May 17, 2024

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May 17, 2024

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Bible Bites

Bible Bites

Appealing And Inclusive Lies: Why All Roads Can’t Lead To The Truth

There has to be a universal standard for entering the heavenly kingdom, because contradictory beliefs cannot be a pathway to the same destination.

Ready and Waiting: Toiling For The Gospel As The World Unravels

The rapture is our blessed hope, and provides peace in this chaotic world... It also encourages holy living, and the desire to fulfill our calling while we remain on this world.

Rampant Deception: Has The World Been Conditioned To Reject Facts And Truth?

The only way you can detect deception is if you are holding onto the word of God and if you read and if you eat and devour and you know it. Because when you know the word of God, they cannot deceive you.

God’s Righteous Judgment Is A Stumbling Block To Many In Our Day

To have any moral objection to a person’s choices or behavior is deemed to be hatred and bigotry. Because of this, God is rejected by many.

There Is No New Revelation: What Jesus Would Say To The New Apostolic Reformation

If we were able to ask Jesus face to face today what would He say about the New Apostolic Reformation and those who allegorize the book of Revelation?

Amir Tsarfati & Barry Stagner: God Is Not Taken By Surprise

What an incredible concept to consider that we know and serve a God who sits on high and can talk about tomorrow with the same certainty as we can talk about yesterday.

Bible Bite: What Did You Expect the End Times to be Like?

What did you expect the end times to be like? I mean, if anything, everything we see that is happening all around the world should encourage us.

Bible Bite: Standing In Contrast To This World

Yes, our world hates us and says all manner of evil against us falsely for His name’s sake. However, none of those things exempts us from being “like Christ”.

Bible Bite: Why Jesus Deity Is Non-Negotiable

There is one truth above all others in the Bible pertaining to saving faith that is non-negotiable and not subject to interpretation: the Deity of Jesus Christ.

Bible Bite: The Name That Stands Alone & Above All Others

Only through the name of Jesus can one be saved, only by the name of Jesus can we be delivered from sin and darkness.

God Has Appointed Times

Jesus said to be ready for His coming, and the truth is we have to be prepared now because when He comes there will be no time to get ready.

What the Future Holds for the Nation of Israel

"Is there any indication of Israel’s salvation during the millennial kingdom? Of course! Zechariah 12:10 says, “And I will pour on the house of...

Bible Bite: The Greatest Miracle – The Saving Of Our Souls

This is the greater work that Jesus Christ spoke of, that through our witness others may come to saving faith in Him.

Bible Bite: We Need the Messiah, Our Risen King

You can be any religion you can think of and still miss His coming. Jesus wants us to come to the understanding that we need a Savior...

Bible Bite: The Problem Of The Human Heart

“The heart of the human problem is the problem of the human heart.” While the source of this truism is unknown, it's rooted in Biblical truth