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May 17, 2024

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Breanna Claussen is the Editor In Chief for Harbingers Daily News Media.

Breanna Claussen

Breanna Claussen Founded Harbingers Daily as a Social Media Based Ministry in 2014 and managed the expansion of the newsroom into what we know today as

She is also an author, Head of Ministry Development, Manager of the Graphic Design Team, and Lead Editor for Harbingers Daily News Media.

Prophetic Showdown?: Netanyahu Tells World Leaders Israel Will Make Its ‘Own Decisions’ Responding To Iran

"As much as we would love to see the Ayatollah being toppled and have a much greater regime for the Iranian people—which, by the way, are people whom we love very much—the Bible is telling us that the war with Iran is far from being over."

Trusted Ministry Leader Warns ‘The Poison’ Of Antisemitism Is Spreading Across US Churches

"[The] saddest and most concerning, in my opinion, is the poison that is spreading in churches across the U.S., which makes a distinction between Israel today and the Israel of the Bible. A growing number of church-goers, mostly in the evangelical camp, are questioning modern Israel's right to exist and to defend itself."

Netanyahu Cancels Trip To Washington After US Fails To Veto Anti-Israel UN Resolution

"Israel absolutely made the right decision by ditching the invitation to the circus at the White House," pastor Jack Hibbs underscored. "The United States is flirting with its own peril as it plays games with Israel during her time of war."

‘Victim To The Woke Ideology’: Air Force Member Sets Himself On Fire Outside Israeli Embassy

"[Bushnell] is a member of the United States Air Force who has allowed himself to fall victim to the woke ideology and the progressive propaganda of a demonic agenda that has long been predicted in the Bible. That prediction is - that God will not stand with those who are against Israel and His people, the Jews."

Forgotten ‘Valentine’s Day Massacre’: The Death Of Thousands Of Jews Turned Into A Gift-Giving Celebration?

While in America the most famous "Valentine's Day massacre" revolves around the 1929 killing of seven in a Chicago gang-related shooting, February 14th, 1349, was the day of a far more deadly antisemitic campaign.

Trusted Pastor Warns Biden’s Border Battle With Texas Could Be Deliberately Provoking Civil War

"I'm sorry to tell you. The powers that are pulling the strings to this country are literally bringing us to a civil war," Jack Hibbs asserted. "Young people, you may be watching some history unfold that you didn't plan on experiencing."

‘Peace and Security’ Will Not Be The Outcome Of Dividing Israel For A Palestinian State

Rewarding terrorists with land and autonomy couldn't possibly bring peace to the region. So why are the Biden administration and numerous world leaders championing this "solution"? The answer is found in Scripture.

Pompeo: The United States Must Give Israel A Free Hand To Do What Needs To Be Done

"There are going to be long weeks. There are going to be some pictures that come out of Gaza that are going to be tragic. But make no mistake about it: Prime Minister Netanyahu has the duty to defend his own people..."

This Anti-Israel Bias ‘Must Stop’: 27 Nations Condemn The UN’s Disproportionate Targeting Of Israel

"The COI is a stain on the UN and on the Human Rights Council. Its Commissioners were selected for their anti-Israeli positions and continue in their roles despite antisemitic statements.”

WEF Senior Advisor Insists Artificial Intelligence Will Author A New World Religion In The Next ‘Few Years’

The plans of the globalists bare unmistakable resemblance to what God's Word stated will occur in the future. While Harari's intent was to undermine the authority of the Bible, it seems he accidentally validated God's authorship of Scripture.

‘Cause For Concern’: FRC Report Highlights 300% Increase In Hostility Towards Churches in The First Quarter Of 2023

"Americans appear increasingly comfortable lashing out against church buildings, pointing to a larger societal problem of marginalizing core Christian beliefs, including those that touch on hot-button political issues related to human dignity and sexuality"

Ontario Bill Seeks To Ban Protests Outside Drag Queen Story Hours, Following Pastor’s 3rd Arrest

"I've warned Canadians for a very long time—and I'm warning Americans as well—that you will be ruled by what you tolerate. If you tolerate corruption, you will be ruled by corruption. If you tolerate perversion, you will eventually be ruled by perversion."

Hype At The Expense Of The Truth: Trusted Ministry Leader Warns Against The Dangers Of Sensationalism

"We must not fall into sensationalism," Tsarfati stressed. "The biggest problem with the church today is that we are so much into sensationalism that it's coming at the expense of biblical interpretation of the scriptures."

IAEA Claims Attacking Iran Nuclear Sites Would Be ‘Illegal’; Netanyahu: ‘Are We Permitted To Defend Ourselves?’

"2,500 years ago an enemy arose in Persia who sought to destroy the Jews. They did not succeed then, neither will they succeed today," the Prime Minister stressed.

Controversial Amendment To Spanish Law Will Decriminalize Beastiality, Experts Warn

Under a deceptive cloak of animal rights, Spain's government is legalizing the perversion and abuse of God's creatures. It is a far stretch to claim that this was done unintentionally.