November 27, 2021
Saturday, November 27, 2021





Chinese Communist Party Solidifies Xi As Leader On Par With Mao

The move is the 3rd of its type since the party was founded. The first resolution was “passed by Mao Zedong in 1945 and the second by Deng Xiaoping in 1981"

Poland Sees Migrant Border Surge, Accuses Belarus Of ‘State Terrorism’

Poland said it had seen a surge in attempts to breach its border and pushed back hundreds of migrants to Belarus, accusing Minsk of “state terrorism”

Taliban To West: Release Frozen Funds, Or Be Flooded With Wave Of Migrants

The Taliban is threatening that unless Western gov'ts & financial institutions release foreign reserves & aid funds, the West could be flooded with migrants

Pentagon warns China is expanding its nuclear arsenal faster than expected

China is expanding its nuclear arsenal much more quickly than anticipated, narrowing the gap with the United States, the Pentagon said in a report.

French Fear Rise In Price Of Baguettes as Cost Of Wheat Increases 30% Worldwide Since September

The price hike fears are linked to a 30% worldwide increase since September in the price of wheat — one of the baguette's key ingredients.

Chinese Nuclear-Capable Hypersonic Missile Test Surprises US Intelligence: Report

China tested a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile in a move that caught U.S. intelligence by surprise, according to a new report. 

‘The Perfect Police State’: China’s Digital Dictatorship Goes Global

Xi has been on a technological quest to build what some call a blueprint for a digital dictatorship allowing the CCP gov't to control huge volumes of data in China & globally.

Taiwan President Says Country ‘Will Do Whatever It Takes To Defend Itself’ Against China

Taiwan’s president warned that the defeat of the island nation would signal that “authoritarianism has the upper hand over democracy” in today’s “global contest of values.”

China Sends More Aircraft Toward Taiwan, One Day After Largest Ever Incursion

"China has been wantonly engaged in military aggression, damaging regional peace," Taiwan Premier Su Tseng-chang said on Saturday, according to Reuters.

China Criticizes UK Over ‘Evil Intentions’ After Warship Sails Through Taiwan Strait

"This kind of behaviour harbours evil intentions and damages peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait," Chinese military officials wrote.

North Korea Rejects South’s Calls For End-Of-War Declaration Citing US Hostility

“The declaration of the termination of the war is of no help at all… but can rather be misused as a smokescreen covering up the U.S. hostile policy”

North Korea Fires 2 Ballistic Missiles; Japan’s Suga Rips Test As ‘Absolutely Outrageous’

North Korea over the weekend successfully test-fired a new long-range cruise missile capable of hitting targets 930 miles away.

Handover To China: Biden Lets China Work Out Arrangement With Taliban

US President Joe Biden said on Tuesday he was certain China would try to work out an arrangement with the Taliban after the Islamic...

China Demands Foreign Vessels Report Before Entering ‘Its Territorial Waters’

Chinese authorities said Sunday they will require vessels “to report their information” when passing through what China sees as its “territorial waters”

At Least 13 US Service Members Killed In Kabul, Afghanistan Suicide Bombing

Twelve U.S. service members were killed in action in the suicide attack.. Eleven were Marines and one was a Navy medic, officials say.

‘Kill List’: US Gave Taliban Names Of American Citizens, Allies: REPORT

A Pentagon official told Politico that the Biden administration effectively “put all those Afghans on a kill list.”

Huckabee: China Is Cozying Up To The Taliban, Iran, Russia… And ‘I’m Tired Of Being Lied To’

Investigative reporter Lara Logan made a good point about the fiasco in Afghanistan on last night’s Tucker Carlson show. She said that “this doesn’t...

Franklin Graham: The Blood Of Afghanistan Will Be On The Hands Of The Biden/Harris Administration

Think of the prospects ahead for Christians in the country. The blood of this nation will be on the hands of the Biden/Harris administration.

Post-American World Order? China Uses Afghan Crisis to Warn Taiwan: When We Take Over, ‘US Military Won’t Come To Help’

"Taiwan should perceive that once a war breaks out in the Straits, the island's defense will collapse in hours and US military won't come to help"

Don’t Blame Trump For Afghanistan’s Collapse, Blame The Obama/Biden Playbook

As we study what’s happened, let’s first dispense with the canards: that this fiasco was inevitable and that it’s all Donald Trump’s fault.

‘Biblical Catastrophe’ as Wildfires Rip Through Greece, Southern Europe, Turkey

Dozens of fires were burning across Greece Saturday, blazes that one official described as “a biblical catastrophe.”

Chinese Military Shares Video Threatening To Nuke Japan, Start Full Scale War If Country Defends Taiwan

“We will use nuclear bombs first, we will use nuclear bombs continuously until Japan declares unconditional surrender for the second time.”

Deadly Unrest Spreads In South Africa In Wake Of Zuma Jailing As Grievances Boil Over

Worst violence in years: Dozens killed as pro-Zuma crowds clashed with police and ransack/burn shopping malls in South Africa.

Thousands Nationwide Take To Streets In Cuba Against Communism: This Is What Socialism Breeds

Thousands of Cubans in at least 16 cities took the streets peacefully on Sunday to demand an end to the 62-year-old communist regime, chanting...

Haitian President Assassinated In ‘Hateful, Inhumane, And Barbaric Act,’ Official Says

According to Fox News, frustration against Moïse has grown partly because his government has refused to hold elections.

