June 2 2020
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ID2020 Certification Mark: The Global Call for a Digital ID

For the first time in human history, technology & global willpower have made factors of Revelation 13:6-7 Mark of the Best feasible: Is ID 2020 a preview?

Ken Ham: Who Is God? Americans Are Very Confused

A sobering new survey from Barna shows that nearly half of Americans have confusion and major misconceptions about who God is. What has happened?

Dr. Mark Hitchcock: Is COVID-19 Part of Biblical Prophecy?

Hitchcock said the COVID-19 outbreak is a precursor to End Times prophecies, warning that the pandemic is a “very serious foreshadowing” of what’s to come.

Amir Tsarfati Bible Bite: Do You Believe With All Your Heart That Jesus Christ is the Son of God?

People are hungry for answers today in the midst of this pandemic, and we have the answer they need the most, that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

Terry James: Global Bully in Prophecy

Today’s most pronounced bully is China, a dictatorship that, accidentally or deliberately, shown itself to be the leading bully on the international block.

Anne Graham-Lotz on ‘Silver Lining’ In Coronavirus Pandemic: ‘You Can Have Peace, Whatever Comes’

Through it all, Anne says she has learned to lean on the Lord for every need & she says connecting with the Holy Spirit is key for getting through any storm

The Rapture: Why It’s Called The Blessed Hope

Chad takes an in-depth look at why the Rapture is called our 'Blessed Hope'. Why is it such a blessing and why should we be placing our hope in it?

Bible Prophecy Happening Now: Jack Hibbs & Don Stewart

Don Stewart and Pastor Jack discuss the state of the world in light of Biblical Prophecy. While everyone's eyes are fixated on...

A World Turned Upside Down – A Jan Markell Interview with Michele Bachmann

In this important broadcast Jan Markell interviews special guest Michele Bachmann in a two part series. Is Corona the crisis the globalists have waited for?

Is the Coronavirus Pandemic the Trojan Horse of the New World Order?

What we are seeing with the COVID-19 is a trojan horse for a coming world order & the rise of the Antichrist. The stage is being set for what comes next...

‘He Is Risen’: Franklin Graham Special Easter Broadcast

Watch this Resurrection Sunday message provided by Rev. Franklin Graham in Central Park, New York next to Samaritan's Purse Coronavirus field hospital.

Dr. Robert Jeffress – 3 Reasons the Resurrection Matters

Don't miss this Resurrection Sunday message, watched by President Donald Trump, provided by Dr. Robert Jeffress in Dallas, Texas.

Tom Hughes – Resurrection Sunday Message: ‘For All Have Sinned’

Watch this Resurrection Sunday message provided by Pastor Tom Hughes. Jesus died for the sins of the world, but He did not stay in the grave long!

JD Farag – Resurrection Sunday: The Passover Prophecy

Pastor J.D. explains how Jesus fulfilled the Passover Prophecy at His first coming, and the significance related to the rapture and second coming.

It’s All About the Blood… The Blood of Jesus

The majority don't see why they need Jesus. The reason is simple: they're unaware of the significance of Christ's Blood Sacrifice He made on the cross.

Franklin Graham: Faith Over Fear, Trust in the Lord

The only thing spreading faster than COVID-19 is the fear raging around it. This is an opportunity for Christians to show why we refuse to cave to hysteria!

Tom Hughes – Prophecy Update: the End of These Things

In this week's Prophecy Update with Tom Hughes we look at the words of the Prophet Daniel. He wanted to know, just like us, what is the end of these things?

Jan Markell: A World Turned Upside Down

God doesn’t shake the entire globe often. But now an unseen enemy—a virus no less—has created fear-driven chaos leading many to embrace a worst-case outlook

JD Farag: The Laborer’s Time is Now!

More people are thinking about the Lord & His Return than ever before. I truly believe the harvest is white and ready, meaning we need only more labourers!

Bible Prophecy Happening Now: Coronavirus Update with Jack Hibbs & Don Stewart

In this Happening Now, Pastor Jack Hibbs is joined by Don Stewart to discuss the latest news surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.

