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October 25 2020

Tag: Mike Pompeo

Pompeo Seeks to Cut US Funds for Major Rights NGOs Over...

Pompeo seeks to officially brand several major human rights non-governmental organizations as anti-Semitic and cease US support for them

Potential Withdrawal of US Diplomats from Iraq Leads to Speculation of...

Concerns of a coming military conflict between Iran and the US are growing after Pompeo threatened to close embassy, withdraw US diplomats.
Mike Pompeo

Pompeo Blasts Communist China for Cracking Down on Christians, Seeking to...

Pompeo blasted the atheist CCP in China for persecuting Christians & trying to rewrite the Bible to Communist Chinese objectives.
Mike Pompeo - US Sanctions Iran

US Issues Sweeping Sanctions That Target Iranian Arms industry

The Trump admin announced a series of new sanctions that target Iran’s arms industry as a part of the “maximum pressure” campaign.

Pompeo Implores Christians to ‘Be Bold in Their Faith,’ Exercise Their...

Pompeo: "Wherever you may find yourself, exercise your right to religious freedom. Be open. Be clear about who you are."
Mike Pompeo

Pompeo says will do all it needs to do to ensure...

Pompeo says the US will return to the UN to reimpose sanctions on Iran next week & would do all it needed to insure sanctions are enforced.
Mike Pompeo

Pompeo: US to Impose Sanctions on International Criminal Court Chief Prosecutor

Pompeo: Washington to impose sanctions on ICC officials, accusing court of “illegitimate attempts to subject Americans to its jurisdiction”
Mike Pompeo, TikTok

Pompeo Warns TikTok Users’ Personal Info Could be going ‘Directly to...

Pompeo supported Trump's proposed ban of TikTok, explaining how the app exposes American's personal info and sends it 'directly' to the Chinese government.

Netanyahu, Pompeo Put Trump Peace Plan Back on the Table

After weeks of silence on Trump’s peace plan, Netanyahu & Pompeo put it back on the agenda in remarks to the relaunch of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus

Pompeo: US & Allies Intercepted Iranian Weaponry Being Transferred to Houthi...

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reveals that Iranian weaponry being smuggled to Yemen was intercepted by the US and other international military partners