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September 29 2020
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Berean Review - Latest

Jack Hibbs & Amir Tsarfati: A Global Perspective Of The Church’s Re-opening

Jack sits down with Amir to discuss the tensions over the re-opening of the church & adhering to local law while maintaining obedience to God

JD Farag: When Hard Times Hit

JD talks about how the Lord will allow adversity alongside prosperity so as to redirect our attention and turn to Him completely relying Him.

JD Farag Bible Prophecy: Choosing Sides

JD talks about the dangers of arguing and choosing sides against those with opposing views, chiefly concerning the recent Abraham Accords.

Prophecy Roundtable – Lawlessness in Bible Prophecy

Amir Tsarfati, Pastor Barry Stagner, and Jan Markell discuss lawlessness in Bible prophecy. Is this setting the stage for the Antichrist?

JD Farag: The Last Days Church

Pastor JD talks about the condition of the church of Jesus Christ in the last days, specifically concerning the departure from the truth.

JD Farag Bible Prophecy Update: Making Sense of All This

Pastor JD explains that the only way to make any sense out of the unprecedented events in the world today is by viewing everything through the lens of Bible prophecy.

JD Farag: Just Listen

JD talks about the importance of being slow to speak & quick to listen, having ears to hear what the Spirit of God is speaking into our lives

Chad Thomas Bible Prophecy Update: Mideast ‘Peace And Safety’

Are we seeing the stage being set for Daniel 9:27? It's looking very possible... Chad discusses the so called "Abraham Accord" Peace Deal.

Amir Tsarfati Middle East Update: Silent Energy War in the Mediterranean

Amir in this Middle East Update discusses the silent gas war off the coast of Israel that no one is talking about.

JD Farag Prophecy Update: Deception, Confusion & A Pandemic of Lies

Pastor JD talks about the massive deception creating a satanic confusion, ushering in the antichrist and the rapture of the church of Jesus Christ.

JD Farag: Godliness Over Giftedness

Pastor JD talks about the paramount importance of godliness over giftedness whether naturally or spiritually.

JD Farag Bible Prophecy Update: Programming

Pastor JD explains how over the years the entertainment industry has successfully pre-programmed and brainwashed the masses.

Prophecy Roundtable – Globalism & the New World Order

Jan, Amir, and Barry talk about the forthcoming one-world system on the horizon. The globalists now have the crisis they have needed...

When They Say Peace & Security: Jan Markell Interviews Tom Hughes & Brandon Holthaus

What will the “great re-set” be re-setting? And why are many so willing to give up everything for peace and security?

Amir Tsarfati Middle East Update: The Last Days Deception

Join Amir for a live Middle East Update where he will be discussing the last day's deception spoke of in 1 Timothy 4:1.

JD Farag: When Men Are Godly

In a study through 1 Timothy, Pastor JD Farag talks about the profound impact of men being godly leaders in the home and in the church.

When These Things Begin to Happen: Jan Markell Interviews Dr. Ed Hindson

Jan Markell spends the hour with Dr. Ed Hindson. Our times have never been so desperate with the spirit of Antichrist loose.

Tom Hughes Prophecy Update: Setting the Stage for a New World

In this update, Tom looks at the massive convergence of end times events, the coming great reset & how the stage is being set for a new world

Amir Tsarfati – Middle East Update: The Death of the Palestinian State Idea

In this Middle East update Amir will explain how the new peace deal with the UAE & possibly Bahrain, is the end of the Palestine state dream.

JD Farag: Enemy or Opportunity

Pastor JD talks about how people are not the enemy, they are the opportunity, especially those who may oppose us and disagree with us.