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January 18 2021

Tag: Protests

Philadelphia Violent Protests

Protests Turn Violent After Cops Shoot Man Armed with Knife in...

Protests in multiple parts of Philadelphia turned violent on Monday night after two police officers shot a Black man armed with a knife.

University offers ‘How to Overthrow the State’ course focused on Marxist...

Charlie Kirk: “If the past few months have taught us anything it is that these are not just thought experiments happening in isolation on college campuses"
Hong Kong Protests, Police

Hundreds of Hong Kong Protesters Arrested After Gov’t Delays Elections for...

Hong Kong police have arrested hundreds of people at anti-government protests over the decision to postpone elections.
Rome Coronavirus Protests

Thousands Gather in Rome to Protest ‘Health Dictatorship’

Protesters denounced “strategy of terror” employed by gov't-controlled media & ongoing “health dictatorship” used to thwart democratic process
Portland Protests, Rioting, Police

Police Dodge Firebombs as Portland Protesters Mark 100 Straight Days

Portland erupted in a new round of violence Saturday night as rioters engaged in a street battle with police, throwing firebombs at officers.
Black Lives Matter Protests

Universities Helped Train the Rioters Burning American Cities by ‘Cranking Out...

College campuses have become training camps for radicals, are the source of the rioting in US cities, according to academic, college officials
Lawlessness Kenosha, Wisconsin

Trump Sends Federal Law Enforcement to Kenosha to Help Quell Riots

President Trump said Wednesday that Wisconsin Gov. had finally accepted his offer to send federal forces to Kenosha, to stop violent riots.
Anti-Mask Protest

Anti-Mask Protest Rocks Quebec: ‘Stop Letting Pieces of Our Freedom Be...

A large crowd of people marched on Quebec’s national assembly on Sunday to protest mandatory mask requirements.
Mayor Lori Lightfoot

Chicago Police Ban Protests On Mayor’s Block, Order Arrests For Violators

It did not distinguish between the peaceful protesters Lightfoot regularly says she supports and those who might intend to be destructive.
Minnesota Businesses

Minneapolis Forcing Riot-Wrecked Businesses To Pay Property Taxes Before Getting Permits...

Cash-strapped Minneapolis is reportedly demanding that riot-wrecked businesses pay their property taxes before being allowed to rebuild.