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August 2, 2021
Monday, August 2, 2021

Dr. Robert Jeffress: The Radical Democrat Party has become the ‘Godless Party’

Last Friday, Pastor Robert Jeffress on “Lou Dobbs Tonight” was asked by host David Asman about the growing hostility toward Christianity by rioters and the silence by Democrats.

The democrat party has become a godless party and so that’s why you find such animosity against conservative Christians and against the Bible,” Dr. Jeffress explained. “They hate God and I think the President knows that.”

Read the Full Interview below:

Host: Joining us now is pastor Robert Jeffress member of the white house faith initiative pastor of the first baptist church of Dallas and a fox news contributor and author of the new book praying for America available everywhere right now pastor great to see you uh I’m wondering if you share the vice president’s disappointment with justice Roberts?

Jeffress: I do. The vice president was being a lot nicer than I would have been in that interview. Look, Roberts has done many disappointing things in an abortion ruling, but especially in this Nevada church situation, a shutdown of this church in which the supreme court and John Roberts actually said, it’s permissible to gather together at caesar’s palace in order to gamble but you can’t gather together in a church in order to worship God. That is an abomination. And look, we know there’s no such thing, David, as a sure thing when it comes to picking supreme court justices but the odds are tremendously better of getting a conservative justice with a president Trump than with a president Biden.

Host: All right, let me move over to what’s happening on our city streets because it does intersect with religion in a strange way. First of all, I haven’t heard any democrat particularly ones that are in the news like Pelosi and Nadler and such, condemning anything that the protesters, so-called, have done. In fact, President Obama used the opportunity of a funeral of congressman John Lewis in a church to get political about the protesters. Let me play the tape and get your reaction.

“George Wallace may be gone but we can witness our federal government sending agents to use tear gas and batons against peaceful demonstrators”

Host: Now Pastor, these so-called peaceful demonstrators, according to President Obama, are burning Bibles. Of course President Obama once ridiculed Americans for clinging to religion. What do you think this is all about? What does this tell you that they’re burning bibles?

Jeffress: Look, David, there is a great contrast between the peaceful civil rights protest of John Lewis and Martin Luther King Jr. who actually based their protest on the teachings of the Bible compared to these anarchists who are basing what they’re doing on rebellion against the Bible, burning Bibles, burning American flags, burning down police stations. Look, I’m not saying that all Democrats support this kind of action but you know there’s a bible verse that says, “bad company corrupts good morals” [1 Corinthians 15:33] and when the democrats hang around Antifa and Black Lives Matters and do not condemn these kinds of anarchist activities, they are complicit in them by remaining silent about them.

Host: But you know it does intrigue me that there is this attempt. There was a Black Lives Matter leader who about a month ago suggested that statues of Jesus if they look “too white” should be torn down. I mean it’s just extraordinary and in fact, I’m hearing from pastors and some priests that it is happening that the desecration of these statues of Jesus and mary are being desecrated, torn down and uh they’re not talking about it much because they don’t want copycats around doing more of it.

Jeffress: That’s exactly right.

Host: Well, what is it about uh Jesus Christ and religion that has become the focus of these protesters, if you will?

Jeffress: Well listen, quite frankly I think president trump hit out of the ballpark when he talked about Joe Biden and by extension, the Democrats by saying they’re against God and they’re against the Bible. I think that’s not an overstatement. It is no coincidence, David, that 70 percent of atheists identify as democrats and only 15 percent as Republicans. The democrat party has become a godless party and so that’s why you find such animosity against conservative Christians and against the Bible. They hate God and I think the President knows that.

Host: The bottom line is, these anarchists certainly are taking actions that are hostile to religion in America. Pastor Jeffress thank you very much, appreciate it.

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