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May 21, 2024

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Alberta Premier Jason Kenney: The Trudeau Government is allowing an “Atmosphere of Lawlessness”

The Conservative Premier to Alberta, Jason Kenney, in a news conference Monday said Trudeau’s Liberal Government has allowed an “atmosphere of Lawlessness” and “anarchy”.

“Albertans were deeply distressed by the announcement last night of Tech Resources Limited that it is repealing its application before the federal Environment Minister for a license to produce the frontier mine in northern Alberta. Let me be clear, there is absolutely no doubt that this decision was taken in large part because of regulatory uncertainty and endless delays created by the national government, as well as the general atmosphere of lawlessness that we have seen take hold parts of our country and much of our economic infrastructure in the past three weeks.”

Kenney told Trudeau Sunday night that the federal government has made a pattern of killing energy projects that would bring jobs, and help Canadians as a whole.

The divide that has been created between Alberta and the rest of Canada has split farther and farther during the Trudeau regime, as they seemly work tirelessly against the province’s energy industry.

Pipeline Protesters - Blockades
Protestors block the CN rail lines heading out of Hamilton, Ont., on Feb. 25, 2020. Jack Boland/Postmedia

“I’ve been on the phone with major investors in the past several days who have cancelled, frozen and suspended major projected investments in our economy because of the massive uncertainty created by the appearance of anarchy in parts of this country,” he said. “We send a very clear message, we need national leadership to ensure that Canada is a country characterized by the rule of law.”

His comments come as Canada continues to be “held hostage” to Pipe-line protesters who have blocked rail lines, highways, as well as other critical infrastructure. The extremists also called for their supporters to sabotage the Canadian rail system, following which three trains derailed within the span of a month.

Premier Kenney announced a new bill Monday called the “Critical Infrastructure Defense Act,” which he says “will create new stiff penalties for anyone who riots on or seeks to impair critical economic infrastructure including railways in the province of Alberta.”

The Globe and Mail reported that “the law would include fines set at a minimum of $1,000 a day for individuals, with a maximum of $10,000 for the first day, and $25,000 on each subsequent day,” as well as up to 6 months in prison.

Kenney said in his news conference that by the Federal Government seeking to appease these fake indigenous radicals, they are in-fact working against Canada’s first nations community:

“I say to the Prime Minister, but I really say to the urban green left zealots who have been trying to appropriate the cause of First Nations, that what in fact you are doing is slamming the door shut on their economic and social future,” he said. “The government and the people of Alberta are determined to overcome that zealotry from the far left to be partners in prosperity with our indigenous people fully in the future, just as we were on this project.”

Conservatives have been vocal in their disgust watching the Liberal Government kowtowing to the “radical activists” who the Leader of the Conservative Party, Andrew Scheer, says is woefully misrepresenting the first nations community.

Scheer expressed his shock that Canada has seemingly become a country where “a few loud voices can shut down development and prosperity for all.”

Will our country be one of the rule of law? Or will our country be one of the rule of the mob? Will we let our entire country be held hostage by one hostile group trampling over the legal system which has governed our country for more than 150 years?” he said in the House of Commons. “Because let me be clear, Mr speaker, standing between our countries prosperity is a small group of radical activists. Many of whom have little to no connection to first nations communities. A bunch of radical activists who will not rest until our oil and gas industry is entirely shut down.”

“Mr speaker, so why are these radical activists opposing this project? Because for them this is just a warm-up act,” Andrew Scheer explained. “A warm-up act for what they consider to be the next fights. Against trans mountain, against tech frontier, and in the end, their goal is the entire shut down of our energy industry.”

Andrew Scheer at the House of commons

The Liberals have allowed this lawlessness to continue and that means hard-working citizens are out of a job. Via Rail announced last week that they are temporarily laying off nearly 1,000 workers due to these extremist blockades.

Scheer adding that “it’s important to remember who the victim of this all has been.”

“Who has been victimized by liberal inaction? Its the farmer who can’t get their grain to market, it’s the small business owners that can’t get their shipments in time, it’s the homeowners who may face trouble getting their home heated for the winter. It’s the worker facing layoffs,” he said.

It should be clear to all that the gross incompetence of the Liberal government in Canada is hurting the country and its citizens.

Jason Kenny was sworn in as premier of Alberta on April 30, 2019, after defeating the previous NDP government in a landslide victory with 54.88% of the popular vote and a majority 63 seats, reducing the Alberta NDP’s to be official opposition with 24 seats.

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