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Monday, April 19, 2021

Harbingers Daily - Original

Dr. Robert Jeffress: The Radical Democrat Party has become the ‘Godless Party’

Jeffress: "The democrat party has become a godless party and so that's why you find such animosity against conservative Christians and against the Bible"

Franklin Graham: Socialist-Leaning Leadership Should Cause Americans Great Concern

Franklin Graham warned Americans Monday to vote out the dangerous politicians flirting with socialism: 'Portland is an example of what will take place'

Franklin Graham: Nancy Pelosi’s Supposed ‘Fight’ for Children Conveniently Ignores The Unborn

Nancy Pelosi recently discussed her continual 'fight' and dedication to the nation's children: Rev. Graham: What about children in the womb?

California Governor Re-Orders Shut Down of Churches in 30 Counties Amid Rise in Covid-19 Cases

California Governor Gavin Newsom on Monday ordered a massive retrenchment of the state's reopening, shutting buisness's and Churches statewide.

ID2020 Certification Mark: The Global Call for a Digital ID

For the first time in human history, technology & global willpower have made factors of Revelation 13:6-7 Mark of the Best feasible: Is ID 2020 a preview?

Franklin Graham Rebukes Media for Criticizing Trump’s Upcoming West Point Speech

Franklin Graham took to Facebook following attacks from Liberal Media that Pres. Trump's upcoming speech at West point is self-serving & dangerous.

Samaritan’s Purse Shares Encouraging Testamony after Tornado Destroys Family’s Home

Franklin Graham shared a video from Samaritan's Purse on Facebook today with an encouraging testimony from a family who's home was destroyed by a Tornado.

Franklin Graham to Gov. Cuomo: Protection of Human Life Should Apply from ‘Womb to Tomb’

Franklin Graham took to Facebook following the comments of NY Gov. Cuomo to point out that the protection of Life should apply from 'womb to tomb'

Girl Teaches Brother Bible Verse to Calm his Fear of Coronavirus; Rev. Graham Commends Mom

Franklin Graham took to Facebook after video came out showing a six-year-old girl calming her brother's fears by holding him and reciting 2 Timothy 1:7

Flying Toward the Storm: Samaritan’s Purse Sends Christians to Help in Italy Amid Coronavirus

As many are retreating, Samaritan's purse sending more volunteers to help in the midst of the Coronavirus providing much-needed help & hope to Italy.

President Trump declares Sunday a National Day of Prayer Amid Coronavirus Crisis

President Trump declared this upcoming Sunday a National Day of Prayer, shortly after declaring a state of emergency amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Franklin Graham: Proud & Thankful that we have Leaders who know that our Help comes from God

Franklin Graham: proud & thankful that we have leaders who know that our help comes from God & aren’t ashamed to bend their knee or bow their head in prayer

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney: The Trudeau Government is allowing an “Atmosphere of Lawlessness”

Alberta's Premier Jason Kenney in a news conference Monday said Trudeau's Liberal Government has allowed an "atmosphere of Lawlessness" and "anarchy".

UPDATE: Sheriff’s Office walks back calling Philip Haney’s Death ‘Self-Inflicted’

Philip Haney, a DHS whistleblower who was an outspoken critic of the Obama administration, was found dead Friday of a gunshot wound, local authorities said.

Franklin Graham: Calls You to be a Voice to Protect Life as Senate Votes on Major Pro-Life Bills

As the Senate is due to vote on two major Pro-Life Bills Tuesday, Franklin Graham urges Christians to "Pray for our senators and be a voice to protect life"

Franklin Graham: Dem’s New Bail Reform Law ‘Encourages Crime’, is ‘Dream Come True for Criminals’

Franklin Graham commented today on the new Democrat NY bail reform bill that took effect Jan. 1, and the ramifications that are already faced by Police.

Virginia Pastor Heckled, Cut off during prayer by Democrats; Franklin Graham: He took a Stand for life, Marriage, & Biblical principles

Franklin Graham commented after a Pastor was heckled, cut off during his opening Prayer in the Virginia House of Delegates for Warning of God's Judgment

Franklin Graham: The Decline of Moral Decency was demonstrated in Super Bowl’s Halftime Show

Franklin Graham expressed his disappointment following the lewd halftime show featuring grossly provocative attire, children in cages, pole dancing.

Watch: Trump delivers remarks with Netanyahu on Mideast Peace Plan

Watch President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu deliver joint remarks unveiling the long-awaited Peace Plan "dubbed the deal of the century" designed by the Trump Administration.

Franklin Graham Thanks the President for using his Voice to Stand for Life

Franklin Graham in a video posted to Facebook thanked the president for his historic attendance at the march for life and discussed the significance of Trump using his voice...

Historic: Trump Becomes First Sitting President to Attend March for Life

Donald J. Trump made history today, becoming the first sitting President to attend the March for Life in Washinton D.C. Trump: 'Today, as President of the United States I am truly proud to stand with you.'

Franklin Graham: Dems don’t care about Strengthening America; they’re only Interest is in Removing the President

Franklin Graham took to Facebook today pointing out the stark contrast between the President and his enemies. The agenda, Rev. Graham states, is clear...

