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October 25 2020

Tag: China

Christian Persecution China

Religious Material Classified as ‘Contraband’ as Persecution by China’s Communist Party...

Persecution by China's communist party intensifies as government officials ban the publishing of religious materials not approved by gov't
xi Jinping - Chinese Government, china

China Warns Americans Could be Arrested over DOJ Prosecution of Chinese...

China officials warn US counterparts they may detain US nationals in response to DOJ prosecution of Chinese military-affiliated scholars
rioting, Lawlessness

China Ties to US Riots Exposed by Trevor Loudon

Loudon says most of the riots that racked the US in recent months were organized by 2 socialist orgs which have close ties with the CCP

Trump Admin Signals Tougher Action to Bar Communist Party Members From...

USCIS published a policy alert about banning members of the communist party or any other totalitarian party from getting an immigrant visa.

China Teaches Students that Jesus Stoned Woman to Death, Changes Biblical...

The Biblical account where Jesus forgives a woman committing adultery was altered by a Chinese textbook to make our Savior out to be a killer
Mike Pompeo

Pompeo Blasts Communist China for Cracking Down on Christians, Seeking to...

Pompeo blasted the atheist CCP in China for persecuting Christians & trying to rewrite the Bible to Communist Chinese objectives.
Coronavirus Outbreak - China

GOP Congressional Report: ‘Beyond Doubt’ the CCP ‘Actively Engaged in a...

The report states that "beyond doubt" the CCP engaged in a cover-up to obfuscate data and suppress those who attempted to warn the world
Indian troops

Report: India, China Have Fired at Each Other Three Times in...

Times of India reported Wednesday that Indian and Chinese troops have fired shots at each other at least three times in less than a month.
China, Wars and Rumours of Wars

Chinese Military Calls US ‘Destroyer of World Peace’ Following Critical DOD...

China calls US “the destroyer of world peace” after critical DOD report said china’s military buildup aims to “revise” international order.
India Test Fires 'NextGen Hypersonic Weapon' As Border Tensions With China Surge

India Test Fires ‘NextGen Hypersonic Weapon’ As Border Tensions With China...

As military standoff between India & China intensifies, Indian's military test-fired new class of weapons that can travel at hypersonic speeds