June 25, 2024

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June 25, 2024

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Amir Tsarfati: Israel’s Conditions For Ending The War Have Not Changed — Hamas Will Perish

Amir Tsarfati

(Galilee, Israel) — Shalom! It was a beautiful site to see the streets of Jerusalem flooded with Israeli flags as we celebrated Jerusalem Day yesterday! This national holiday stems from the outcome of the Six-Day War of 1967 when Israel reunified the city of Jerusalem after defeating the militaries of Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. At that time, we not only reunified Jerusalem, but we obtained control over the Sinai Peninsula, the Gaza Strip, Judea & Samaria (the West Bank), and the Golan Heights! Despite the fact that so much has since changed – Our God performs miracles and His plans stand!

From young Israelis praying and dancing on the Temple Mount to waving their flags throughout the day, I’m once again reminded of the fact that God fulfills His promises. It brought tears to my eyes to see the beautiful sight of thousands of Israelis dancing at the Western Wall while singing aloud from a specific psalm:

From nearly being annihilated during the Holocaust to dwelling in the land of our forefathers – God’s decrees remain unhindered. Yes, we’re a nation facing political and geopolitical turmoil right now. Yes, we have both internal and external threats we’re dealing with. Yes, most of the nation remains in spiritual blindness – but that’s just it. Much like when God initiated His covenant with Abraham, when the Lord promised to bring His people back to the land through the prophet Ezekiel, it wasn’t contingent on our faithfulness or righteousness, but His holy name!

Yes, things are both physically and spiritually chaotic right now – not just in Israel, but all over the world – but I can’t tell you how much I look forward to the day when I witness what God promised next through Ezekiel.

First came the physical restoration. Oh, how I await the spiritual restoration of my people.

Yes, we are destroying Hamas in Gaza! Yes, we are about to strike Hezbollah in Lebanon! Yes, terror will continue from the West Bank as well as from Syria, Iraq, Iran and Yemen. As an Israeli Jew who is a follower of the Messiah and a strong believer in the words of the prophets, I am often conflicted between the will to say what I feel about the current war and the need to stay calm and look at things from a biblical and much broader perspective. 

According to the prophet Ezekiel, the coming big war is NOT against Iran and its proxies, but rather, against Iran and its allies. Iran will be joining a coalition led by Russia. This future major war will catch Israel feeling safe and secure, but with allies that won’t extend any help besides tough words of protest.

But God.

The Lord, the keeper of Israel, will intervene and help Israel in a very supernatural way. He will defeat the enemies of Israel on the mountains of Israel as the world will watch with great awe and astonishment! 

Knowing this, tell me – On whose side do you prefer to be?


As things with Hezbollah continue to escalate, the Iranian-funded terror proxy – the most powerful proxy in the region – launched three large missiles into Northern Israel on Friday, which ultimately hit their targets. Significant damage was caused to Israel’s Biranit Barracks, but no casualties were reported. On the flipside, the IDF is continuing to carry out targeted attacks on Hezbollah operatives in Lebanon – even ambulances that move weapons and terrorists. And we’re not just active in Lebanon, but Syria as well. 

That said, the rockets keep coming from the other side of our northern border and our strikes continue in various parts of Lebanon. A hotspot for recent Hezbollah strikes in Israel is our northern town of Kiryat Shmona where we have some of our forces stationed. Hezbollah has also had success when it comes to shooting down Israeli drones operating in Lebanese airspace. Sadly, two casualties and several injuries occurred in the Israeli town of Hurfeish after a targeted drone and rocket attack took place at a playground. Furthermore, the month of May brought 325 attacks from Hezbollah, which is the highest number in one month since the beginning of our war with Hamas.

