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Friday, March 5, 2021
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‘The Bible Isn’t the Word of God’: Nashville Church Comes under Fire for Denying the Bible Is God’s Word

The "Church" added that the Bible “isn’t: the Word of God, self-interpreting, a science book, an answer/rule book, inerrant or infallible"

Two Christians Studying Bible in Park Charged with Blasphemy in Pakistan

Police in Pakistan charged 2 Christians with blasphemy after Muslims objected to their Bible study in a park, attorney says.

Bible Bite: Jesus Is Not Calling Us to Religion

Christianity distinguishes it from religion because it does not rely on what is done by man, but rather what was done for man.

China Arrests 4 Christians for Selling Audio Bibles as Part of Crackdown on Christianity

4 Christians arrested for selling audio Bibles this year as part of a government campaign to “eradicate pornography and illegal publications"

Ken Ham: Compromise Killed This Christian College

The college has essentially become secular with a veneer of Christianity, undermining God's Word to the destruction of the students

Joseph Kerr: What Is Your Crisis Default?

Place your faith in Him and not in the world’s system of what will save you and make your life better today, because it will change tomorrow.

Will Graham: What is Truth?

However, the Bible has a lot to say about truth that directly contradicts much of what the world have to say about the matter.

Is Euthanasia a Biblical Solution to Terminal Illness or Suffering?

Without a firm foundation in the Word of God, the decisions we make and the beliefs we hold about these complex issues may be swayed...

Bible Bite: When Will Israel End?

How do we know that God has a plan for Israel today? The ordinances established at creation bear witness that God is faithful to His word.

Chad Thomas: Changing Times & the Remnant Believer

As we near the Lord Jesus’ Return to Rapture His church, we know that the Enemy is on the prowl to steal, kill, and destroy. In this article, I want to go over a few points on what we as believers need to be doing in these Final Moments to remain victorious in the face of discouragement.

Ben Carson Investigates Religious Discrimination After Senior Housing Resident Ordered to Remove Christian Books

Dr. Ben Carson is investigating a complaint concerning the violation of religious liberties at a senior apartment complex in Oklahoma.

Ken Ham: “Polyamorous Parenting” – Who Defines the Family?

Our culture has, by and large, abandoned God’s Word as the authority. Instead, man determines truth—man determines right from wrong.

Atheist Group Armed with New law in UK to Report Bible, Church sermons for ‘Hate Speech’

The United Kingdom's Christian Institute is warning that the Bible could be criminalized in Scotland if a hate-crime bill becomes law.

First Liberty Institute: 9 Out of 10 Say ‘Cancel Culture’ Pressures People to Hide Faith

First Liberty: "We’re finding that people of faith in America are fighting back against the pressure of cancel culture."

Town Paints Over Noah’s Ark Display on Playground After Atheist Group Complains

After complaint from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, a City in Massachusetts agreed to paint over a Noah's Ark Display.

As They Turn To Burning Bibles, Portland Rioters Show Their True Colors

While rioters previously attacked federal buildings, businesses, and even officers, this weekend, they found a new target: Bibles.

Scottish Christians Warn Hate Crime Bill Could Criminalize the Bible

Scottish Christians have warned new hate speech legislation could enshrine “cancel culture” in law while rendering expression of biblical morality illegal

Franklin Graham: The Love That Conquers Racism

Unfortunately, until Christ returns, we'll continue to see acts of violence & injustice because we live in a fallen world under the evil influence of Satan.

Robert Jeffress Slams CNN, Don Lemon for Claiming Jesus Wasn’t Perfect: ‘Uncontested Champions of Fake News’

CNN's Don Lemon claimed Jesus Christ was "not perfect;" Pastor Robert Jeffress: that "makes him and his network the uncontested champions of Fake News."

Mike Huckabee: Racism a ‘Spiritual’ Problem for US — & Elections Can’t Solve It

America's racism problem is more "spiritual" than political, Mike Huckabee said Saturday night; "The only way to get rid of racism is with God."

Jihadist, Christian Persecuting Iranian President Lectures President Trump About Bible

Iranian President who presides over funds for jihadist groups, threatens destruction of Israel, and Persecutes Christians lectures Trump on the Bible.

Hal Lindsey: Fear, Apathy, or Love

The current worldwide pandemic has frightened some to the point of paralysis... This should not be the response of the followers of Christ.

North Korea ‘Church’ Doesn’t Look Like Any Other But It Exists: Watchdog

Being a Christian in North Korea means using mysterious, spylike tactics to read the Bible, facing threats of concentration camps, the death penalty.

Quarantined Police Officer: ‘I Asked Siri, How Can I Get Saved?’

From a device that usually carries a severe anti-Bible bias, Siri finally pointed in the right direction when an officer asked 'How can I get saved?'

