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Monday, April 19, 2021

Tom Cotton Rips New York Times for Surrendering to ‘Woke Child Mob’ as Editorial Page Director Resigns

Sen. Tom Cotton slammed the New York Times for surrendering “to a woke child mob” by backtracking on whether it stood by publishing his op-ed supporting the use of the US military to crack down on protests.

“The New York Times editorial page editor and owner defended it in public statements but then they totally surrendered to a woke child mob from their own newsroom that apparently gets triggered if they’re presented with any opinion contrary to their own, as opposed to telling the woke children in their newsroom this is the workplace, not a social justice seminar on campus,” Cotton told Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” on Sunday.

The Times initially defending its decision to run the piece, but after backlash from staffers said it “did not meet our standards” and was published due to a “rushed editorial process.”

Cotton, however, said that he believes his op-ed “far exceeded” the standards of the Gray Lady.

“They still haven’t identified any facts that are wrong in the op-ed. They haven’t identified what was so rushed about this process,” he said. “They’ve only prostrated themselves in front of their young children who are acting like children.”

Cotton insisted there was no “rising up in arms” at the paper when a Taliban leader penned an editorial earlier this year.

“It just goes to show you the moral rot inside some of our media and academic institutions, that they don’t get outraged about the Taliban but they do get outraged about conservative opinion,” Cotton said.

Eileen Murphy, a Times spokeswoman, previously said that the paper going forward will consider long-term and short-term changes to the editorial review process.

Harbingers Daily Note: The Hill report that the New York Times editorial page director James Bennet resigned Sunday resigned:

New York Times editorial page director James Bennet resigned Sunday, the newspaper announced, following the newspaper’s decision to publish a controversial op-ed by Republican Sen. Tom Cotton (Ark.) that sparked backlash. 

The Times said Bennet’s resignation is effective immediately. He had been in the position since May 2016. 


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