Terry James: The Real Pandemic

Will Covid-19 Kill the New World Order? This is one question I can answer with absolute certitude. NO! The reason why can be found within all our Bibles.

Amir Tsarfati: Fear Not!

Amir presents the incredible words spoken to comfort Israel & explains why Christians as well should cling to the comfort God provides in this passage!

Jack Hibbs: Opportunity in Midst of Coronavirus Crisis

In crisis there's opportunity. The real need of our anxiety-ridden world isn’t health or stocked shelves, it's peace with God that brings the peace of God

Anne Graham Lotz: Is There a Blessing in the Coronavirus?

Could the silver lining the coronavirus be that it causes America to look up and listen to what God has to say, and trigger national revival? May it be so!

Franklin Graham: We Don’t Have to Live in Fear

Franklin Graham spoke into one particular effect of the coronavirus: the opportunity to put people’s minds at ease—not just today but everyday to come

Churches Turn to Livestreaming Worship Services Amid Global Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic continues to impact almost all segments of society— churches are not immune, many are urged congregants to attend service online.

Amir Tsarfati – Special Update: The Coronavirus in the Middle East, North America & Europe

In this special update, Amir Tsrafti is joined by Barry Stagner from CC Tustin in California, USA and Pastor Brent Harrell of CC Roma in Rome, Italy.

Anne Graham Lotz: Is COVID-19 a Sign of the End?

Could COVID-19 be one more sign that our redemption is drawing near? Is the End in sight? Is Jesus coming … soon? If so, is fear the proper response?

Are You Paying Attention to the Signs? Sons of Issachar

Are you watching for the signs of Jesus Return? Chad explains why we should follow the example of the sons of Issachar & have an understanding of the times!

Dr. Robert Jeffress: Is The Coronavirus a Judgment From God?

Pastor Robert Jeffress discusses whether the coronavirus is a judgment from God and how Christians should respond to it.

Tom Hughes & James Kaddis: Coronavirus Hysteria – What Christians Need to Know

Pastor Tom Hughes and Pastor James Kaddis discuss the global hysteria and sensationalism versus the actual statistics surrounding the Coronavirus.

JD Farag: 3 Important Reminders for Christians in Midst of the Coronavirus

Pastor JD Farag shares three important things the Lord has ministered to him concerning the growing fears over the coronavirus.

How to Share Bible Prophecy with Others – A Guide

People see something is happening. They are asking the question: “What is going on?” We need to be equipped with the Word of God & ready to give an answer!

Tom Hughes – Prophecy Update

In this week's Prophecy Update we'll be looking at what the Bible has to say about the End of the World and where we seem to be on the Prophetic timeline.

Jack Hibbs – Daily Devotional: ENGAGE

Our window of opportunity is short. Fellow soldier, disentangle from works of the flesh, yield to the Spirit & allow His life to be lived out through you.

Robbie Robertson: I’m Only Human

There is an important purpose in helping others to understand their state as sinners: it causes them to understand their need for a Savior.

Franklin Graham: Everyone is Welcome – A Response to LGBTQ Opposition to Upcoming UK Tour

“We believe God has opened a door in the U.K. for us to preach Jesus, and we will do so. Whether it be from a rugby arena, a street corner, a farmer’s field, it doesn’t matter. God will make a way.”

Amir Tsarfati – Bible Bite: God Has Not Forgotten His People

If God forgot His people, He could forget you. If God is faithful to His promises to Israel, He surely will be faithful to His promises to you.

Anne Graham-Lotz: The Harbingers

When the world comes to an end, how will the people living on earth know they are the last generation? They will know because God will send us harbingers...

Jan Markell: What Happened to My Church?

At first, members and attendees wonder if they are being a bit too judgmental, but the sad reality eventually sinks in that something has gone terribly wrong.

JD Farag: Why I’m Not Scared of the Coronavirus

Pastor JD Farag outlines why he isn't surprised or afraid of the deadly coronavirus & explains why you shouldn't be either. Don't miss this Wake-up call!

Tom Hughes – Prophecy Update: Fake News and the American Border

In this Prophecy Update, Pastor Tom Hughes Talks about the wide-spread "Fake News," specifically surrounding the Borders in the United States.