May 29, 2024

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May 29, 2024

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The Spirit Of Antichrist In America— Eliminating God From Our Calendar

Mark Hitchcock

On March 29th, President Biden signed a White House proclamation observing March 31st as “Transgender Visibility Day.” This year, that day coincided with Easter Sunday, the holiest day on the Christian calendar—and the most important day in human history.

This has been a major topic in the news, and I’m sure you’ve all heard about it. It was especially disturbing to Christians as we were celebrating the resurrection of our Savior.

Now, we always want to be fair, even to people with whom we disagree. To be fair to President Biden, “Transgender Visibility Day” has actually been on the calendar for March 31st since 2009. Therefore, he was recognizing something that was already in place. Having said that, he did go out of his way to highlight and draw undue attention to it—going as far as to sign this proclamation.

Putting these two celebrations on equal footing is an outrage and blasphemy. This represents a larger agenda of the government’s years-long erosion and assault on morality and the Christian faith. In some cases, laws today are even being weaponized against Christians.

When I heard about this “proclamation,” my mind immediately went to Daniel 7:25, a verse about the coming anti-Christ.

Let me provide a little bit of context. In chapter seven, Daniel sees a vision of four great beasts coming up out of the sea, which parallels the “great image” made up of four different metals seen by Nebuchadnezzar in chapter two.

In Daniel Two, you have a head of gold, chest and arms of silver, belly and thighs of brass, legs of iron, and feet of iron and clay. Daniel chapter seven, the same thing is pictured by these wild beasts. The first beast is a lion, representing Babylon. The second beast is a bear, representing middle Persia. The third beast is a leopard, representing the Greek Empire. The fourth beast represents what we might call Imperial Rome—the historical Roman Empire—however, it is depicted as having ten horns which describe a form of the Roman Empire that has not yet existed.

The Roman Empire, sometime in the future, is going to be represented by ten rulers or ten kings. What we see in the European Union today could be an embryonic form of that. Among those ten horns comes an eleventh horn described as a “little horn.” This little horn is the first clear mention of the coming Antichrist in Scripture. He rises from obscurity and anonymity, then begins to calm, and ultimately, takes control of the world.

Daniel 7:25 in the NIV, speaking into this little horn, says, “He will speak against the Most High and oppress his holy people and try to change the set times and the laws. The holy people will be delivered into his hands for a time, times and half a time.”

The “set times” refer to religious holidays. The “laws” refer to laws that support God’s will and His character. The NLT says, “He will try to change their sacred festivals and laws.” The NASB says, “he will intend to make alterations in times and in law.”

I believe what this is saying is that the anti-Christ will revise the calendar to get rid of God. He will try to create a totally secular calendar. 

He will create a world without God. He will erase from planet earth every vestige of Christian thought. He will create what we like to call a new world order, a one-world system of economics, politics and religion that exclude God and His point of view, and His perspective on life. 

2nd Thessalonians 2 refers to the coming Antichrist as “the man of lawlessness.” That is an apt description of what he will do. He will bring in lawlessness, set aside all these religious holidays, laws, and times that honor God, and either get rid of them or replace them.

Now, there are interesting historical examples of this. Darius, in Daniel chapter six, said that no one could pray to any other god or worship any other God but himself for a period of 30 days. He changed the laws and the Times.

Another interesting historical example of this is during the French Revolution in the late 1700s:

One writer says [this] about [the] French Revolution: the seven day week was replaced with a work week of ten days with the result that Sunday as a day of rest and Christian worship was eliminated. The French Revolution was so monumental in what it tried to accomplish and get rid of God that it even changed the seven day work week, which comes right out of the Bible, to the ten day work week.

This writer goes on and he says, “The French calendar was also changed to reflect the new anti-Christian spirit of the revolution. The convention voted on October 5, 1793 to abolish the Christian calendar and to introduce what they called a republican calendar. The founding of the Republic, September 23, 1792, was the beginning of a new era and a new year 1. Instead of the birth of Jesus Christ being the focal point of history the founding day of the new French Republic would define how time would be kept.”

They did away with Annō Dominī, which means, as you know, the year of our Lord, and made 1792 their year 1, the first year of the republic, a republic without God.

One of the things I love about our calendar is that Jesus is literally the hinge of history, and they tried to abolish that notion.

How does that end? And soon a republic that was subject to chaos and anarchy and finally tyranny. This experiment without God didn’t end well. 

It won’t end well for the Antichrist, either. The Lord Jesus will come back and triumph over that blasphemer. What we see today in our culture, more and more, is the beginning of his overhaul of set times and laws.

In America, three months and 28 individual days are devoted to LGBT causes and commemorations, including:

  • Transgender Day Of Visibility (March 31)
  • International Asexuality Day (April 6th)
  • International Day Of Pink (April 10th)
  • Day Of Silence (second Friday of April)
  • Lesbian Visibility Day (April 26th)
  • International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia (May 17th)
  • Pansexual Awareness & Visibility Day (May 24th)
  • Harvey Milk Day (May 22nd)
  • Pride Month (the entire month of June)
  • International Drag Day (July 16th)
  • LGBT History Month (the entire month of October)
  • National Coming Out Day (October 11th)
  • Spirit Day (floating mid-October)
  • Intersex Awareness Day (October 26th)
  • Transgender Awareness Month (the entire month of November)
  • Transgender Day of Remembrance (November 20)

I am in no way saying or inferring that what we’re seeing is the fulfillment of Daniel 7:25. We aren’t in the tribulation period yet. I am also not implying that President Biden is the Antichrist—in fact, I’m certain he’s not. But what we are witnessing today is a faint foreshadowing of what’s coming.

We are seeing a landslide of new anti-God days and times while, at the same time, the reduction and even elimination of religious holidays on our calendar. All of this points toward the coming of the Antichrist. We see this in our country, and we see it happening globally. It is the fulfillment of what the Bible tells us is the “spirit of the Antichrist” already at work in our world. And it is just another indication that the coming of Jesus Christ is drawing near. 

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