A new front has opened with Hezbollah in the form of wildfires. Throughout the northern region of Israel, various serious fires were started after Hezbollah launched rockets into open fields knowing the effects it would have given the current heat wave we’re facing. Significant regions of Northern Israel quickly became engulfed in flames. As of a few days ago, a state of emergency had been declared, yet little to no help was provided to the citizens affected by the fires for a significant amount of time. However, Lebanon is now dealing with some fires of their own. War of attrition – to slowly wear down your enemy mentally and physically through small-scale attacks – is the strategy of Hezbollah. This tactic and the results it’s yielded so far is what has led Israelis to demand action.

As I’ve reported several times over the last week, an official war with Hezbollah is imminent, as our security cabinet has met multiple times in the last week to address this very issue. Part of the decision-making process when it comes to starting a war is ensuring that you can catch your enemy off guard because the initial surprise attack is what will deliver the most damage, dismantling the enemy’s capabilities. So, there is a two-fold reason Israel hasn’t begun a war with our enemy to the north as of yet: 1) We’re allowing our brigades in Gaza to finish the job and 2) we’re preparing for the right time to strike. When the right time comes, Hezbollah is going to feel it. Hezbollah has actually stated that they’ve increased their attacks in anticipation of the looming war. 

Something I’ve been thinking about lately: The stronger the attacks on Israel, the bigger the plans of God for us! 


The IDF continues to operate in the heart of Rafah. So far, our troops have discovered a minimum of 84 tunnels running from Rafah into the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt. We’re continuing to investigate whether or not any live hostages or bodies of victims from October 7 were smuggled through these. Moreover, the IDF continues to carry out operations within the Philadelphi Corridor between Rafah and Egypt, including the destruction of terror tunnels. The IDF also continues to find bodies of victims from October 7 as it navigates through Rafah.

As for our troops in Jabalia, after eliminating approximately 500 terrorists in the area, the IDF’s 98th Division concluded the operation, has the left the Strip, and is preparing for where they’ll be sent next. We still have around 16,000 soldiers actively serving in Gaza.

While the world continues to scream, “genocide!”, the IDF was busy handing out leaflets in Northern Gaza urging civilians to leave the safe zone. Furthermore, before the attack that took place on Wednesday night in Lebanon, Israel sent an evacuation notice via text message to residents of the Wadi Jilou area.

The Houthis

The Houthis claimed to have conducted a combined missile attack against the American aircraft carrier Dwight Eisenhower in the Red Sea in response to the joint US strikes in Yemen. Days later, they made this same claim once again.

The International Community

Global hypocrisy never takes a break! After speaking out in favor of a Palestinian state, there are reports that the progressive, Pro-Palestinian, and antisemitic Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs asked government ministers to stop using the term “genocide” in the context of Gaza, fearing that Gazans would seek political asylum in Spain. What goes around comes around! Spain’s government – bless their heart – following their recognition of a Palestinian state last week, stated that they would open an embassy in Ramallah. However, they’re now shying away from that commitment because their diplomates prefer to stay in Israel because it’s “safer” and provides a “higher quality of life”. This is almost laughable.

Slovenia now officially recognizes a Palestinian state. Fools! Switzerland has rejected the recognition of a Palestinian state for the obvious reasons that every country should reject a Palestinian state – they don’t want Iran 2.0.

The United States

Adding insult to injury, the POTUS delivered a shameful speech last Friday in which he exposed the administration’s total lack of competency when it comes it Israel, Hamas, and our fight for survival as a nation.

Biden laid out a peace plan for Gaza, where Israel retreats and Hamas continues to rule over Gaza indefinitely. As I stated previously, Israel’s government will collapse overnight if a deal like this should be embraced! Furthermore, the Israeli hostages are the only bargaining chips Hamas has. These terrorists are well aware that the minute all the hostages are released, Israel can complete the job and utterly destroy them! Ultimately, Biden’s plan puts all of the pressure on the Israeli government. When terrorists like Hamas support your plan, you know you have a terrible plan.

Thankfully, the recent statements from the Israeli government have made it very clear that Israel’s conditions for ending the war have not changed. Hamas will perish.

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