kerry’s Anti-Israel Stance Speaks For Itself

Kerry would do well to reflect on why accusations surrounding his attempts to undermine Israel are completely plausible.

Human Rights Watch Issues First Israeli Apartheid Accusations, Calls For UN Sanctions

US-based NGO Human Rights Watch has accused Israel of the crime of apartheid for the first time in the organization’s 43-year history.

Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Warns of Looming Escalation in Gaza

Kohavi warned that Israel is preparing for any escalation that might take place in Gaza amid the recent uptick in Palestinian violence

Secret Recording of Iranian FM Reveals John Kerry Told Him About Israeli Strikes in Syria

Kerry allegedly informed Iran Israel had carried out at least 200 covert strikes against Iran targets, Iranian FM revealed in recording

Mass Protests Demand Justice For Women Murdered In Brutal Anti-Semitic Attack

“The way to confront anti-Semitism is through education, zero tolerance, & heavy punishment. This is not the message that the court’s ruling conveys"

IDF Launches Retaliatory Strikes After 36 Gaza Rockets Fired at Israel Overnight

An IDF tank attacked a Hamas outpost in the Gaza Strip in retaliation after a third wave of rockets began landing in Israeli territory.

Israel Increasingly Concerned, Frustrated that Biden Admin Will Rejoin Dangerous Iran deal

There is a growing sense of inevitability in Jerusalem over Biden's admin's stance toward Iran, as it looks set to rejoin the nuclear accord.

Gantz Puts Hezbollah on Notice Amid Monitoring of Northern Border with Lebanon

Israel’s defense minister toured the northern border this week amid concern of imminent Hezbollah-related activity.

Israel, Greece Sign Record Defense Pact

The agreement includes a $1.65 billion contract for the establishment and operation of a training center for the Hellenic Air Force.

IDF Hits Hamas Targets in Gaza in Response to Rocket Fire

The IDF targeted Hamas interests on Saturday night following rocket fire from Gaza; Several different military sites were hit.

Jan Markell: Israel Not Fooled By ‘Ironclad’ Promise

“We have the Iran nuclear treaty, which is being resurrected from the dead where it belonged & that is almost begging for Iran to dump a nuclear bomb on Israel”

Biden Restores Aid Cut Off By Trump Admin. to Palestinians Despite Anti-Israel Terror Incitement

"UNRWA is an org. that engaged in political advocacy and enables incitement to violence. Therefore, it should not exist in its current form.”

Iran Is Testing Nuclear-Capable Missiles, Israeli Ambassador Reveals

As world powers ramp up efforts to return to the JCPOA, Iran is testing nuclear-capable ballistic missiles in violation of the agreement.

Israel Notifies US It Attacked Iranian Ship In Red Sea – Report

Israel notified the US that it's responsible for the attack on an Iranian cargo ship affiliated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corp

Netanyahu Calls Knesset Factions to Stop The Personal Boycotts as He is Tapped to Form Gov’t

Netanyahu calls on Knesset factions to allow formation of gov't, and stop personal boycotts which has caused paralysis of the political system

World Council Of Churches’ Ongoing Agenda Of Anti-Israel Disinformation, Slams Christian Zionism As ‘Heresy’

The WCC denies the Jewish historical connection to Israel in theological terms & calls to mobilize churches worldwide in the call for BDS

Biden State Department: We Consider Israel To Be ‘Occupying’ Judea & Samaria

“In fact, the 2020 Human Rights Report does use the term ‘occupation’ in the context of the current status of the West Bank"

Israel Warns Citizens Against Travel to UAE Over Threats of Iranian Attacks

Israel is advising its citizens not to travel to countries in the region, including the UAE & Bahrain, over fears that Iran will target them.

Attempted Terror Attack: Palestinian Fails to Ram Vehicle Into Israeli Troops

A Palestinian driver attempted to ram into several Israeli troops on Sunday and crashed into a few vehicles that parked nearby, Hebrew media reported. The assailant was...

Erdogan Urges Kosovo To Rethink Opening Of Jerusalem Embassy

Turkish President Erdogan has urged Kosovan Prime Minister Albin Kurti to reconsider the country's decision to open an embassy in Jerusalem.

