Eight Killed in Multi-location shooting in Germany

(Julian Staehle/dpa via AP)

At least eight people were shot dead in the German city of Hanau, located near Frankfurt, on Wednesday night.

Deutsche Welle reported that the perpetrators opened fire at a shisha bar in Hanau’s downtown, killing three people.

They then drove to the neighborhood of Kesselstadt and opened fire at the second shisha bar, where five people died.

Authorities are currently looking for the suspects, who are said to have fled the scene.

The motive for the incident is not yet clear.

Germany has been on a high level of alert due to a series of terrorist attacks in the country in recent years, including a 2016 attack on a Christian market in Berling in which 12 people were killed by an Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist who rammed into a crowd of civilians.

In January, six people were killed and another two wounded in a shooting in the southwestern German town of Rot am See. Police said they believed that incident was “family drama” and not an act of terrorism.