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October 25 2020

Tag: Iran


Iran Says UN Arms Embargo on Tehran Has Ended

A longstanding UN embargo on arms sales to and from Iran expired in line with a 2015 landmark nuclear deal, the Iranian foreign ministry said
Iran Ali Khamenei

US Hits Iran’s Financial Sector with Fresh Round of Sanctions

Trump admin Thursday imposed sweeping sanctions on Iran's banking sector, taking a major new step aimed at crippling the arch-rival's economy.
David Friedman

David Friedman: ‘A Biden Victory Would be Bad for Israel, Region’

Friedman tells UAE media that Joe Biden would undermine the progress made in the effort to curb the threat Iran poses to the Middle East.
Russian s-400 - Turkey

Russia Willing to Sell Iran Advanced Air Defense Systems: Report

Russia's envoy to Tehran cited as saying Moscow open to arms deals once international embargo on Tehran expires.

Iranian-Sponsored Attacks on Bahrain Expected to Increase Amid New Relationship with...

The Islamic Republic was quick to issue threats towards the small Gulf State following announcement of new diplomatic ties with Israel.
Israel, UAE, Bahrain

UAE Official Cites Iranian and Turkish Aggression as Motive for Reconsidering...

United Arab Emirates (UAE) addressed Iranian aggression and Turkish hypocrisy as motive for the UAE’s new ties with Israel.
Lebanon Explosion, Hezbollah

Arms Depot of Iran-Backed Hezbollah Explodes in Lebanon, Source Says

An arms depot of the Iran-backed terror group Hezbollah exploded in Lebanon on Tuesday injuring several people.
Donald Trump - US Navy

Amid Concern Over Iranian Plot to Assassinate a US Official, Trump...

POTUS released a very strong warning via twitter, warning Iran of the consequences they’d face should they target American personnel.
Mike Pompeo

Pompeo says will do all it needs to do to ensure...

Pompeo says the US will return to the UN to reimpose sanctions on Iran next week & would do all it needed to insure sanctions are enforced.
Russia Turkey Iran

Russia, Iran & Turkey Seek ‘Strong Foundation’ for Partnership

Iran Media described discussions as working to form “strong foundation” for future work; Iran, Turkey & Russia have worked closely in Syria.