May 14, 2024

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May 14, 2024

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Even Secularists Are Noticing… There’s A Spirit Active In The World—And It’s Evil

Terry James

Radio talk show host Dan Bongino, as of late, has been declaring something to the effect: “There’s a spirit of some kind active in the world. I don’t know… Can’t say what it is… But it’s evil and has the world in turmoil…”

Bongino goes through all that’s going on daily, dealing mostly with politics but including deep dives into cultural issues and the insanity he sees happening. He attributes it to some spirit—a zeitgeist of this strange time—in which everything is upside-down—filled with evil.

He has claimed many times on air to know Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and Lord, all the while a Catholic. This is not to judge him in this matter but rather to point to the fact that he does seem to have at least some insight into what the evil might entail that he and others believe they observe and sense is going on in this world.

Bongino says consistently that many express to him they sense the same existent of an evil spiritual influence that is taking humanity down a destructive pathway. And this is what I would like to try to address in this commentary.

John, the apostle who was perhaps closest to Jesus in brotherly relationship while the Lord was in physical flesh on Earth, was inspired to write the following.

That evil spirit that concerns Mr. Bongino and many of his friends and colleagues is made manifest by John’s Holy Spirit-inspired revelation. The spirit of Antichrist is as prevalent as in the apostle’s time of writing about it.

Bongino says that wickedness he senses is “spiritual.” I don’t believe he knows that it is of the same “spirit” or spirituality of which John forewarned, however. Like so many secularists, he sees it as some spirit of the age, a zeitgeist ideological force from the human intellect that bubbles up from time to time to come against human rationality and interaction.

The evil within humanity, I think he and others of the non-Holy-Spirit-influenced mind believe, is born out of those among us who want all others to come under their self-centered control. These seem to think it is out of some form of mental illness –a psychosis of some inexplicable description—that sets in motion the insanity that desires to inflict authoritarian madness.

They are not far from wrong about it being an illness. It is a spiritual illness, the same disease that its first infected carrier deliberately accepted in place of God’s Perfect Order. Lucifer’s 5 “I wills” of Isaiah chapter 14 have brought forth the iniquity infecting and affecting the human race since he looked admiringly at himself into that mirror of iniquity.

Here are a few news excerpts of proof that the Antichrist spirit wafts wickedly as ever among today’s inhabitants of Earth.

Haiti warlord ‘Barbecue’ orders gangs to ‘burn every house you find’ & storm presidential palace amid bloody coup fears. HAITI’S capital has been rocked by a fresh wave of violence as warlord Barbecue ordered his thug army to “burn every house you find.”…

Ben Bergquam Reports: Columbia Professors Come Out in Force to Support of Anti-Israel Protesters – Refuse to Condemn Hamas Killers…

Pro-Palestinian, Anti-Israel Protests Spread to Yale, UMichigan, NYU, and Across America. Several days of protests, assaults on Jewish students, and chaos at Columbia University in New York City have now spread to other American college campuses…

‘This Is 1938’: Dozens Arrested At Yale, Columbia Pauses In-person Classes Amid Rising Anti-Semitism…

PARENTAL WARNING: Popular Kids TV Show Introducing “Lesbian Moms.” If you’re a parent or grandparent, you probably know about the kids TV show “Bluey”… Since its debut in 2018, Bluey has become a critically acclaimed show, gaining popularity worldwide after its addition to Disney+ in 2019. So what do you do when you’re widely loved by parents and children alike? You use that fame to push the LGBTQ agenda, of course!…

Houston Police Union Issues Warning That the Texas City is ‘Not Safe’ as ‘Many Suspected Murderers’ Are Walking the Streets. The Houston Police Officers’ Union has issued a warning that the Texas city is “not safe” and “many suspected murderers and capital murderers” are walking the streets on bonds.

The spirit of Antichrist is most observable at this moment through rising anti-Semitism. Satan’s hatred for the people God calls “chosen” is an Ephesians 6:12 globalist agenda thrust from every direction upon the horizon of Prophetic progression. The so-called intellectual institutions of America –the elite higher education institutions– are particularly a collective focal point in considering just how powerfully influential is that spirit that will ultimately eventuate in the worst tyrant of all human history inflicting death and destruction upon humanity of the Tribulation era.

Assessing the spirit of Antichrist at this moment leaves no other conclusion. The world is on the very edge of that man of sin, the son of perdition, the Antichrist himself being almost ready to step from the shadows of obscurity and onto the stage of man’s final years leading to Christ’s Second Coming.

You can avoid facing that hideous creature from the Abyss by doing the following –thus going to Jesus Christ when He calls believers to Himself in the Rapture.

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