April 22, 2024

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April 22, 2024

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Evil Alive And Well: Student Vows Not To Practice Medicine In Her State If Full-Term Abortion Banned

When the Bible describes those who love evil, who love spilling innocent blood, we might wonder who, other than a few shockingly evil characters from history, could be said to love shedding blood. But yes, those who love death are alive and well today—and they look like this young medical student in Wisconsin.

The state of Wisconsin is proposing an abortion ban after 14 weeks “with exceptions where the health or life of the mother were at risk.” (These types of bills, while they will save some unborn lives—which is wonderful—do not go nearly far enough since they imply that level of development is what determines personhood and therefore the value of an unborn life. Babies are persons and deserve equal protection from the moment of fertilization!) At the state capitol, a young woman, who is a student at the Medical College of Wisconsin, testified, with a peer nodding along to her statement:

I think abortion should be unrestrictive. And I think when somebody finds out in pregnancy when – how far along that they are – when someone finds out, they should be able to get an abortion if they want to. And for some people, that is full term.

She continued,

If I can’t get abortion training here, if I can’t perform abortions in my career, I will not stay in Wisconsin. And a lot of my colleagues who are on the same track agree.

Another woman responds with “Alright, thank you, that will do nothing to help our shortages.”

What evil! If this future “baby doctor” (OBGYN) can’t kill babies—all the way up to full term—she says she won’t stay in the state and practice medicine. For her, killing unborn babies is a must for her career. It’s vile and a living example of Isaiah 59:7 (quoted above) or Proverbs 1:16, “For their feet run to evil, and they make haste to shed blood.” Or what about Proverbs 4:16, “For they cannot sleep unless they have done wrong; they are robbed of sleep unless they have made someone stumble”?

Yes, evil is alive and well among us, and those who love darkness love death.

I doubt this young woman came to these conclusions by herself—she’s been indoctrinated at her college (which reportedly prides itself on its teaching and defense of “reproductive care,” i.e. abortion) to love death. Her professors and the administration at her college also love death, and they are raising disciples who will go forth loving death and the shedding of blood. I shudder to think of these individuals standing before God and giving account for their bloodthirst of innocent babies.

As believers, we need to be praying for the future of this nation and for these young people who are so blinded, with such hard hearts, that they will hear and respond to the gospel and receive Christ’s free offer of forgiveness that changes hearts and lives for now and eternity.

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