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August 2, 2021
Monday, August 2, 2021
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MIDEAST REVIEW w/ Amir Tsarfati: Twisting Political Landscape

Missiles fired by F16s, were intercepted by Russian-made air defense systems. This means Russia is actively assisting Syria against Israeli strikes

‘Iran Is A Global Problem’: Israel Said Weighing Response To Attack On Ship

"They were so eager to attack an Israeli target that they’ve embroiled themselves and incriminated themselves in the killing of foreign citizens”

Israel Carries Out Second Series of Strikes in Syria this Week

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reportedly struck targets in Syria for the second time this week overnight on Thursday

Summer Camp In Gaza: Creating New Generations Of Terrorists

This year some 50,000 children will attend camps sponsored by Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and other terrorist organizations in Gaza.

Severe Water Shortages In Iran Cause Wave Of Protests

Amir Tsarfati: This is what happens: "when a regime invests in rockets and nuclear bombs rather than in caring for [its] own citizens..."

Biden Lifts Economic Sanctions On Iran Hoping They Will Stop Enriching Uranium

Critics accuse Biden admin of wasting diplomatic leverage as they lift sanctions on Iran despite country ramp up uranium enrichment efforts

Report: Iran’s Doomsday Clock on Israel Shuts Down Due to Electricity Shortage

Iran’s doomsday clock counting down the days until Israel’s destruction has reportedly shut down due to electricity shortages.

US Military Strikes Iranian-Backed Fighters Following Rocket Attack in Syria

The US response sought out the locations of the pro-Iranian militias responsible for the attack, hitting multiple sites inside of Syria.

Iran to Deny UN Watchdog Access to Images of Nuclear Sites

Official representing the Islamic Republic claimed that the IAEA would no longer be granted access to images of nuclear sites throughout Iran

Israel Warns Against Raisi Win, Says He Will Be Islamic Republic’s Most Extreme President Yet

“A regime of brutal hangmen must never be allowed to have weapons of mass destruction that will enable it to not kill thousands–but millions"

IDF Displays Force in Destruction of Syrian Military Outpost in Israeli Territory

Israeli soldiers reportedly entered the outpost and planted the explosives; The site was believed to be used by other Iranian-backed groups.

First, A Naval Ship, Then An Oil Refinery: Two Massive Fires In Iran Within Hours of Each Other

A huge fire broke out at an oil refinery in Iranian capital Tehran, a few hours after Iran’s largest navy ship caught fire and sank.

Afghani Refugees to Sweden Believed to be Iranian Agents Plotting Terror

The 2 were reportedly seeking an occasion for terror against Iranian people living in Sweden speaking out in opposition to the Iranian regime

Russia Deploys Three Nuclear-Capable Bombers to Syria

The bombers’ deployment marks the first time since Cold War times that Moscow has stationed heavy bombers in the region.

BREAKING: 12+ Iranian Gunboats Swarm 6 U.S. Warships, Dozens Of Warning Shots Fired

“Over a dozen Iranian gunboats harass formation of six U.S. warships including guided-missile submarine Georgia"

Massive Fire Erupts Near Iranian Nuclear Plant; Iran Releases Video Threatening Israeli Facility

A massive fire broke out near the Islamic Republic's only functioning nuclear power plant late on Friday night.

European Countries Condemn Israel for Construction in Jerusalem

The governments of France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Britain on Thursday issued a statement condemning Israel for approving construction in the Har Homa neighborhood...

Jared Kushner to Found ‘Abraham Accords Institute for Peace’ To Build on Deal

Kushner is founding the "Abraham Accords Institute for Peace," to work on deepening agreements Israel reached last year.

Report: Police bar Jewish visitors from Temple Mount until further notice

Move is designed to ward off further tensions after clashes and riots in east Jerusalem amid the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Syrian Armed Forces Accuse Israel Several Pre-Dawn Aerial Strikes

The Syrian Armed Forces have accused Israel of several pre-dawn raids on the Mediterranean port city of Latakia, in what was a rare attack.

Massive Explosion Occurs at Iranian Chemical Factory Amid Rising Tensions; Cause Unknown

A chemical factory in Iran experienced a massive explosion on Sunday, resulting in the arrival of well over a dozen firefighting vehicles

John Kerry’s Anti-Israel Stance Speaks For Itself

Kerry would do well to reflect on why accusations surrounding his attempts to undermine Israel are completely plausible.

