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July 28, 2021
Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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Young Iranian Boy Killed During Water Protest

As protests throughout Iran continued over the weekend, armed rioters accidentally killed a young boy partaking in the demonstrations

Settlement, Apology Sends Strong Statement for Religious Freedom in the UK

“This is an important moment for religious freedom in the UK... My prayer is that this case will encourage Christians to stand firm.”

Chinese Military Shares Video Threatening To Nuke Japan, Start Full Scale War If Country Defends Taiwan

“We will use nuclear bombs first, we will use nuclear bombs continuously until Japan declares unconditional surrender for the second time.”

Colombian High Court Orders Review After Social Media Star Told to Remove Video Sharing Biblical Marriage Beliefs

"Nobody should have to be afraid of censorship or criminal sanctions for voicing their deeply held beliefs."

Macron: Vaccine Passports Will Be Mandatory for Restaurants, Bars, Transport in France

Macron said that it will be necessary to curtail the freedoms of the unvaccinated in France to supposedly slow the spread "Delta variant"

Deadly Unrest Spreads In South Africa In Wake Of Zuma Jailing As Grievances Boil Over

Worst violence in years: Dozens killed as pro-Zuma crowds clashed with police and ransack/burn shopping malls in South Africa.

Christian Group Barred From Arenas in W. Australia Because Biblical Views Do Not Align With ‘Government’s Views’

ACL Managing Director wrote: “So, apparently the WA government won’t allow venues to host people who disagree with them. Welcome to China."

Thousands Nationwide Take To Streets In Cuba Against Communism: This Is What Socialism Breeds

Thousands of Cubans in at least 16 cities took the streets peacefully on Sunday to demand an end to the 62-year-old communist regime, chanting...

‘Dark Days for Religious Liberty’: Journalist Likens Canadian Church Arsons to ‘Kristallnacht’

“I’m reluctant to use the word ‘Kristallnacht'... But what do you call it when literally dozens of churches are being systemically vandalized, torched?"

EU Threatens to Sanction Hungary Over Law Protecting Kids From LGBTQ Content

"The law allows parents to decide the way they would like to sexually educate their kids, that right exclusively belongs to parents"

Ohio Budget Provision Allows Conscience Exemption for Medical Workers

“Americans are afforded the freedom to live according to deeply held ethical, moral and religious beliefs. This necessarily includes doctors."

IRS Reverses Course; Grants Religious Group Tax-Exempt Status

After national backlash, IRS reverses decision to deny Ministry tax-exempt status by claiming "Biblical teachings" were too similar to GOP

Haitian President Assassinated In ‘Hateful, Inhumane, And Barbaric Act,’ Official Says

According to Fox News, frustration against Moïse has grown partly because his government has refused to hold elections.

Hobby Lobby Faces Backlash for Ad Declaring America is ‘One Nation Under God’

"Hobby Lobby is being attacked for running some beautiful full-page newspaper ads on July 4. These positive ads have outraged enemies of God’s Word"

Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Appeal of Christian Florist in Same-Sex Wedding Case

“They have misused the law to try and force foster care, adoption agencies, bakers, photographers, and florists to change their views on marriage"

Xi’s Mao-Esque Speech Warns Nations of ‘Broken Heads’ If They Oppose China

"The Chinese people will absolutely not allow any foreign force to bully... anyone who attempts to do so will face broken heads and bloodshed"

Canadian Pastor Tim Stephens Released from Jail: ‘We Serve A Higher Authority’

"We're serving a higher authority than even our governing authorities. We're trying to serve God. That will always be our commitment"

Wuhan Virologist Who Worked On Coronaviruses Tied to Military Scientists: Report

A top Chinese virologist has been tied to at least 2 Chinese military scientists who collaborated with her on COVID research in the past

UK Jews Under Assault: Highest Number of Antisemitic Incidents Since Records Began

Record numbers of antisemitic incidents have been recorded in the UK since last month’s rocket attack on Israel by Hamas terrorists, figures released by...

Army Chaplain’s Facebook Post on Transgender Military Policy Almost Cost Him His Career

Military chaplains enjoy freedoms like free speech & religion, except when liberal superiors decide to punish for the “wrong” policies

REPORT: Beijing Is Harassing, Intimidating Pro-Democracy Chinese Students Abroad

A new report from Human Rights Watch (HRW) alleges that Chinese authorities are harassing and intimidating Chinese students abroad who express support for democracy. Chinese...

Somali Immigrant Murders Three and Wounds Others in Act of Terror in Germany

A Somali immigrant carried out an attack on bystanders in Germany on Friday leaving three dead and five seriously injured

‘Praise Jesus’: Oldest Eugenics Abortion Facility In UK Closes After 100 years

"I’m so happy that this abortion center has finally closed. Praise Jesus Christ–If this can happen here in London, it can happen anywhere"

Massive Exercise In Black Sea With US Comes After Russia Warning

Russia has warned the US and UK not to “tempt fate” in the Black Sea. The Black Sea is only one place where there are naval tensions.

‘Education, Not Indoctrination’: Australia Moves to Block Critical Race Theory from National Curriculum

The fight is on to make sure the Gov’t keeps its word & keeps our children’s schools free of this divisive, radical left-wing indoctrination

Poll: Overwhelming Majority of Americans Support Religious Freedom

“In an era of hyper-partisanship, freedom of religion retains broad, bipartisan support among Democrats, Republicans and Independents.”