Xi’s Mao-Esque Speech Warns Nations of ‘Broken Heads’ If They Oppose China

"The Chinese people will absolutely not allow any foreign force to bully... anyone who attempts to do so will face broken heads and bloodshed"

REPORT: Beijing Is Harassing, Intimidating Pro-Democracy Chinese Students Abroad

A new report from Human Rights Watch (HRW) alleges that Chinese authorities are harassing and intimidating Chinese students abroad who express support for democracy. Chinese...

Somali Immigrant Murders Three and Wounds Others in Act of Terror in Germany

A Somali immigrant carried out an attack on bystanders in Germany on Friday leaving three dead and five seriously injured

Massive Exercise In Black Sea With US Comes After Russia Warning

Russia has warned the US and UK not to “tempt fate” in the Black Sea. The Black Sea is only one place where there are naval tensions.

Russian Navy Conducts Massive Drills in Pacific: Report

The Russian Defense Ministry said the drills involved 'up to 20 surface combatants, submarines and support vessels'

N. Korean Defector Shocked by Communism Propagated at Ivy League Schools, ‘We Must Defend Liberty at All Costs’

"There’s no rule of law, no morality–it's complete chaos... I guess that's what they want, to destroy and rebuild into a Communist paradise."

EU: Iran Nuclear Talks “Intense”

While US maintains it'll only return to JCPOA after Iran’s compliance, the regime declared adherence will only come after sanctions nullified

Afghani Refugees to Sweden Believed to be Iranian Agents Plotting Terror

The 2 were reportedly seeking an occasion for terror against Iranian people living in Sweden speaking out in opposition to the Iranian regime

Russia Deploys Three Nuclear-Capable Bombers to Syria

The bombers’ deployment marks the first time since Cold War times that Moscow has stationed heavy bombers in the region.

Hong Kong Legislature Approves Communist Party ‘Loyalty’ Laws

Hong Kong’s legislature approved new powers allowing city’s gov’t to fire public officeholders deemed “disloyal” to the CCP.

Erdogan Tells Putin International Community Must Teach Israel a ‘Strong Lesson’

Turkish President tells Russian President that the international community should teach Israel a lesson about its conduct toward Palestinians

BREAKING: 12+ Iranian Gunboats Swarm 6 U.S. Warships, Dozens Of Warning Shots Fired

“Over a dozen Iranian gunboats harass formation of six U.S. warships including guided-missile submarine Georgia"

Lawlessness: Terrorist Mobs Burn Police Alive in Colombia

Eyewitnesses say the assailants were attempting to burn police officers alive and, in some cases, succeeded in setting them on fire.

Russia Fires Supersonic Anti-Ship Cruise Missile in ‘Signal to NATO’

Russia's Navy has test-fired a supersonic anti-ship cruise missile in the Black Sea in a show of force ahead of NATO military exercises.

Tensions Rise with Turkey as Biden Recognizes 1915 Massacres as Armenian Genocide

Biden said massacres of Armenians constituted genocide, a declaration set to infuriate Turkey & further damage ties between the NATO allies

EU foreign policy chief: Russia amassing over 150,000 troops along Ukraine borders, in Crimea

"It is the highest Russian military deployment at Ukrainian borders ever," Borrell said after talks involving Ukraine's foreign minister.

Taiwan Records Largest Ever Incursion By Chinese Air Force With 25 Planes Monday

China continues its muscle-flexing near Taiwan, this time sending an unprecedentedly large group of aircraft to breach Taiwan's defense zone.

Ukraine Conflict: Moscow Could ‘Defend’ Russia-Backed Rebels

As Russian-backed separatist rebels and Ukrainian troops clash in the east of the country and Russia is building up troops on the border.

Russia’s Lavrov Warns Efforts to Escalate Conflict In East Ukraine Could ‘Destroy’ It

Russia's Foreign Minister Lavrov warned that any efforts to escalate the conflict in eastern Ukraine could eventually "destroy" the country.

Palm Sunday Suicide Bombers Target Worshipers in Indonesian Church

A suicide bombing outside a church after Palm Sunday Service in Indonesia has injured more than a dozen churchgoers, some seriously.

ISIS In Mozambique ‘Beheading’ Children, Reports Say

A mother told the agency she had had to watch as her 12 y/o son was killed in this way close to where she was hiding with her other children

Turkey Prepares To Clash With Israel, Greece & EU Over East Mediterranean

Turkey warns Greece & Israel must seek “permission before assuming work on a proposed undersea power cable in eastern Mediterranean waters"

Xi Orders Military to Heighten Sense of Urgency, Make Ready for War

The Chinese President is telling the military to focus on strengthening combat readiness as he warns of uncertainties domestically & abroad.

Hongkongers Resist Gov’t Forced Contact-Tracing App; Burner Phone Sales Soar

Privacy concerns have been raised as Hong Kong's government attempts to force citizens to download the contact tracing app "LeaveHomeSafe."

Democracy At Risk! French Election Chaos Erupts – New System Sparks Backlash

Emmanuel Macron triggers major backlash after his gov't tabled an amendment to radically change electoral law ahead of next year's election.

Myanmar Police Fire Rubber Bullets, Wounding Three, As Hundreds Of Thousands Protest

Hundreds of thousands joined nationwide pro-democracy demonstrations in defiance of the military call to halt mass gatherings.

US Hints at Military Response Should Iran Nuclear Talks Fail

The Islamic Republic is set to resume nuclear talks with the international community in the coming days after a several-month hiatus

Ukraine Uncovers Russian-Linked Coup Plot, As NATO Warns Russia Against Invading Ukraine

Ukraine’s president has said intelligence services uncovered a plot involving a group of Russians and Ukrainians to overthrow his government next week.