Human Rights Watch Issues First Israeli Apartheid Accusations, Calls For UN Sanctions

US-based NGO Human Rights Watch has accused Israel of the crime of apartheid for the first time in the organization’s 43-year history.

Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Warns of Looming Escalation in Gaza

Kohavi warned that Israel is preparing for any escalation that might take place in Gaza amid the recent uptick in Palestinian violence

Secret Recording of Iranian FM Reveals John Kerry Told Him About Israeli Strikes in Syria

Kerry allegedly informed Iran Israel had carried out at least 200 covert strikes against Iran targets, Iranian FM revealed in recording

Israel Strikes Targets Near Damascus in Response to Missile Attack Near Nuclear Reactor

A missile launched from Syria struck Israel near the country’s top-secret nuclear reactor. In response, it said it struck neighboring Syria.

Israel Increasingly Concerned, Frustrated that Biden Admin Will Rejoin Dangerous Iran deal

There is a growing sense of inevitability in Jerusalem over Biden's admin's stance toward Iran, as it looks set to rejoin the nuclear accord.

Israel, Greece Sign Record Defense Pact

The agreement includes a $1.65 billion contract for the establishment and operation of a training center for the Hellenic Air Force.

Jan Markell: Israel Not Fooled By ‘Ironclad’ Promise

“We have the Iran nuclear treaty, which is being resurrected from the dead where it belonged & that is almost begging for Iran to dump a nuclear bomb on Israel”

Israel Notifies US It Attacked Iranian Ship In Red Sea – Report

Israel notified the US that it's responsible for the attack on an Iranian cargo ship affiliated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corp

Jordan’s King Says Prince Is ‘Under His Protection’ After Alleged Coup Plot; Bans Media Coverage

Jordan ordered a ban on all media reporting on the investigation into the alleged coup attempt in the country thwarted over the weekend

Jordanian Authorities Arrest Member of Royal Family Over plot to Unseat King Abdullah

Jordanian authorities arrested a member of the royal family among some 20 plotters conspiring to unseat King Abdullah II

Biden State Department: We Consider Israel To Be ‘Occupying’ Judea & Samaria

“In fact, the 2020 Human Rights Report does use the term ‘occupation’ in the context of the current status of the West Bank"

Iran Rejects Joe Biden’s Compromise Nuclear Offer Before He Makes It

The US is trying to break the nuclear deadlock with Iran, planning a new proposal that would include sanction relief for the Islamic Republic

Erdogan Urges Kosovo To Rethink Opening Of Jerusalem Embassy

Turkish President Erdogan has urged Kosovan Prime Minister Albin Kurti to reconsider the country's decision to open an embassy in Jerusalem.

Amir Tsarfati Middle East Review: Repeated Unfruitful Elections

The repeated unfruitful elections are causing a great frustration to settle into the country. Emotions are overtaking common sense & reason...

Netanyahu Announces Victory, Starts Talking to Coalition Partners

Preliminary results from half the polling stations indicated that Prime Minister Netanyahu would narrowly be able to form a government

Iran, Russia and Turkey Signal Growing Alliance

For years, Turkey would say one thing to Moscow and Tehran while telling Washington’s Iran hawks that Turkey was “against Russia and Iran.”

Amir Tsarfati Middle East Review: ‘Missile City’ & The Expansion Of The Abraham Accords?

Iran Military claims mysterious 'missile city' is not the first of its kind, stating they have numerous others along Persian Gulf.

Turkey Prepares To Clash With Israel, Greece & EU Over East Mediterranean

Turkey warns Greece & Israel must seek “permission before assuming work on a proposed undersea power cable in eastern Mediterranean waters"

Saudis Say Temple Mount and Al Aqsa Not Important to Islam

Palestinian politicians & terrorist tireless invoke the Temple Mount to stir anti-semitism, but Saudis & other Arabs say the site is Jewish.

