Body Cam Transcript Tells a Different Story on the Death of George Floyd

George Floyd

Gateway Pundit – The transcript from the body camera worn by J. Alexander Kueng shows clear evidence that George Floyd was suffering respiratory distress before police laid hands on him. He died from a Fentanyl overdose, not from being choked out by Minneapolis police. This news will not bring joy to the crazed, leftist mob screaming to lop off the heads of the Minneapolis police officers who stand accused of “murdering” George Floyd and little attention has been paid to the transcript since its release on July 7. I hope to correct that oversight.

First a note about Officer J. Alexander Kueng. He also is a black man. He was adopted shortly after birth by a white woman and single mother. Can’t have that story out there. Simply does not promote the meme that white Americans are inherently and irredeemably racist. How can a racist white woman be a loving mother to a black child? Racists don’t do that.

Once you read the transcript you will understand why the Minnesota Attorney General withheld the video evidence from the public and why the defense attorneys are trying to get the information out–it exonerates the police.

Here’s the link to the full transcript.

The incident starts with a store manager reporting that George Floyd had just given him a counterfeit bill.

The two officers (Kueng and Thomas Lane) go outside and begin the investigation by trying to get George Floyd out of his car:

Lane: Get out of the car.

George Floyd: I didn’t know, i didn’t know Mr. Officer.

Shawanda Renee Hill: Stop resisting Floyd!

Lane: Put your f***ing hands behind your back. Put your hands behind your back right now!

Kueng: Stop moving. Stop! Put your hands behind your back then!

Lane: Get his other arm

George Floyd: I’m not going to do nothing. [crosstalk 00:03:24].

Kueng: Hey you come back! Stay in the car!

George Floyd: I’m sorry Mr. Officer, I’ll get on my knees whatever.

Shawanda Renee Hill: What did you say sir?

George Floyd: Oh man

Kueng: Stop resisting then.

George Floyd: I’m not.

Kueng: Yes, you are.

Floyd was not cooperative. He was disoriented and not acting rationally. Floyd was accompanied by another black man. In contrast to Floyd, the other gentleman followed police instructions.

George Floyd was not passive nor cooperative despite media claims to the contrary. The video that fueled outrage across America tells a very misleading story. The words of the transcript are not lies.

In the next relevant bit of conversation, Floyd concedes that he passed a bad bill to the shop owner who called the police and admits he was not following police instructions.

Kueng: Man, do you know why we’re here?

George Floyd: Why?

Kueng: We’re here because it sounds like you gave a fake bill to the individuals in there.

George Floyd: Yeah

Kueng: Do you understand that?

George Floyd: Yes.

Kueng: And do you know why we pulled you out of the car? Because you was not listening to anything we told you.

George Floyd: Right, but I didn’t know what was going on.

On page 12 of the transcript we get the first evidence that Floyd is high on something and is “foaming” at the mouth. Officer Kueng is very concerned about Floyd’s erratic behavior:

Lane: What, are you on something right now?

George Floyd: No, nothing.

Kueng: Because you acting…

Lane: a little erratic. Let’s go. Let’s go.

George Floyd: I‘m scared, man.

Lane: Let’s go.

Kueng: You got foam around your mouth, too?

George Floyd: Yes, I was just hooping earlier.

Floyd claims he was “hooping” earlier. According to the Urban Dictionary, “hooping” refers to smuggling/transporting something that is inserted in one’s rectum.

Floyd’s erratic behavior escalates as Officer Kueng and Lane try to put him in the police car:

Kueng: Take a seat!

Lane: Grab a seat, man.

George Floyd: Why don‘t y’all believe me, Mr. Officer?

Kueng: Take a seat!

George Floyd: I’m not that kind of guy! l’m not that kind of guy, man!

Kueng: Take a seat!

George Floyd: Y‘all I’m going to die in here! I’m going to die, man!

Kueng: You need to take a seat right now!

George Floyd: And I just had COVID man, I don’t want to go back to that.

Lane: Okay, I’ll roll the windows down. Hey, listen!

George Floyd: Dang, man.

Lane: Listen!

George Floyd: I’m not that kind of guy.

Lane: I’ll roll the windows down. if you put your legs in all right? I’ll put the air on.

George Floyd: [inaudible 00:08:57] look at that, look at that. Look at it!

Speaker 8: You’re not even listening. We can fix it, but not while you’re standing out here.

Pages 15-21 of transcript record the futile effort of the Officers to get Floyd into the police car and Floyd’s drug-induced frenzy and paranoia.

On page 22 of the transcript Floyd starts to claim that he cannot breath. He has not been placed on the ground. In fact, he ASKS THE POLICE TO PUT HIM ON THE GROUND. Cops are not Docs. They do not have magical powers to diagnose whether or not someone is actually having a medical emergency or faking it. Up to this point in their interaction with George Floyd, they had little evidence to trust anything Floyd said:

Kueng: Get in the car!

George Floyd: I’m not a bad guy! Man, [inaudible 00:10:02]. Please, Mr. Ofcer! Please!

Kueng: Take a seat!

George Floyd: Please! Please! No, [inaudible 00:10:10].

Kueng: Take a seat.

George Floyd: I can‘t choke, can’t breathe Mr. Officer! Please! Please!

Kueng: Fine.

George Floyd: My wrist, my wrist man. Okay, okay. I want to lay on the ground. l want to lay on the ground. I want to lay on the ground!

Lane: your getting in the squad.

George Floyd: want to lay on the ground! I’m going down, I’m-going down, I‘m going down.

Kueng: Take a squat.

George Floyd: I can’t f***ing breathe man. I can‘t f***ing breathe.

Kueng: Here, Come on out!

George Floyd: [inaudible 00:11:10] thank you. Thank you.

Thao: Just lay him on the ground.

You can finish reading the transcript for yourself. But the bottom line is clear–Floyd’s respiratory crisis was caused by the Fentanyl he had ingested before the police showed up on the scene. That evidence is quite clear in the autopsy report. Those who have rushed to judgment in condemning the Minneapolis Police Department will have to do some major mea culpas.

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