May 24, 2024

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May 24, 2024

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‘Abortion Bots’: Helping Women Kill Babies and Get Away with It

The Dobbs decision of 2022 overturned the long-standing Roe v. Wade SCOTUS decision that legalized abortion in the United States. It was (and is) a great victory for the unborn—but it certainly didn’t make abortion illegal! The secular media, many politicians, and others did not report the true implications of this decision. It simply turned the decision regarding abortion back to the individual states. Some responded by immediately enacting “trigger laws” banning abortions; others doubled down to protect women’s ability to kill their unborn children. But did any state really outlaw abortion post-Dobbs?

Consider a recent article from The Washington Post titled, “The abortion bot will see you now.” This article highlights the release of Charley, an “abortion bot” designed “to help people find accessible health care” (“health care” being a euphemism for killing a baby). Users answer a few simple questions (e.g., “What’s your zip code?”), and “the bot points them toward vetted clinics, telehealth providers or support resources.” But note this bot isn’t just for those in states that allow abortion—the article makes sure to note Charley is being rolled out across the US, “even in states with abortion bans.”

The author of the article highlighting Charley writes,

The Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision striking down the nationwide right to an abortion caused many clinics to close, forcing abortion seekers to travel out of state or hunt for pills online.

The programmers behind this app are encouraging users to find alternative ways to still have an abortion, such as “abortion by mail,” even if it’s banned in their state. And because no state offers unborn children the same legal protection from murder as people who have been born, women can order pills online, kill their unborn baby (assuming the baby is young enough to be killed this way), and face no legal repercussions. So, sadly, even after Dobbs, abortions continue by the thousands each day in states all across the US.

Charley—Helping Women Kill Babies and Get Away with It

It seems that the creators of Charley have anticipated that there may be states that eventually do define unborn babies as persons and therefore apply the law equally to all people (among other scenarios), so they’ve gone to great lengths to ensure anonymity while using their app, urging users to “take some security precautions, particularly if they live in a state with an abortion ban. Be careful whom you tell about your abortion search — friends and family tend to be bigger threats than your digital footprint. If you want to keep your visit to Charley private, delete your search history, use Chrome’s incognito mode or choose a browser that doesn’t store your activity.”

And the article says,

Metadata such as IP address is encrypted immediately and deleted promptly . . . though the organization won’t share the exact time frame to help protect users from law enforcement subpoenas.

Yes, they really do want to do everything they can to end the lives of as many babies as they can . . . but it gets worse!

But Shouldn’t Charley Be . . . Pro-choice?

Those who are pro-abortion stylize themselves as being pro-choice . . . and then do everything they can to ensure women feel like they have no choice but one—abortion. The author of the article on Charley bemoans that:

Google allows crisis pregnancy centers — which often promote parenting or adoption and sometimes disguise themselves as clinics — to pay for sponsored search slots that appear at the top of the page.

But Charley is the answer to the “problem” of women being shown options:

A standard internet search can leave abortion seekers confused and intimidated . . . Charley, by contrast, is a walled garden that only points users toward providers, financial help or psychological support that’s been reviewed by a team of doctors and lawyers . . . For instance, the tool keeps updated information on state abortion limits so users can know exactly how long they have to make a decision and plan their care. (emphasis added)

Yes, pregnancy care centers advertise themselves to women looking for abortion information because they want to offer practical help, hope, and options (like parenting and adoption) to women, but those who are supposedly “pro-choice” don’t want that because they aren’t really about choice, they are about the death of unborn children (and the massive amounts of money they can make from it). And that’s why they are a “walled garden” with only one option—kill your unborn baby (and the message is “you may be running out of time to do so, so hurry up!”). How utterly vile!

It’s tragic to think about what the United States is allowing to take place—not just at abortion clinics but also online abortion providers. Babies, made in God’s image, are being slaughtered each and every day. May God have mercy, and may his people continue to obey his calling to be a voice for the voiceless.

Jeff Kinley is an author, former pastor, speaker, and is the host of Vintage Truth and Prophecy Pros podcasts, as well as The King is Coming television program, formerly hosted by Dr. Ed Hindson.

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