May 18, 2024

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May 18, 2024

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Despite The Overturning Of Roe, America Remains On A Head-On Collision Course With God

Jonathan Brentner

Make no mistake, the Supreme Court ruling on June 24, 2022, overturning Roe v. Wade is a huge victory for life, and I’m overjoyed with the decision. It will possibly spare hundreds of thousands of lives from a cruel and inhumane death. I praise the Lord for that!!

I’m very thankful to the Lord first of all; He has provided this ray of sunshine in the midst of a month given to celebrate evil with vile demonstrations. He has graciously given us a reason to celebrate life during these perilous times.

Say what you will about President Donald Trump, but it was his courage to nominate and guide pro-life judges through the confirmation process that led to this ruling. I’m very grateful for his leadership that will result in the saving of a great many lives. Apart from his presidency, abortion up to the moment of birth would now be the law of the land in America. We owe him our gratitude for this.

And of course, I thank the brave SC justices who did not give in to threats of violence, an assassination attempt, and constant loud demonstrations at their homes. Instead, they courageously remained true to their convictions.

As I write, a total of thirteen states have totally banned abortions and in the end, a total of twenty-six may have laws that either prohibit the murder of children in the womb or greatly restrict this barbaric practice.

However, I’m not ecstatic with the outcome because the ruling does not brighten the dark and foreboding clouds that remain on our horizon.

And we still have many in leadership who will do all they can to keep the abortion matter alive.


President Biden and those who control his administration are absolutely committed to a culture of death, and they will do all they can to negate this ruling. I have read reports that Biden is considering options such as having doctors on military bases perform abortions.

California, New York, and Illinois have governors that do all they can to promote such a dark climate within these highly populous states. Governor Gavin Newsom and the California legislature recently advanced a bill that legalizes the murder of children up to twenty-eight days after birth. He’s a possible choice, a nightmarish one at that, to run for President in 2024 as a Democrat, but I pray, pray, pray that the Rapture happens before that time.

Furthermore, there’s a long list of major corporations willing to pay all the travel expenses of female employees who need to go to another state to get an abortion.

Still advancing a flagrant disregard for the life of the innocent, President Biden and his wife Jill visited a clinic this week to promote the giving of lethal COVID-19 injections to babies as young as six months. The total number of deaths reported to the CDC as a result of these shots is now over 29,000. How can they promote these potentially lethal injections to preschool children that have a miniscule chance, if any at all, of dying from COVID?


Despite the great ruling upholding life, it does not change God’s timing regarding what lies ahead. The Revelation 6:1-8 conditions are on our doorstep, which means we will meet Jesus in the air in the near future.

As I demonstrated in my post, The Sound of Approaching Hoofbeats, we are ever so close to the time when these riders begin their deadly trek across planet earth. Sadly, many well-intentioned Christians believe that the Tribulation period has already started because of what they see. However, Scripture promises that we will be with the Lord in heaven before that happens.

The ruling will also not stop the globalists’ plans to bring about the New World Order as they bring about crisis after crisis. It’s no accident that the food supply across the world is dwindling and will continue to do so as many die of starvation. It will further motivate these elite to pursue their agenda in enslaving the people of the world.


Although I’m overjoyed with the reversal of Roe v. Wade and so very thankful to the Lord for it, the ruling does not change the trajectory of our nation; we remain headed for God’s judgment. America remains on course for a head-on collision with the Lord and His righteous standards, and that will not be a pretty sight, not at all.

Despite the overdue and welcome ruling, my hope remains fixated on Jesus and on His soon appearing to take me home to the place He’s preparing for me (John 14:1-3). The overturning of Roe v. Wade is absolutely wonderful, but it does not change my thinking regarding the nearness of the seven-year Tribulation and thus to our homegoing.

I very much wish I could agree with the rampant optimism that I read on social media. Many believe that this ruling represents a dramatic change of course for the U.S. and now anything and everything are possible for the bright and wonderful future of our nation. But I cannot agree.

I know that the ruling will save a great many lives, but I do not see it as a turning point for the U.S. We along with the world remain on a collision course with the rapidly approaching seven-year Tribulation.

Until then, my desire is to see as many people as possible turn to Jesus with saving faith. I know that the threatening conditions of our day are leading a great many to their trust in the Savior and I believe this will continue until Jesus appears.

However, in examining what the Bible says about the last days and the Tribulation period, I recognize that we remain ever so close to the Tribulation and thus to the Rapture, which happens before it.

As believers, we have an amazing, joyous, spectacular, and glorious “blessed hope” consisting of Jesus’ appearing, our immortal new bodies, and a quick trip to heaven, to the place Jesus is preparing for us.

This is the blessed expectation that we must keep before our eyes as our world turns darker and more foreboding for us in the months to come, unless, of course, Jesus appears first.

Maranatha! Come soon, Lord Jesus! This is our hope.

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