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Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Nasrallah Threatens War After Israeli Drill Strikes 3,000 Targets In 24 hours In Message To Hezbollah

Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah warned Israel against intimidation and warned any attack would be reciprocated.

Jewish Leaders Call For Investigation After 300 Neo-Nazis Attend Rare Gathering In Spain

Jewish leaders in Spain are calling for an investigation after a far-right event in Madrid featured antisemitic speeches and a Nazi salute.

Israel Suggests It May Ignore Joe Biden on Iran, After Biden Ignores Netanyahu

Israel may ignore Joe Biden in dealing with Iran if he pushes toward reviving the nuclear deal, according to Ambassador to the U.S.

Damascus Outskirts Bombed – Syria Claims To Down IDF Missiles

The strikes were reportedly launched from the Golan Heights & Galilee region at targets on the periphery of Damascus.

Following Normalization, UAE Appoints Its First Ambassador To Israel

This comes after UAE confirmed that it would open an embassy in Tel Aviv in the aftermath of normalization ties between the two countries

Despite COVID Restrictions, Ethiopian Jews Make Journey up to Israel

“We see the prophetic hand of God in the return of the Jewish people from Ethiopia and wish to support that.”

Biden Administration Reviewing Whether Israel, Saudi Arabia Are ‘Important Allies’

President Biden’s admin is looking into whether Israel & Saudi Arabia are important allies for the US, according to WH press sec. Jen Psaki

IAEA: Iran Producing Uranium Metal

Iran has followed through on its intention to produce uranium metal, which can be used to make the core of an atom bomb.

Germany, Hungary Join States Opposing ICC Probe Of Israel

Germany and Hungary have voiced their opposition to the International Criminal Court’s ruling that it can investigate Israel for alleged war crimes. German Foreign Minister Heiko...

ICC Approves Investigation Into Israel, Citing War Crimes, Proving ‘Once More It Is a Political Body’

"The International Criminal Court is training its sights on Americans and Israelis, not the ayatollahs of the world.”

Iranian Plot to Attack Israeli Embassies Prevented in Eastern Africa

Iranian plot to target US, UAE, and Israeli embassies in Africa reportedly prevented, Following attack on Israel’s embassy in India last week.

Israeli Airstrike Reported After Iran Spotted Moving Weapons From Tehran Into Damascus

The airstrike comes after 2 flights used by the IRGC to transfer weapons to Syria and Lebanon were reportedly spotted enroute to Damascus.

Iran and Turkey Pursue Renewed Relationship Following Departure of Trump Administration

Amid the reality of a new US administration, the Iranian regime and Turkey are motioning to re-solidify their relationship

Report: Evidence suggests Iranian link to blast near Israeli Embassy in New Delhi

Evidence links Iran to the Terrorist attack on the Israeli embassy in New Delhi on the 29th anniversary of Israel-India diplomatic relations.

Biden Names ‘Palestinian’ Anti-Israel Activist to Senior Intel Role at the National Security Council

How did an antiIsrael activist go from helping host a conference for speakers who have supported Islamic terrorism to a top intelligence job?

Israeli Government Opens Embassy in United Arab Emirates

As a direct result of the Abraham Accords, Israel has officially opened its own embassy in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE); The UAE...

IDF Shoots Down Drone After Entering Israeli Airspace from Lebanon

The IDF downed an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that entered Israeli airspace; The incident follows an Israeli airstrike in Syria

California Bar Clears Lawyer Of Wrongdoing After He Called For Extermination Of Jews, A New Hitler

The Lawyer wrote: "The Jew anywhere is an existential threat to Aryans, muslims, and Iranians everywhere... we need a new Hitler."

IDF Tanks Hit Hamas Targets In Response To Rocket Fire

Israeli tanks attacked Hamas military positions in the Gaza Strip, according to a statement by the IDF shortly after midnight Wednesday.

Russia Says Israel Should Report Iran Threats In Syria To Moscow Rather Than Responding

Russia: Israel should report security threats in Syria rather than responding in order to keep country from becoming 'battlefield against Iran'

Trump Moves Israel Into Central Command To Boost Cooperation With Arab States Against Iran

Latest defense policy move by the Trump administration reportedly seeks to spur Israeli-Arab cooperation against Iran.

Report: IDF Drawing Up Plans To Strike Iran’s Nuclear Program

The Israel Defense Forces is drawing up plans for an attack on Iran’s nuclear program, the Israel Hayom daily reported.

Scotland Lists Jerusalem Separately From Israel On COVID Travel Advisory

The Scottish gov't posted a foreign travel advisory distinguishing Jerusalem and Israel as being two separate entities.

Netanyahu Cautions Biden of the Dangers of Returning to the Iran Nuclear Deal

Amid the Biden admin’s intention to return to the Iran Nuclear Deal, Netanyahu issued a serious warning considering Iran’s nuclear agenda.

Israel Pounds Iranian Bases of Operation Near Damascus with Round of Airstrikes

Both areas struck have been used as bases of operation for Iranian forces in Syria, as well as Iranian-backed militias.

Israel, Greece Set to Sign Massive $1.68B Defense Deal

Israel, Greece on the way to a massive defense deal after Israeli Def. Ministry won a tender to build a training base for the Greek Air Force.