Franklin Graham: As Protests Rage – Pray for the Freedom of the Iranian people

Franklin Graham took to Facebook calling for Prayer for the Iranian people as protests continue to rage throughout the region.

Pres. Trump Announces New hard-hitting Sanctions that ‘will have a major impact on the Iranian Economy’

The President released a statement Friday announcing he has issued an executive order to impose new sanctions on the Iran regime. Sanction the President says will have "will have a major impact on the Iranian economy."

Joseph Gluck Credits God for his Heroic Response to Hanukkah Machete Attacker

Rebel News' David Menzies, recently did an interview with Joseph Gluck, who was at the scene where a horrific machete attack took place during a Hanukkah celebration last mount.

Australia’s Bushfires & Arson: Debunking the Climate Change Myth

Ezra Levant analyzes a detailed record published by Spectator magazine, going through the extensive list of arson attacks recorded recently in Australia.

Trump Addresses Nation following Attack: Peace, stability cannot prevail in the Mid-East while Iran continues violence, hatred & war

Pres. Trump addresses nation following Iran missiles targeting US Troops; Announcing sanctions, calling on world leaders & calling out prev. administration.

Franklin Graham: Thank you President for showing restraint; despite pressure to respond with a quick, heavy hand

Franklin Graham took to Facebook today following his address to the nation in response to Iranian missile strikes targetting US forces in the region.

David Friedman: We pray to God that we will prevail overwhelmingly &… defeat the threats of our time

During the Kohelet Policy Forum’s conference on Wednesday, David Friedman, US Ambassador to Israel, commented on the escalation in the Middle East, and the United States' response.

Dr. Robert Jeffress: We Thank God our President Doesn’t Hesitate in the Confronting & Eliminating of Evil

Robert Jeffress in an interview following Donald Trump's Launch of the 'Evangelicals for Trump' coalition: Evangelicals are 'united behind this President'.

Dr. Robert Jeffress: Until the Lord Returns, Evil is a Reality that must be Confronted

On a Fox News interview, Dr. Jeffress discusses the rise in Anti-Semitism and the Christian responsibility to support the Jewish People.

Franklin Graham: The Problem is Not Guns, Machetes; the Problem is evil in the Human Heart

Franklin Graham took to Facebook following a deadly weekend in the United States. Why are these violent events increasing in frequency and will changing the laws protect us? Rev. Graham explains what the true root of the problem is and the only way to fix it:

Franklin Graham: Biggest Threat to U.S. is ‘That We Turn Our Back on God’

Franklin Graham took to Facebook this morning to remind Americans That the largest threat facing our country is not China, North Korean, or Russia, but instead is the far more perilous ramifications that come from turning our backs on the Almighty God.

Franklin Graham to Christianity Today: My father ‘would be very Disappointed’

Franklin Graham took to Facebook to respond to Christianity Today's article which invoked the name of Billy Graham, their founder, in a disgraceful call for President Trump to be removed from office.

Franklin Graham Responds as NY public school rejects student Christian club, OKs LGBT Pride Club;

Franklin Graham took to Facebook today to comment, as a public school in New York, rejects a request for a Christian Club but, approves a request for LGBT Pride Club. As Rev Graham points out, this censorship of Christians and the double standard in favour of LGBT issues seems to be a trend:

Franklin Graham on Impeachment: Truth has nothing to do with it; It’s about Lying and spinning the Lies’

Franklin Graham took to Facebook to comment on the bias and ulterior motives surrounding the impeachment proceedings; suggesting that the upcoming election is really the driving force; "The Truth" he says, "has nothing to do with it":

Franklin Graham Defends Melania Trump; Condemns those who booed her at Baltimore Youth Summit; Calls for Prayer

Franklin Graham took to Facebook today to defend the First Lady after she was booed at a youth summit in Baltimore and said that this was yet another reminder that Christians need to be praying for the first family

Franklin Graham: Does it feel like the World is Spinning out of Control?

Rev. Franklin Graham recently took to Facebook to encourage those who are watching the world falling farther and farther into chaos and civil unrest...

Dr. Robert Jeffress Responds to Atheist Group Attack on Christian Judge in Amber Guygar Trial

Dr. Robert Jeffress made an appearance on Fox today to discuss the attack on a Christian judge who gave a Bible to a woman she had just tried for murder.

Trans-Humanism – The Original Lie: The Race To Become “As gods”

This same self-exalting pride bred in the trans-humanist movement was found originally in satans desire to propel his throne above God's.

Franklin Graham: 2.4 Million STD’s diagnosed in U.S. last year; Blame Hollywood’s promotion of promiscuity

Franklin Graham took to facebook today to discuss the dramatic Rise of diagnosed STD's in America. He explained why this is directly linked to our morality as a country and Hollywood's promotion of promiscuity outside of marriage.

Franklin Graham: Warner Brothers ‘Joker’ Movie Glorifies Extreme Violence; Potentially Dangerous

"This is no joke." Rev. Franklin Graham said in a Facebook post, "The Warner Brothers’ new movie “Joker” glamorizes a mass killer and is so violent that it caused law enforcement to call for extra security in some cities."

Iranian President Rouhani says his message to the nations is ‘Peace and Stability’

“Peace and Stability” is what Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said is his message to the nations ahead of the 74th U.N. General assembly.