Petition to Court: Force Gov’t to Sanction Palestinians For ‘Pay-For-Slay’

The law requires gov't deduct sums paid by Palestinian Authority to terrorists & their families from taxes Israel collects on behalf of PA

Israel Accused by Iran After Recent Explosion on Cargo Ship

An Investigator is suggesting that Israel was behind this week’s attack on an Iranian vessel in the Mediterranean Sea

Israel Updating Plans for Potential Iran Strike, May ‘Act Independently’: Minister

The Israeli military is currently updating plans for a prospective military strike on Iranian nuclear sites and may act without U.S. support

Iran’s Intentional Pollution Of Israeli Shores Is Act Of ‘Ecological Terrorism’

Iran intentionally dumped oil on Israel’s shores causing greatest environmental disaster in Israel's history: Israel environment Minister

Amir Tsarfati: The Iran Saga Continues… This Time With U.S. Help

You probably feel I’m always talking about Iran. Well, now is a good time to tell you that the saga continues. Sadly, the US is involved...

Netanyahu: Israel Didn’t Return To The Land To Allow ‘Delusional’ Iran To End Jewish ‘Revival’

Netanyahu: “2,500 years ago, another Persian villain tried to destroy the Jewish people & just as he failed then, so too will you fail today"

Iran Ending Snap Inspections Is ‘Dangerous,’ France, Germany, UK Say

Iran’s decision to block snap inspections by the IAEA is dangerous and a violation of the Iran deal, the European countries said Tuesday.

Iraq’s Third Rocket Attack Within a Week Targets US Embassy in Baghdad

Two rockets landed inside of Baghdad’s Green Zone on Monday in what is now the third rocket attack in Iraq within one week – this time targeting the US embassy.

Nasrallah Threatens War After Israeli Drill Strikes 3,000 Targets In 24 hours In Message To Hezbollah

Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah warned Israel against intimidation and warned any attack would be reciprocated.

Following Normalization, UAE Appoints Its First Ambassador To Israel

This comes after UAE confirmed that it would open an embassy in Tel Aviv in the aftermath of normalization ties between the two countries

IAEA: Iran Producing Uranium Metal

Iran has followed through on its intention to produce uranium metal, which can be used to make the core of an atom bomb.

Iran and Turkey Pursue Renewed Relationship Following Departure of Trump Administration

Amid the reality of a new US administration, the Iranian regime and Turkey are motioning to re-solidify their relationship

Report: Evidence suggests Iranian link to blast near Israeli Embassy in New Delhi

Evidence links Iran to the Terrorist attack on the Israeli embassy in New Delhi on the 29th anniversary of Israel-India diplomatic relations.

Israeli Government Opens Embassy in United Arab Emirates

As a direct result of the Abraham Accords, Israel has officially opened its own embassy in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE); The UAE...

Iran’s Supreme Leader Suspended from Twitter After Death Threat to Former President Trump

Twitter suspended the supreme leader several hours after issuing a death threat to the 45th president of the United States.

How Yemen’s Houthis’ Well-deserved Terrorist Label Gives Biden Important Leverage

How Biden admin. handles Iran and its proxies, notably the Yemeni Houthi militia, could shape Arab region’s opinion of his nascent presidency

Russia Says Israel Should Report Iran Threats In Syria To Moscow Rather Than Responding

Russia: Israel should report security threats in Syria rather than responding in order to keep country from becoming 'battlefield against Iran'

Trump Moves Israel Into Central Command To Boost Cooperation With Arab States Against Iran

Latest defense policy move by the Trump administration reportedly seeks to spur Israeli-Arab cooperation against Iran.

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Conducts Large-Scale Missile Drill in Show of Force

IRGC carries out a massive, multi-day missile test in show of military force amid tensions with the Gulf, Israel, and the United States.

Us Official: Israel Carried Out Syria Strikes Using American Intelligence

Airstrikes in eastern Syria on Iranian-linked targets were carried out by Israel with intelligence provided by the US - US Official

Report: IDF Drawing Up Plans To Strike Iran’s Nuclear Program

The Israel Defense Forces is drawing up plans for an attack on Iran’s nuclear program, the Israel Hayom daily reported.

Pompeo Reveals Newly Declassified Intelligence Showing Iran-AlQaeda Terror Alliance

Iran is allowing al Qaeda to establish a new headquarters on the condition their operatives abide by regime’s rules governing al Qaeda

Iran Tells South Korea Not To Politicize Seized Vessel; Demands $7 Billion

Iran said S. Korea should avoid politicizing seizure of its vessel by IRGC, while pressing Seoul to release $7 billion in funds

Netanyahu Cautions Biden of the Dangers of Returning to the Iran Nuclear Deal

Amid the Biden admin’s intention to return to the Iran Nuclear Deal, Netanyahu issued a serious warning considering Iran’s nuclear agenda.

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