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October 25 2020
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Federal District Court Rules School District within Rights to Prohibit Coach from Praying after Games

Federal District Court rules in favor of School District’s rights to prohibit football coach Joe Kennedy from praying on the 50-yard line after games.

W5 Airs Dishonest Attack against Pro-Trump Evangelicals; Mocking Rapture; Praising Disgraced Ex-Editor of Christianity Today

W5 releases disgraceful report targeting Pro-Trump Christians attempting to smear them as more "devoted" to President Donald Trump than the Word of God.

Judge Allows Students to Preach the Gospel in Chicago Park

City of Chicago officials are on notice that the First Amendment still applies to free speech and religious expression—including the right to share one’s Christian beliefs in a public space.

AOC Cites Her ‘Faith’ To Rail Against Conservative Christians’ ‘Bigotry And Discrimination’

AOC cited her own personal faith to attack conservative Christians who advocate for religious liberty, comparing them to slave owners and white supremacists

Finland Politician Under Criminal Investigation for Tweeting Scripture

Finland’s prosecutor general opened a criminal investigation into a member of parliament for posting a Bible passage on Twitter condemning homosexuality.

UPS ‘Punishes Drivers’ For Holding Prayer Meetings

A Christian group has slammed UPS for discriminating against employees’ religious freedom for voluntarily praying together before work.

Virginia Pastor Heckled, Cut off during prayer by Democrats; Franklin Graham: He took a Stand for life, Marriage, & Biblical principles

Franklin Graham commented after a Pastor was heckled, cut off during his opening Prayer in the Virginia House of Delegates for Warning of God's Judgment

UK Parliament Members Raise Religious Freedom, Free Speech Concerns Over Graham Tour Venue Cancellations

House of Commons Leader argued before Parliament that the “no-platforming” of Franklin Graham may be violating UK religious freedom & freedom of speech laws

Fifth Third Bank Reverses Florida Scholarship Decision to excluded Christian Schools

Fifth Third Bank reversed course announcing it has reinstated its scholarship program after the program was pulled for including Christian Schools

Amazon, Nike, Others Threaten Tennessee Over Law Protecting Faith-Based Foster Care, Adoption Agencies

Companies operating in TN are pressuring the state on behalf of gay activists following new law that protects religious Freedom in adoption, foster agencies.

Franklin Graham: UK Venue Discriminates Against Christians

Franklin Graham responds after venue cancels contract to host his UK Tour claiming Graham's appearance may incite hate and pose risk to LGBT community.

Elizabeth Warren Bashes Christian Schools With ‘Anti-LGBTQ Policies’

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) bashed Christian schools she deemed to have “anti-LGBTQ+ policies” says they should loose funding.

Evangelicals Respond to President Trump’s historic steps to Protect Religious Freedom in Schools

President Trump, following his announcement declaring January 6th as religious freedom day, expressed his commitment to protect Prayer in public schools.

Today Is Religious Freedom Day—and That Freedom Is Still Under Attack

Pres. Trump officially proclaimed January 16, 2020, “Religious Freedom Day” to commemorate “the foundational link between freedom and faith in our country.”

China Imposes Harsh New Rules Governing Religious Groups in 2020

China is striking the "final blow to religious liberty" with new administrative measures set to take place in February with total submission to the Chinese Communist Party, according to a watchdog group.

Sudan Progresses Toward Religious Liberty

For the first time in eight years, Christians in Sudan were able to publicly celebrate Christmas without fear of government reprisal.

Update: NY School District Sees the Light on Allowing Christian Student Club

A school district in New York that had refused a student’s request to form an extracurricular Christian club has reversed course upon hearing from a prominent religious liberty law firm.

Senate Reauthorizes Religious Freedom Watchdog USCIRF

A provision to reauthorize a U.S. agency charged with monitoring religious freedom around the world was included in this week's omnibus spending bill following months of negotiations.

Justin Trudeau Wants ‘Significant Penalties’ for Social Media ‘Hate Speech’

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, recently made infamous over resurfaced blackface photos, has instructed his ministers to create new legislation aimed at tackling “hate speech” on social media.