Protesters Gather Around Alberta Prison To Support Arrested Pastor

A group of pastors and protesters gathered around the Calgary Remand Centre in Alberta to support Pastor Tim Stephens, who was jailed earlier this...

Hamas Flag Banned in Germany Following String of Antisemitic Occurrences

“We do not want the flags of terrorist orgs to be waved on German soil… In doing so, we can send a clear signal to our Jewish citizens"

‘Disturbing Trend’: The Weaponization of The Justice System to Ruin Those With Whom Activists Disagree

“He is standing up for his rights to decline to be a part of something he doesn’t believe in. In taking this stand, he is fighting for all of our rights to do the same"

German Media Giant’s Message To Employees: Find A New Job If You’re Anti-Israel

“A person who has an issue with an Israeli flag being raised for one week here, after anti-Semitic demonstrations, should look for a new job"

Christian Non-Profit Denied Tax-Exempt Status by IRS For ‘Republican Beliefs’

The IRS denied the group tax-exempt status, stating that “Bible teachings are typically affiliated” with the Republican Party.

Canada’s Jews Say Antisemites Declared ‘Open Season’ On Them Since Gaza Conflict

The severity and frequency of anti-semitic incidents in the current wave are on a different level than in previous years.

SCOTUS Unanimously Rules Gov’t Can’t Discriminate Against Faith Bases Organizations

Franklin Graham: "Religious agencies and organizations should not be forced to go against their beliefs and biblical standards."

Texas Gov. Signs Bill Prohibiting Government From Closing Churches, Places of Worship

Texas Gov. signs bill prohibiting gov't from ordering churches close: “1st Amendment right to freedom of religion shall never be infringed"

Russian Navy Conducts Massive Drills in Pacific: Report

The Russian Defense Ministry said the drills involved 'up to 20 surface combatants, submarines and support vessels'

Canadian Pastor Arrested on New Charges After ‘Underground Worship’ Following Church Building Seizure

Pastor Tim Stephens was arrested on Monday afternoon on new charges, after Fairview Baptist Church gathered for underground worship

Pompeo: COVID-19 leaked from Wuhan lab, ‘It’s Time For Accountability’

Pompeo: "There is a pile of evidence a hundred feet high... We know enough now, the cover-up continues, and it’s time for accountability"

UK Woman Wins Tribunal Appeal After Tweets Dubbed ‘Transphobic’ Lead to Her Firing

"The purpose of the law is to allow people the freedom to make their own decisions on these questions and to abide by their own consciences.”

Ontario Adoption Officials Reject Christian Family That Disagreed With Gender Ideology

Gender ideology has gone from the fringe to the mainstream, with all its major tenets now enforced by the Canadian federal government.

Alberta Premier Misrepresents Constitution & Bible In Speech Claiming Pastors Violated ‘Biblical Mandate’ By Breaking Lockdown Rules

Without citing specific scripture, Kenney claimed assembling for church contrary to lockdowns is a “reckless disregard” of “biblical mandate"

Illinois School Reverses Decision to Ban 2nd Grade Girl From Bringing Her Bible to School

Parents of a 2nd-grader were outraged after their daughter's Bible was taken away for reading scripture aloud, while other kids listen

Pakistani High Court Acquits Christian Couple on Death Row

The Lahore High Court in Pakistan on June 3 acquitted a Christian couple sentenced to death on charges of blaspheming Islam.

‘May God Be Glorified’: High School Threatens to Censor Valedictorian’s Christ-Centered Speech, Then Relents

A Michigan public high school has reversed course after initially objecting to its Christian valedictorian’s prepared remarks as “a sermon”

Hong Kong to Deploy 3,000 Police to Block Tiananmen Square Massacre Memorials

Hong Kong Police to deploy over 3K officers to block any attempts by the public to commemorate anniversary of Tiananmen Square massacre

Christian Doctor in India Suspended after Encouraging Patients to Pray

“This is the state of religious freedom in our state, we can be booked for a conversation that we might have with people of other faith[s]."

First, A Naval Ship, Then An Oil Refinery: Two Massive Fires In Iran Within Hours of Each Other

A huge fire broke out at an oil refinery in Iranian capital Tehran, a few hours after Iran’s largest navy ship caught fire and sank.

Afghani Refugees to Sweden Believed to be Iranian Agents Plotting Terror

The 2 were reportedly seeking an occasion for terror against Iranian people living in Sweden speaking out in opposition to the Iranian regime

‘Don’t Force Us To Be Part Of It’: 90% Of Doctors In Ireland Will Not Participate in Abortion

Even though Ireland legalized abortion over two years ago, the majority of Irish doctors are refusing to commit abortions.

Russia Deploys Three Nuclear-Capable Bombers to Syria

The bombers’ deployment marks the first time since Cold War times that Moscow has stationed heavy bombers in the region.

Realtor Quits Over Pressure From Trade Group to Affirm Gay Marriage

“My broker informed me I cannot continue to talk publicly about Christian views re: LGBTQ+ issues if I want to remain with this brokerage.”

China’s Communist ‘Christ’: Re-Writing God

The CCP plans to turn the Scriptures into another piece of regime propaganda by rewriting them beyond all recognition.

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