Danish Bible Society’s Translation Omits Dozens of References to Israel

The Danish Bible Society has omitted dozens of references to Israel from translations of the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament.

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell at White House: Use this Time to get Back in the Word, calls People to Pray

Mike Lindell spoke at the White House explaining what his company is doing to help during the coronavirus crisis, but he also had words of Biblical advice.

Amir Tsarfati: Fear Not!

Amir presents the incredible words spoken to comfort Israel & explains why Christians as well should cling to the comfort God provides in this passage!

Bible Bite: God Has Not Forgotten His People

If God forgot His people, He could forget you. If God is faithful to His promises to Israel, He surely will be faithful to His promises to you.

Bible Prophecy – Happening Now with Jack Hibbs and Jan Markell

Jan Markell of Olive Tree Ministries joins Pastor Jack to discuss apostasy in the church, the return of Christ, the nation of Israel, and much more.

Bible Prophecy – Happening Now with Jack Hibbs and Don Stewart

Prophecy is unfolding before our eyes and it’s happening fast. Gain a clear understanding of these major events as Pastor Jack Hibbs and Don Stewart take a biblical approach to what is happening in Iran and America.

Tom Hughes – Prophecy Update: World In Peril

With fires raging in Australia & tensions rising between the US & Iran, it leaves us wondering what will happen next. What does the Bible say about this?

Chad Thomas: How Bible Prophecy Points us to Jesus Christ

From the book of Genesis to Revelation, Bible Prophecy points us to God’s complete story of the fall and redemption of mankind through His son Jesus Christ!

Bible Prophecy – Happening Now with Jack Hibbs and Don Stewart

Pastor Jack Hibbs and Don Stewart examine God’s prophetic Word in light of world events, including topics such as Trump pulling troops out of Turkey, the Middle East Conflict, and Russia posing as a threat to the nation of Israel. What do these developments mean for the Christian?

Hillary Clinton uses Bible to Insult President Trump, Melania at Cummings’ Funeral; likening them to Ahab, Jezebel

On Friday during Rep. Elijah Cummings’ (D-MD) funeral, former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton used a Biblical analogy to take a veiled shot at President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump, likening them to "wicked King Ahad and Queen Jezebel".

Iranian Pastor and eight others Sentenced to five Years in Prison for holding Church Service

Matthias Haghnejad, leader of the Iranian church, and eight other members have been sentenced to five years in prison after a short trial alongside eight more.

Dr. Robert Jeffress Responds to Atheist Group Attack on Christian Judge in Amber Guygar Trial

Dr. Robert Jeffress made an appearance on Fox today to discuss the attack on a Christian judge who gave a Bible to a woman she had just tried for murder.

Pew: U.S. Christian Population in Freefall, 12% Drop in Ten Years

Christianity in the United States is declining at an unprecedented rate, a new study by the Pew Research Council revealed Thursday, and the percentage of Christians in the country has hit an all-time low.

Tom Hughes Prophecy Update: Technology of the Antichrist

In this week's Prophecy Update with Tom Hughes, we look at the technology of the Antichrist. Today it seems that big tech companies know more about us then we do. What will be done with all our information, or more importantly, what could be done? Let's see what the Bible has to say!

Barry Stagner: In an Un-Repentant World, Is God Unfair?

People today are saying the way of the Lord is not fair. What that translates into is that they want to practice things that the Bible prohibits, without the fear of consequence. Therefore, they deem the Word of God to be unfair.

Hal Lindsey: The Ultimate Shelter

When a massive hurricane rolls across the ocean toward land, bands of the storm often go well ahead of the storm itself. When one of them hits land, surf and winds rise. Rain increases. But between the bands, skies can be clear. Meanwhile, further out, the heart of the storm keeps churning, growing, and moving ominously closer to land. That’s something like the way Jesus described events as the end of the age approaches. He said it would be like a woman in labor.

Dr. Robert Jeffress: Nutritionists Flip Flop on Red Meat, But What does the Bible say?

So often, trusted scientific “facts” flip flop throughout our lifetimes. It’s bewildering to try to keep up with the latest research on every little thing, from a child’s crib to the dinner plate. But the Bible, along with some old-fashioned common sense, is still the best guide for life.

Judge Rules Bible ‘Incompatible with Human Dignity’

An Employment Tribunal in the United Kingdom has ruled that the biblical doctrine that people are created male and female is "incompatible with human dignity" and those who follow it can be fired from their jobs on that basis.

Barry Stagner: A Strong Finish (Part 2)

Pastor Barry Stagner explains why it is more important than ever to persevere, not growing weary in doing the work of the Lord, knowing your labour for God’s kingdom is not in vain.

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