Franklin Graham Responds as NY public school rejects student Christian club, OKs LGBT Pride Club;

Franklin Graham took to Facebook today to comment, as a public school in New York, rejects a request for a Christian Club but, approves a request for LGBT Pride Club. As Rev Graham points out, this censorship of Christians and the double standard in favour of LGBT issues seems to be a trend:

Edmonton, Alberta Passes Broad Law Banning Anything Deemed ‘Conversion Therapy’

Edmonton, Alberta, is among the latest in a growing wave of Canadian cities passing strict bans on anything deemed “conversion therapy” for people with same-sex attraction or gender confusion, with Edmonton’s law being lauded as a model.

Pastor Gets Death Threats, Loses Job, for Saying Pride Events Are Contrary to Christian Beliefs

A UK pastor has lost his job and has received countless death threats after tweeting that LGBTQ “Pride” events are harmful for children and should not be supported by Christians.

Army says faith-based group can no longer put Bible verses on dog tags after complaint

When Army Captain Russell Rippetoe was killed in action on April 2, 2003 -- the first combat casualty of Operation Iraqi Freedom -- then-President George W. Bush spoke about how Rippetoe had on his dog tags "Joshua 1:9" engraved on it.

Charter School Reverses Decision to Ban Student from Playing ‘Joy to the World’

On Nov. 21, a California charter school barred 13-year-old Brooklyn Benzel from playing her favorite Christmas carol, “Joy to the World,” because it was deemed “too religious.” The school reversed its decision less than a week later, after threat of legal action.

Fuller Seminary Sued for Allegedly Expelling Lesbian in Same-Sex Marriage

Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California, is facing a lawsuit brought forth by a former student who claims she was discriminated against when she was allegedly expelled for being in a same-sex marriage.

Pro-life Albertans Urged to Take a Stand to Save Conscience Protection Bill

An Alberta private member’s bill supporting conscience rights for healthcare workers and religious organizations that respect life could be axed as early as tomorrow unless concerned Albertans take immediate action.

Abandon Your Beliefs or You’ll Be Punished: MT High School Christian Club Under Fire for Biblical Faith

SOURCE: (CBN) Students at Bozeman High School in Montana are protesting against a Christian club because they don't like...

Appeals Court Overturns Ruling Barring Prayer Before Fla. High School Football Games

A federal appeals court Nov. 13 gave at least a temporary victory to a Christian school that was banned from praying over the loudspeaker before a high school football game. The ruling sends the case back to a lower court to be heard a second time.

Ellie Goulding Threatens to Back Out of Cowboys’ Thanksgiving Halftime Show if Salvation Army Won’t Endorse LGBTQ

Grammy-nominated artist Ellie Goulding is threatening to back out of her halftime performance at the Dallas Cowboys’ nationally televised Thanksgiving football game unless the Salvation Army, a Christian organization, makes a “solid, committed pledge or donation to the LGBTQ community.”

Do Religion and Morality Still Belong in Our Society?

In October, President Donald Trump, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and Attorney General William Barr gave speeches highlighting the importance of faith and religious freedom. Not surprisingly, the media breathlessly reported on those remarks.

Appeals Court Issues Emergency Order in Support of Faith-Based Adoption Agency

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit issued an emergency order Nov. 11 to temporarily block New York officials from trying to shut down a faith-based adoption agency that exclusively places children in homes with a married mother and father.

Judge Strikes Down Trump Administration Conscience Protections for Pro-Life Healthcare Workers

A federal judge struck down a Trump administration conscience rule that would have allowed health professionals to reject performing and participating in abortions, assisted suicide, and other medical services that are in conflict with their faith beliefs or moral values.

AG Barr Says America Was Founded on Judeo-Christian Values, Progressive Group Calls Statement ‘Toxic Christian Nationalism’

U.S. Attorney General William Barr is receiving heat from a liberal Christian group for a recent speech at the Notre Dame University Law School in which he praised religion as a basis for the country’s moral system.

Support Same-Sex Weddings or Else! CO Commission That Hounded Jack Phillips Now Targets Christian Web Designer

The Colorado Civil Rights Commission, the same organization responsible for its infamous case against Christian baker Jack Phillips that went all the way to the US Supreme Court, is still trying to censor its citizens who voice views in favor of traditional biblical marriage.

ABA Blatantly Attacks Conservative Judicial Nominee

Lawrence VanDyke, one of President Trump’s 9th Circuit Court of Appeals judicial nominees, testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee Oct. 30 as part of a contentious confirmation process.

