June 14, 2024

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June 14, 2024

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Worldview with Amir Tsarfati: America Nearing Disaster Deal with Iran

Shalom from the fertile Jezreel Valley! It appears that the U.S. is determined to reach a new deal with Iran despite the knowledge that they have much more high-level uranium than previously reported. The IAEA has found uranium particles at Iran’s Fordow facility enriched to 83.7%, just shy of the 90% needed for weapons, and a significant amount that is 60% enriched.

There is no reason for them to have this outside of a weapons program. So, while President Biden says his administration is adamantly opposed to Iran developing a nuclear weapon, he is accepting an Iran that is on the verge of doing so.

The only winners in this deal are the Iranians. Their sanctions will be lifted, they’ll have America’s endorsement that their nuclear program is safe for the world, and Israel will be all alone on any attack planned on Tehran’s weaponization program. Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Israeli government will be forced to make a momentous decision.

Go along with the deal, which will open up a U.S. endorsement of the normalization of relations with the Saudis, along with other “rewards”. Or, take off their gloves, attack the nuclear facilities, and, likely, enter a multi-arena war.

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Prior to the beginning of World War II, Winston Churchill wrote to his friend, Lord Moyne, “We seem to be very near the bleak choice between War and Shame. My feeling is that we shall choose Shame, and then have War thrown in a little later on even more adverse terms than at present.”

It appears that the U.S. President is choosing Shame. I pray that my government does not do the same.

Leader of Hezbollah Threatens Major War with Israel

After Israel’s Military Intelligence chief warned Hezbollah about attempting any sort of military action, the terrorist group’s leader, Hassan Nasrallah, shot back, “You are not the ones to threaten a grand war; we are the ones who rather threaten you with it.”

To back up their threats, Hezbollah carried out a military exercise on Saturday called “al-Fatah al-Mubin”, which simulated the “great final liberation of Palestine” beginning with the breaching of the border fence.

Israel Holds Operation Firm Hand Military Exercise

two-week long drill in Israel, dubbed Firm Hand, was launched by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on Monday. Its focus is on a multiple front, multiple combatant scenario. Recognizing that militia-based threats, like the ones issued in the previous story by Hezbollah, derive their source from Tehran, the main combatant of the exercise is Iran.

Said IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi, “We need to strengthen [our capabilities] more so that we can carry out a broad campaign against Iran.”

IDF Strikes Proxy Militias in Southern Syria

Israeli jets flying over the Golan Heights fired missiles into southern Syria targeting Iran’s proxy militias which have camps all over the area. Hit were military sites south of Damascus which belonged to these terrorist organizations.

Israeli Citizen Killed in West Bank Terror Attack

Members of the terrorist group, Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade, opened fire on a car driven by an Israeli outside the Hermesh settlement. The man was struck and later died of his injuries. The terrorist group admitted “our soldiers” were behind the attack.

Russia/Ukraine War Continues to Rage

This past week saw Russia bombing a hospital in Dnipro that was treating Ukrainian soldiers, pelting Kyiv with missiles and suicide drones that forced many residents to spend the night taking shelter in underground metro stations, and sinking the warship “Yuri Olfirenko” in the port of Odessa. Ukraine for its part scored a moral victory by hitting the Moscow suburbs with at least 25 drones. All this to say that it doesn’t look like this conflict is going to end anytime soon.

Former Russian President Says Nuclear Weapons are a Possibility

Dmitry Medvedev, a former Russian President and Prime Minister from whom the Moscow government seriously needs to consider hiding the vodka bottle, lashed out again with more firebrand vitriol. While condemning the U.S. and the EU for supplying weapons to Ukraine, he imagined a scenario in which the Europeans would provide Kyiv with nuclear weapons.

He felt certain that, under such an occasion, Russia would not only be justified but also likely to launch a preemptive nuclear strike. My dear Dmitry Anatolyevich, no one is talking about giving nuclear weapons to Ukraine. Relax and maybe try a cup of coffee for a change.

Belarusian President Rushed to Hospital with Mysterious Blood Poisoning

Moments after Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow, he was rushed to the hospital where he is in critical condition. Despite being in ill-health for a while, the rumors are circulating that he was poisoned, due to the blood purification processes that he is currently receiving. Naturally, fingers are pointing at Putin, despite Lukashenko seeming to be a loyal toady of the Russian leader.

While not being one to put anything past Moscow’s leadership, it seems to me that murdering a foreign leader during a state visit in an official presidential meeting would be a little careless, even for Russia.

Saudi Arabia’s Scheme to Profit from Russian Sanctions

When the EU sanctioned Russia by limiting their ability to sell fuel, Saudi Arabia said, “Oh, Vladimir, got any diesel just laying around?” Now, the Saudis are buying 180,000 barrels of Russian diesel every day at a marked down price. If you’re wondering why this oil-rich country needs all this Russian fuel, the answer is that they don’t.

Instead, what they are doing is using the cheap Russian diesel for their own needs, while selling their home-produced product at a significantly increased rate to Europe which is desperate for the fuel since they can’t buy it from Russia anymore. Thus, Moscow has a market for their fuel, the Saudis get even richer, and Europe struggles to pay their energy costs while wondering why their sanctions aren’t working.

Iran and Afghanistan Water Dispute Leads to Military Action

Iran has been running out of water for years, and they are very protective of any sources they have. It is this need that has escalated into a shooting battle between the Shiite ayatollahs and their neighbors, the Sunni Taliban who are running Afghanistan.

When negotiations recently broke down between the two sides, numerous skirmishes broke out leading Taliban leader Abdelhamid Khorsani to declare war on Iran. It will be interesting to watch how this conflict plays out.

Turkey’s President Erdogan Wins Another Term

After 21 years in office, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has won reelection to Turkey’s presidency. Sunday’s vote was a run-off which turned in a 52% to 48% victory for Erdogan over his challenger, Kemal Kilicdaroglu. The incumbent has a difficult task in front of him as the country faces rampant inflation and is still dealing with the aftermath of the February 6earthquakes.

Boat Filled with Italian and Israeli Spooks Capsizes

The “Good Uria”, a boat carrying 24 people which was nine beyond its limit, capsized in a sudden storm on Italy’s Lake Maggiore, near the Swiss border. Four people died as a result. One was the Russian wife of the boat’s owner and captain.

It is the other three who are interesting. Two were Italian intelligence officers and one was a former Israeli agent of the Mossad. The surviving passengers, both Italian and Israeli, were quickly spirited away either to a location in Italy or back to Israel.

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Cease The Ceasefire Talks: Allow Israel To Put An End To Hamas’ Chaos, Death, And Destruction

Ceasefires have proven to be a one-sided deal favoring Hamas. They only give the terrorists time to regroup and rearm, providing breathing room to double down on their efforts to destroy the Jewish state. The international community urging Israel to embrace a ceasefire cannot ignore October 7. As long as Hamas is in power, the threat of another massacre looms large.

Today’s Eugenics: A Child’s Life Should Not Be Exterminated Because Of A Disability

Here in the US, babies with disabilities are often listed as reasons why we need to keep abortion legal. But a baby with a disability is just as much made in God’s image, fearfully and wonderfully, as you or I.

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It’s Not God’s ‘Hatred’ For The Lost World That Drives Bible Prophecy… It’s The Love Of God

It is not the hatred of God for the lost people of this fallen planet that drives prophecy. It is the love of God that powers His prophetic Word. It must be the Christian’s desire, therefore, to study Bible prophecy and put forth those forewarnings out of a spirit of God’s love, not through an anger-filled abhorrence of those who are lost.

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