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May 18, 2021
Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Breanna Claussen

Founder, President of Ministry Development for Harbingers Daily News Media.

Permit Denied For National Day of Prayer at US Capitol For First Time In 70 Years; What Does This Mean for America?

After almost 70 years, the National Day of Prayer this year looks very different in Washington DC. That is because the permit to hold the annual event at the...

Despite Massive Attack, ‘Frank Speech’ Already Rivaling Facebook with 2 Billion Requests

If those requests turn into users, Frank will have within the span of 48 hours rivaled the numbers of Facebook, which claims to have 2.8 Billion users.

Vancouver Police Investigate Tire Marks Left By Car On Rainbow ‘Pride’ Crosswalk Calling it ‘Gesture Of Hate’

The West Vancouver Police in Canada are investigating tire marks left on a rainbow "pride" sidewalk, calling the marks "vandalism" and a "gesture of hate."

Disney+ Short Film ‘Out’ Pushes LGBT Agenda on Children with First Gay Lead

The storyline of the film surrounds the 'coming out' of Greg, the main character, to his parents after he decides to move in with his 'boyfriend' Manuel.

W5 Airs Dishonest Attack against Pro-Trump Evangelicals; Mocking Rapture; Praising Disgraced Ex-Editor of Christianity Today

W5 releases disgraceful report targeting Pro-Trump Christians attempting to smear them as more "devoted" to President Donald Trump than the Word of God.

Mike Pence: Trump is ‘Most Pro-Life President in American History’

In an interview VP Mike Pence explained that it is the greatest honour of his life to serve as VP for 'the Most Pro-Life President in American History'.

Evangelical, Gov. Leaders React to Pelosi Tearing the State of the Union Address: This was an All-Consuming Hatred

Franklin Graham, Pastor Jack Hibbs, Mike Pence, Robert Jeffress, Amir Tsarfati & more respond to Nancy Pelosi's tearing of the State of the Union Address.

Starbucks UK Introduces New Transgender Ad and Campaign Targeting Teens

Starbucks UK has taken a swan-dive into LGBT activism, releasing a new manipulative ad targeting teens as part of a Trans campaign, “what is your name?”

Evangelicals Respond to President Trump’s historic steps to Protect Religious Freedom in Schools

President Trump, following his announcement declaring January 6th as religious freedom day, expressed his commitment to protect Prayer in public schools.

Jack Hibbs at ‘Evangelicals for Trump’ Coalition Launch: It’s time to get involved & Vote Biblical

During a Youtube Livestream, Pastor Jack Hibbs called for prayer as he and many other Christian leaders prepare to attend an ‘Evangelicals for Trump’ Coalition meeting.

Franklin Graham: Christianity Today’s Latest Attack on the President – ‘Profoundly’ UnBiblical

Franklin Graham took to Facebook to rebuke CT once again for their most recent comments, specifically, their slander of the President as "Profoundly Immoral." Rev. Graham explains how that statement is, as a matter of fact, profoundly unBiblical.

Rick Wiles of ‘TruNews’ in Anti-Semitic Rant Claims Impeachment Inquiry is a ‘Jew Coup’

Yet another anti-Semitic rant has emerged from the ironically named "TruNews," in-which Rick Wiles exclaims to his audience that there is a "Jew Coup" taking place in the United States.

President Trump Calls for Global End of Religious Persecution in Historic Meeting.

“Today, with one clear voice, the United States of America calls upon the nations of the world to end religious persecution.”

TEEN VOGUE: Instructing Teens on Witchcraft, Abortion & Sexual Obscenities

For a Magazine targeting Children between the ages of 12-16, many parents are shocked to find out what kind of topics "Teen Vogue" is teaching their young daughters.