Transgender ‘Woman’ Bloodies 79-Year-Old Man With Stiletto Heel For Preaching On The Subway

A 79-year-old man preaching from the Bible on a subway was left beaten and bloodied by a transgender 'woman' who allegedly attacked him with a high heel shoe.

Ex-LGBTQ People Share Transformation Stories at US Capitol

Eighteen former LGBTQ+ individuals held a press conference on Capitol Hill Oct. 30. Their message to Congress and the media: Homosexuals and transgender people really can change.

Parents fight back as schools jam mandatory LGBT lessons on kids

Parents in the United Kingdom infuriated by mandatory LGBT lessons in public schools have launched an organization and a petition demanding the right to exempt their children from the indoctrination.

Trump Admin Proposes End to Obama Crackdown Against Faith-Based Adoption and Foster Care Agencies

A Senior White House Official tells CBN News that the Trump administration plans to announce a move Friday that would allow faith-based adoption and foster care providers to receive federal money without compromising their beliefs on traditional marriage.

Kentucky Supreme Court Upholds Religious Liberty in Christian Print Shop Case

On Thursday, the Kentucky Supreme Court ruled in favor of Lexington promotional print shop owner Blaine Adamson, concluding a seven-year legal battle.

Supreme Court Rejects Case of Christian Teen Forced to Write Islamic Conversion Prayer

One of the religious liberty cases the Supreme Court Justices won't be hearing this term is the issue of Maryland High School student Caleigh Wood, who refused to take part in a school assignment to write the Islamic conversion prayer that states “… there is no god but Allah,” because she believed it directly contradicted her Christian faith.

Beto: Support Same-Sex Marriage or Lose Tax-Exempt Status

Texas Democrat Beto O’Rourke, one of nine Democratic presidential candidates to take part in CNN’s LGBTQ town hall event Oct. 10, found himself in hot water with conservatives after declaring that as president, he would revoke the tax-exempt status of religious institutions that don’t support same-sex marriage.

Voluntary Day of Prayer in Tennessee Upsets Atheists

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee and his wife, Maria, have invited the people of their state to join them today in a voluntary “Day of Prayer, Humility and Fasting.” Atheist groups objected, claiming that the proclamation violates the U.S. Constitution.

Actress Sues After Bible Verse Post On Facebook caused her to be Dropped and Fired

Christian star intends to take theatre and former agents to court for breach of contract and religious discrimination

Dr. Robert Jeffress Responds to Atheist Group Attack on Christian Judge in Amber Guygar Trial

Dr. Robert Jeffress made an appearance on Fox today to discuss the attack on a Christian judge who gave a Bible to a woman she had just tried for murder.

Graham, Huckabee, Jeffress Say Soul of Nation is at Stake in 2020

In a special Fox Nation presentation Thursday, host Todd Starnes kept the peace while tossing heated questions at an expert panel of politicians, citizen activists, and Christian leaders about how religious freedom, education and politics is impacting the culture – and how to prevent what each believes will be the demise of America if its people do not rise up and push back.

First Chick-fil-A in the UK to close just 6 months after opening amid LGBTQ protests

The first Chick-fil-A in the United Kingdom announced it would be shutting down in six months, just days after the popular American fast-food chain made its debut in the country, amid pressures from gay rights activists protesting the chain for contributing millions of dollars to anti-LGBTQ groups.

Federal Judge Bans Obamacare Abortion and Transgender Care Mandate

A federal district court judge in Texas ruled this week that Obamacare regulations mandating medical facilities provide abortion and transgender care services violates the rights of private healthcare providers and insurers who do not facilitate such services because of their religious beliefs.

Franklin Graham Laments Ron Reagan Jr. Atheism Ad in-which he Boasts he’s “Not Afraid of Burning in Hell”

Rev. Franklin Graham expressed disappointment Thursday that President Ronald Reagan’s son boasted about his atheism in a recent ad for the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF).

AG Barr Blasts ‘Militant Secularists’ in Speech on Religious Freedom

Attorney General William Barr blasted "militant secularists" and their attacks on Judeo-Christian values in a blistering speech at Notre Dame Friday, saying "religion has been under increasing attack" over the past five decades.

Minnesota Officials Take Christian Filmmakers Back to Court

Just last month, the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the state of Minnesota could not force Christian wedding videographers Carl and Angel Larsen to create content that violates their religious beliefs. With this decision, the Larsens thought their three-year court battle was over. But it turns out Minnesota officials aren’t willing to accept defeat.