Palestinian Attempts To Carry Out Stabbing In West Bank, Is Shot Dead, IDF Says

A Palestinian man tried to carry out a stabbing attack in the West Bank, amid rising violence in the area, the Israeli military said.

Syrian Media Reports Israeli Airstrikes Near Damascus

Syrian air defenses responded to an alleged Israeli airstrike near Damascus, according to Syrian military source, SANA reported.

UNICEF Ignores PA Recruitment Of Kids To Violence

A UNICEF report addressing the mistreatment of Palestinian children heavily criticized Israel, ignored evidence against the PA.

The Abraham Accords Domino Effect Will Lead To More Peace Deals

We were all so innocent when 2020 began. In January 2020, people around the world had not yet heard of the COVID-19 virus, and...

UN Condemned Israel 17 Times In 2020, Versus 6 Times For Rest of World Combined

The UN adopts 17 resolutions in 2020 against israel versus 6 resolutions singling out any other country, according to pro-Israel watchdog.

Israel: Iron Dome Missile Shield Intercepts 2 Gaza Rockets

Sirens alerting of incoming rockets from the Gaza Strip blared throughout communities in southern Israel on Friday. The Iron Dome missile shield intercepted two projectiles...

US Could Increase Indonesia Aid By Up To $2 Billion If It Normalized Ties With Israel: Report

Trump administration eyes prospect of Israel forging formal ties with world's largest Muslim-majority country

Israel Prepares for a Fourth Round of Elections in March Amid Feud Between Parties

Amid failure of negotiations between Blue & White and Likud Party, Israel is preparing for an unprecedented 4th round of elections in 2 years

Coronavirus Stimulus Bill Funds Hundreds of Millions in Aid to Palestinians

The new COVID relief bill includes $250M in aid for the Palestinians buried deep within the nearly 6,000-page legislative text.

Saudi Arabia Removes Anti-Semitism, Anti-Israel Material from Textbooks

Much of the anti-Semitic, anti-Israel and most Jihad content present earlier in Saudi textbooks has been removed from new curriculum: Report

Canada Defends Pro-Palestinian Vote At UN General Assembly

Canada defended its shift in its historic pro-Israel voting pattern at the UN, through which it cast a "yes" vote for the 2nd year in a row.

Iron Dome, David’s Sling Intercepts Cruise Missiles for First Time

Israel conducts live-fire intercept tests of Iron Dome, David’s Sling weapon systems against threat-representative cruise, ballistic missiles

Floridians Can Now ‘Stand With Israel’ On Their License Plates

Israeli-American Council holds competition asking graphic designers to create a license plate design declaring “Florida Stands with Israel"

Netanyahu: Unchecked Iran Will Target US, Europe With Nuclear-Tipped ICBM

"If unchecked, Iran tomorrow will arm itself with nuclear-tipped ICBMs that can target Europe and America, and it will become a global bully"

All Eyes on Saudi Arabia As More Arab Countries Make Peace with Israel

Since the signing of the Abraham Accords between Israel and two Arab states, many speculated Saudi Arabia might soon follow suit, but there are...

President Trump Announces New Peace Deal Between Israel & Morocco; Recognizes Western Sahara

Israel and Morocco have agreed to establish diplomatic relations, US President Donald Trump announced on Thursday.

Israel Summons Russian Envoy After Labeling The Jewish State As Mideast ‘Problem’

The Russian Ambassador to Israel was summoned for a meeting by Israel’s Foreign Ministry following scathing comments against the Jewish state.

Iran’s President Vows To Continue Supporting Syria; Urges Damascus To Confront Israel

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Tuesday his country will continue to support Syria, urging Damascus to confront Israel in the Golan.

153 UN States Call On Israel To ‘Renounce Possession Of Nuclear Weapons’

In a 153-6 vote on Monday, with 25 abstentions the UN AG asked Israel “not to develop, produce, test or otherwise acquire nuclear weapons.”

Lawmaker Calls For Tlaib’s ‘Immediate Removal’ From Congressional Committees Over Antisemitic Rhetoric

PA. congressman urges colleagues "across the aisle" to call for Rep. Rashida Tlaib's immediate removal following anti-Semitic comments.

We Won’t Force Vaccine… But You Cannot Buy Or Sell Without It

"Gov't won’t force you to take vaccine. Amazon will. Airlines will. Banks will. You won’t be able to buy, sell, or trade without the vaccine"

Iran Trying To Attack Israelis In Neighboring Countries, NSC Warns

Israelis visiting countries neighboring Iran may be targets for terrorist attacks, National Security Council warned in rare public statement

Jordan: Israel Attempting To Impose New ‘Fait Accompli’ On Al-Aqsa Mosque

Israel must maintain the status quo at the Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, a Jordanian representative warned the UN General Assembly

Israel Raises Alert Level In Delegations Abroad

In anticipation of an Iranian response to the assassination of its top nuclear scientist, Israel increased security at its embassies

Head Of Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program Assassinated Near Tehran

A military adviser to Iran's supreme leader Ali Khamenei accused Israel of trying to provoke "a full-blown" war by killing Fakhrizadeh.

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