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Friday, March 5, 2021
Tags Calling Good Evil and Evil Good

Tag: Calling Good Evil and Evil Good

Iran Issues Travel Advisory for Citizens not to Visit America; Citing U.S. ‘Cruel’ and ‘inhuman’ Laws toward Iranians

Iran warned its citizens, particularly scientists, on Tuesday not to visit America, saying Iranians there were subjected to arbitrary and lengthy detention in inhuman conditions.

JD Farag – Bible Prophecy Update: Demonic Discord and Division

Pastor JD talks about the urgency on the part of some to expedite the implementing of their agendas, specifically, as it relates to the removing of the US President and Israeli Prime Minister, both of whom today stand in their way.

UPDATE: Judge Drops Five Felony Charges Against Journalist Who Exposed Planned Parenthood

On Friday, a San Francisco Superior Court judge dropped five of the standing 14 felony charges against undercover journalist David Daleiden in the so-called “Baby Body Parts” case that exposed unsavory and potentially illegal practices by abortion giant Planned Parenthood.

Man Who Popped Baby Trump Balloon: Finally Liberals are Mad About Killing a Baby

“It comes a point when you gotta take a stand. We don’t have two parties anymore. We have good vs. evil... When you got one party that says it’s OK to kill babies and by the way, this is the first time I’m ever seen a liberal get mad about chopping up a baby."

Hal Lindsey: Choosing Evil

What’s happening with American corporations is far more dangerous than mere greed. Over and over again, they’re calling evil good, and good evil.

Birth coach ‘hounded out’ of industry by Trans Activists for ‘Offensive’ Facebook Message saying only Women can have Babies

A birth coach has been ‘ostracised’ by her professional organisation after transgender activists branded as offensive a Facebook post in which she said that only women can have babies.

Sanders Urges giving Chunk of US Military Aid to Gaza instead; Calls Netanyahu Gov. Racist

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders said Monday that part of the $3.8 billion in annual US military assistance to Israel should instead go toward humanitarian relief in Gaza.

DISGUSTING: Student Asks Holocaust Survivor If He Supports Israel’s ‘Ethnic Cleansing’

A college student at Benedictine University asked a Holocaust survivor if he supports Israel’s alleged “ethnic cleansing” of Palestinians earlier in October and walked out after he wouldn’t denounce the country.

Hillary Clinton uses Bible to Insult President Trump, Melania at Cummings’ Funeral; likening them to Ahab, Jezebel

On Friday during Rep. Elijah Cummings’ (D-MD) funeral, former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton used a Biblical analogy to take a veiled shot at President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump, likening them to "wicked King Ahad and Queen Jezebel".

Thousands of Witches Plot a ‘Binding Spell’ Against President Trump

As if battling House Democrats' impeachment inquiry against him wasn't enough, President Donald Trump will next have to face a "binding spell" cast by "thousands" of witches late Friday night.

Franklin Graham responds to San Francisco’s “blacklisting” of states with Pro Life Laws

City employees in San Francisco are now forbidden to take work trips or do business with companies in 22 states that have “restrictive abortion laws.” Franklin Graham took to Facebook this morning to respond...

Slaveholding Mauritania, Sharia Sudan, and jihad-plagued Libya Elected to UN Human Rights Council

Tyrants celebrate as U.N. elects Venezuela, Mauritania, Libya, Sudan to top rights body.

DC City Council Considers Decriminalization of Sex Trade

The Washington, D.C. City Council on Oct. 17 will hold a public hearing concerning a proposal to fully decriminalize the sex trade in the District of Columbia.

Franklin Graham Laments Ron Reagan Jr. Atheism Ad in-which he Boasts he’s “Not Afraid of Burning in Hell”

Rev. Franklin Graham expressed disappointment Thursday that President Ronald Reagan’s son boasted about his atheism in a recent ad for the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF).

Hillary Clinton Wins Pro-Abortion “Lifetime Achievement” Award, Calls Killing Babies a Human Right

Calling Good Evil and Evil Good - The pro-abortion group NARAL celebrated its 50th anniversary Thursday by giving failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton its Lifetime Achievement Award.

Is Hillary Gearing Up For Late-Stage Do-Over Against “Corrupt Human Tornado” Trump?

Based on bookies' bets and a few recent actions, speculation is once again starting to grow that Hillary Clinton may be about to enter the Democratic Party presidential nominee race...

Nancy Pelosi says Abortion Bans ‘Ignore Basic Morality’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., told one of the nation's leading abortion advocacy groups on Thursday that Republicans "ignore basic morality" when they push bans on the practice.

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