Amir Tsarfati Middle East Review: Repeated Unfruitful Elections

The repeated unfruitful elections are causing a great frustration to settle into the country. Emotions are overtaking common sense & reason...

Israeli Air Force Strikes Hamas Targets in Response to Election Day Rocket

The IDF struck Hamas targets in Gaza following the terror proxy’s decision to fire a rocket in the vicinity of where Netanyahu was visiting

Netanyahu Announces Victory, Starts Talking to Coalition Partners

Preliminary results from half the polling stations indicated that Prime Minister Netanyahu would narrowly be able to form a government

Montreal Mayor Again Fails Jewish Community On Anti-Semitism

“Valerie Plante failed to follow through on her commitment to adopt the IHRA definition of antisemitism. The Jewish community is outraged.”

Amir Tsarfati Middle East Review: ‘Missile City’ & The Expansion Of The Abraham Accords?

Iran Military claims mysterious 'missile city' is not the first of its kind, stating they have numerous others along Persian Gulf.

Saudis Say Temple Mount and Al Aqsa Not Important to Islam

Palestinian politicians & terrorist tireless invoke the Temple Mount to stir anti-semitism, but Saudis & other Arabs say the site is Jewish.

Kosovo Delivers On Promise, Opens Embassy In Jerusalem

Kosovo opened an embassy to Israel for the first time on Sunday, making it the third country with an embassy currently in Jerusalem.

Petition to Court: Force Gov’t to Sanction Palestinians For ‘Pay-For-Slay’

The law requires gov't deduct sums paid by Palestinian Authority to terrorists & their families from taxes Israel collects on behalf of PA

IDF Completes Underground Wall As Israel Readies For Hamas War

The IDF has completed underground concrete wall between Israel and the Gaza Strip, in effort to prevent terrorists from crossing into Israel.

Iran’s Intentional Pollution Of Israeli Shores Is Act Of ‘Ecological Terrorism’

Iran intentionally dumped oil on Israel’s shores causing greatest environmental disaster in Israel's history: Israel environment Minister

Syrian army says Israel attacks areas around southern Damascus

Iranian forces were reported as targeted in the air strike. This might suggest the strike is an Israeli response to what is believed to...

Count Rules Anti-Semitic Attacker Won’t Be Charged Because He Has ‘Delusional Fear’ Of Jews

“Prosecution blames mental illness for the crime. We join AJC in calling for the attack to be recognized for what it is—an act of Jew-hatred"

Netanyahu: Israel Didn’t Return To The Land To Allow ‘Delusional’ Iran To End Jewish ‘Revival’

Netanyahu: “2,500 years ago, another Persian villain tried to destroy the Jewish people & just as he failed then, so too will you fail today"

‘Saturday Night Live’ Blasted for Antisemitic Joke About Israel & Vaccines

SNL's Michael Che said: “Israel is reporting that they’ve vaccinated half their population. And I’m gonna guess: it’s the Jewish half.”

Netanyahu: ‘Our Position on Nuclear Deal Hasn’t Changed’; Warns US Return Would Pave Way To Nuclear Weapons

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned on Friday that a US return to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal would pave Iran’s path to nuclear weapons.

Equatorial Guinea Pledges To Relocate Embassy to Acknowledge Jerusalem as Israeli Capital

Netanyahu said he welcomes trend in which countries relocate their embassies, noting this pledge was part of Israel's growing ties with Africa.

Ilhan Omar Urges Biden Administration To Support ICC Bias Investigation Into Jewish State

Rep. Ilhan Omar said last week that she implored the Biden admin to support Israel's referral to the International Criminal Court.

Nasrallah Threatens War After Israeli Drill Strikes 3,000 Targets In 24 hours In Message To Hezbollah

Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah warned Israel against intimidation and warned any attack would be reciprocated.

Jewish Leaders Call For Investigation After 300 Neo-Nazis Attend Rare Gathering In Spain

Jewish leaders in Spain are calling for an investigation after a far-right event in Madrid featured antisemitic speeches and a Nazi salute.

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