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October 25 2020

Tag: Palestinian Terrorism

Hamas Terror Tunnels

IDF Discovers Extensive ‘Terror Tunnel’ Coming From the Gaza Strip

Israeli officials believe that the Iranian terror proxy, Hamas, is responsible for the tunnel, which the IDF is in the process of destroying.
Gaza Fires Rocket into Israel

13 Israelis Injured by Rocket Fire as Peace Deals Signed

13 people were injured by Rocket fire from Gaza into southern Israel as Netanyahu signed normalization deals with the UAE and Bahrain.
incendiary balloons

Arson Balloons from Gaza Spark 23 Fires in Southern Israel

Airborne incendiary devices launched from Gaza sparked at least 23 fires in southern Israel on Saturday according to Israel’s Fire & Rescue.
Turkey, Hamas

Israel Says Turkey is Granting Passports to Hamas Members

Turkey's growing support for the designated terror group Hamas is said to be fracturing diplomatic ties with both Israel & the US.
Palestinian Terrorism

Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Gaza Threatens ‘Explosion’ if Blockade Continues

Palestinian Islamic Jihad have increased their rocket and arson attacks against Israel; Israel responds by closing crossings sparking threats
Rabbi Stabbed, Killed

Rabbi Killed in Stabbing Attack in Central Israel, Palestinian Arrested

A Palestinian from the occupied West Bank fatally stabbed an Israeli rabbi on a street in the central Israeli on Wednesday, police said.
Iran Ali Khamenei

Iran Vows to Stand by Hamas in Destroying Israel

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei vowed on Monday to fight with the Palestinians against Israel until the Jewish state's demise.
Anti-Israel Protests in Brussels Belgium

Belgian Protesters at Anti-Annexation Rally Call for ‘War Against Jews’

Protesters at an anti-annexation rally in Belgium Sunday were heard shouting anti-Semitic chants including calling for “war against the Jews in the streets”
Palestinians burned an Israeli and a US flag during a protest in Gaza City.

Violence & Antisemitism: Groups in U.S. Call for ‘Day of Rage’...

"There is every reason to believe that the planned July 1 ‘Day of Rage’ will be a day of violence and antisemitism, commensurate with… the word ‘rage,'"
IDF Responds to Rockets Fired toward Israel from Gaza

Palestinians in Gaza Fire Two Rockets at Israel, IDF Hits Hamas...

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip fired two rockets at Israel, military says; IDF aircraft carried out retaliatory strikes against Hamas targets in Gaza.