April 15, 2024

Monday, April 15, 2024
April 15, 2024

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Radical Climate Activists Insist It’s Time To ‘Carefully Escalate’ Their Methods To Get Public’s Attention

A radical activist group, Adbusters, is currently patting themselves on the back after claiming to have deflated “thousands” of SUV tires to fight “climate change.”

The group recently sparked backlash on Social Media after they instructed their followers to go into “wealthy areas” and “wedge gravel in the tire valves, leaflet the SUV to let them know the tires are flat and why it was done, and walk away.”

“Climate change is the biggest crisis we’ve faced as a species,” they insisted, adding that it is time for their group to “carefully escalate” their “methods.”

Meanwhile, in the UK, hundreds of climate activists have been arrested in just the last 12 days for attempts to disrupt fuel supplies.

“The Home Secretary is being told to seek nationwide injunctions to stop ‘guerrilla tactics’ being used by the group of largely privileged students and professional protesters shutting down oil terminals by chaining themselves to pipes, digging tunnels, or blocking tankers to cripple critical UK infrastructure and leave petrol stations without fuel,” the Daily Mail reported. “As a result, petrol and diesel shortages are ‘an issue’ and some filling stations are ‘drying up'”

Despite calls for action against the eco-protesters, it seems that their lawless actions are receiving minimal ramifications. The Daily Mail detailed that no charges have been filed against the hundreds arrested in the last two weeks, and only 11 remain behind bars.

World leaders, governments, and organizations have continuously stoked fears of a fast-approaching climate disaster. Even amid the war in Ukraine, many prominent globalist voices expressed concern that their favorite crisis, the “climate emergency,” was being eclipsed.

Deborah Brosnan, a professor at Virginia Tech University, reiterated this sentiment, stating that, although the war in Ukraine is “a terrible tragedy,” the world has now become “blind to the fact” that climate change is “an even larger and existential crisis already unfolding today – one that will result in a global humanitarian crisis and on a scale never seen before.”

Big Tech social media platforms have also exacerbated the eco-terrorism problem by essentially banning what they refer to as “misinformation” surrounding the climate. This policy has silenced many scientific experts from sharing online evidence that debunks much of the so-called “settled science” about climate change.

“We’re dangerous,” Greg Wrightstone, a geologist and climate expert, who was banned on LinkedIn, underscored. “They cannot allow our factually-based presentations to get out to the public, because what we say makes sense and it’s backed up by science. We’re rational, thoughtful people that are scientists, that are distinguished scientists, and we’re presenting this information.”

“I look at this on a daily basis and there’s no way to sugarcoat it,” he stated; people “are being lied to on a daily basis about climate change and its ramifications.”

Answers In Genesis explained that, despite public perceptions, the majority of climate scientists do not believe we are in a “climate crisis.”

“In reality, only a small sampling of climate scientists believe we are facing imminent doom,” the AiG article explained. “Furthermore, thousands of scientists with climate-related degrees have sent letters and signed petitions arguing against a climate crisis, further emphasizing that the scientific community can’t reach a consensus on the issue.”

“So why all the insistence on anxiety and panic?” the article urged.

“Secular scientists approach the climate debate from an unbiblical perspective, believing that humans alone manage the rising temperatures,” AiG insisted. “Certainly when we have clear evidence that we are abusing creation, we should take actions to correct it. But Christians know that God designed our magnificently complex climate and has promised that the present earth will be inhabitable until he creates a new heaven and a new earth (Isaiah 65:17).”

When humans look at God’s creation, the response should be reverence to the One who created it. Romans 1:19-20 explains that the incredible creations of God cause humans to be without excuse about His existence. This same chapter, however, states that our culture has deliberately chosen a very different path in their collective rebellion against God: Worshiping the creation, rather than the Creator (Romans 1:25).

Christian author Terry James explained that “climate worship” is fast becoming a new global religion.

James described the religious parallels, including the insistence that climate change “deniers” or “nonbelievers” be “branded as her­etics.”

Christianity, James stated, runs in direct opposition “to the unimpeachable declarations of the environmental gurus who say man is destroying the earth with green­house gases from carbon emission” and “only man, himself, through draconian actions to stop these deadly gases, can save himself from choking to death from unbreathable air or drowning because of the melting ice of the North and South poles.”

“The Bible declares that Jesus Christ, who is the very Word of God (John 1:1–3), is who has this earthly orb in His grip. It is not man who controls planet earth,” he urged.

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